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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Watch Video of Bigfoot Walking Past Waterfall in Indonesia

Frame of Bigfoot Walking in front of Waterfall in Indonesia

"The Sasquatch can be seen roaming through the countryside against a back drop of exotic mountains." --YouTube Description

This 28-second video has been uploaded to Youtube over a half a dozen times. None of the channels that have the video available for seem to be from an individual. It seems to only be distributed by other media outlets. Most of the videos have been uploaded with the same description:
Footage shows strange 'Bigfoot-like creature' walking by waterfall in Indonesia
It’s claimed that this footage could show the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot - despite it being taken in Asia.
Sightings of the beast usually come from North America, but this lasted video was shot in Indonesia.
The ‘Sasquatch’ can be seen roaming through the countryside against a back drop of exotic mountains.
The version of the video takes the 28-second clip and runs through it several times at different speeds.


The description attached to the video stresses that Bigfoot is mostly a North American phenomenon. This is true, but mysterious hairy bipeds are not uncommon to Indonesia. Indonesia has had many sightings of shorter hairy bipeds known as Orang Pendek. Cliff Barackman has worked with Adam Davies to study these alternate bipeds for several years. On Cliff's Website, you can find tons of info about the Orang Pendek including About The Orang Pendek, Orang Footprint Data, and even some possible vocalizations.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Can Bigfoot be Explained in 60 Seconds?

YouTube Channel ScienceN60 tackles Bigfoot
"The fossil record does include an animal that looked similar to this existing 1 – 9 million years ago called gigantopithecus, in what is now Southeast Asia." --Science in 60 seconds

Below is a 60 second overview of the Bigfoot basics followed by bullet points from the video. Enjoy!

The video above was published on Oct 20, 2014
The science Bigfoot, Yeti & Sasquatch’s existence explained. How they evolved, their closest relatives the orangutan & gigantopithecus, and why no proof, definitive sightings or Bones & remains have been found.

This is the science of Bigfoot, Sasquatch & Yeti in 60 seconds.

- Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti are some of the biggest animal curiosities in the world. Sightings & folklore in the west date back to at least Native American tribes.

- Science has an explanation for what these creatures are and why they or their remains are so elusive, if they do exist.

- They often described as stands upright & walking with their knees bent, covered in reddish brown fur, with a face that looks like a cross between a gorilla & a human.

- In most accounts their shy, docile, and curious

- The fossil record does include an animal that looked similar to this existing 1 – 9 million years ago called gigantopithecus, in what is now Southeast Asia.

- Orangutans the only great apes in Asia, evolved from gigantopithecus and are very different from most primates, because they prefer solitude.

- They also share Bigfoots’ reddish fur, vocalizations, and curiosity of people

- Orangutans are widely disbursed & rarely come across others in the wild, except to reproduce.

- If Bigfoot & Yeti exists they’re probably also an evolutionary relative of the gigantopithecus.

- Bigfoot could have come across the land bridge from Asia just like the Native Americans & Yeti is close to the same region gigantopithecus inhabited.

- Large territories and higher intelligence may have kept them unseen.

- This, fairly long life spans like other apes, and a bone decay rate as fast as 5-10 years in the Pacific Northwest,

- Could explain why no Bigfoot remains have been discovered. And that’s scienceN60

Friday, June 1, 2012

Watch Video of Jeff Meldrum Discussing new Idaho Bigfoot Video

Dr. Jeff Meldrum talks about the recent Idaho Sightings and Video
Below is a video and article from an ABC News affiliate featuring Dr. Jeff Meldrum. Meldrum is probably the most prominent academic exploring Sasquatch (Relict Hiominids). His partial biography page at Idaho State University:
As the acting director of the Center for Motion Analysis and Biomechanics (CMAB) he is collaborating with engineering faculty, paleontologists, and the Idaho Virtualization Lab, to model the pattern of evolution of the hominid foot skeleton. His interests also encompass the evaluation of the footprints purportedly left by an unrecognized North American ape, commonly known as Sasquatch. He has authored an expanded companion volume to the very successful Discovery Channel documentary, Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science.

After the ABC News article are two more news pieces released today as well as the YouTube video of the possible Bigfoot sighting. The final articles indicates that the TV Series Finding Bigfoot plans on investigating the video.
Bigfoot Spotted In Idaho?
May 31, 2012 11:04am
A group of high school students may have come close to Bigfoot during a class project in the Idaho wilderness.
A dark, mysterious creature was caught on tape for a few seconds near Mink Creek before it retreated into the treeline.
“It just didn’t look human-like. I don’t know what that is, it’s not a bear, it’s not a moose or anything. It was big and bulky and black,” said the student who captured the video. He spoke to ABC News’ Idaho affiliate but did not want want to be identified on camera.
The students climbed to where they saw the potential Sasquatch and photographed the large footprints it left in the dirt.
“I’m not going to say yes it was a Bigfoot or no it wasn’t, because I don’t know., and nobody knows,” the student told the news station.
The Animal Planet show “Finding Bigfoot”  plans to visit Pocatello, Idaho in June to investigate claims that Bigfoot could be in the area.
SRC. ABC News 

Bigfoot reportedly spotted in Idaho
Kevin Lewis

The legendary missing link Bigfoot was reportedly captured on film by two college students in Idaho.

The-yet-to-be-identified students were on a field trip for school when they spotted a big, dark, bulky figure on a nearby ridge, according to The Idaho State Journal. They rushed to capture the beast on film, managing to shoot a short clip of the mysterious figure. The students also claim to have pictures of the beasts ginormous foot prints.

One of the students remains skeptical about his discovery.”I'm not going to say yes it was a Bigfoot or no it wasn’t, because I don’t know, and nobody knows,” he said, according to the Daily Mail.

Sasquatch expert and ISU professor, Jeff Meldrum, has examined the videos and photos taken by the students. Retired ISU professor, Trent Stephens has also analyzed the footage.  “If it’s real, it’s pretty exciting,” Stephens said. “There’s always room for a hoax, but this was pretty amazing.”

The Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot has announced that it will make a visit to Pocatello in June to interview people who’ve had encounters with elusive creature.

Bigfoot: Best Evidence Ever Found?
by Margie Wilson-Mars
June 01, 2012 12:35 AM EDT
A group of students working on a school project in the woods 80 miles south of Pocatello, Idaho, found enough evidence of Bigfoot that experts are coming to the area this month to investigate!

What makes this case so striking? How about a video and photographs! The students were working on their project at the west fork of Mink Creek (B), south of Pocatello (A), when they realized someone, or something, was watching them. Up on a ridge, they spotted it... "It just didn't look humanlike. I don't know what that is; it's not a bear; it's not a moose or anything. It was big and bulky and black," said a student. One of the kids started filming with his phone until the creature took off.

The brave students headed up the ridge to check it out! They found some gigantic footprints and took photos. "...a large dark figure that bears a striking resemblance to descriptions of Sasquatch," says Sasquatch expert and Idaho State University professor Jeff Meldrum. He says there is a rich history of immigrants and others spotting "strange and marvelous things like stories of wild men and mountain devils" in that area. Usually, Sasquatch sightings are in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia areas.

Is it a hoax? Doubtful. Historically, scammers in cases like this want the notoriety and attention that comes with sightings. The student that owns the tape doesn't even want his name released. Anatomist Trent Stephens said, "There's always room for a hoax, but this was pretty amazing." It was enough to convince Animal Planet to venture into Pocatello later this month to film their program, Finding Bigfoot. They plan on talking to other people about the sightings in the area.

Stephens compared the video to the famous Patterson film taken in 1967 at the Klamath River in California. "I was just dumb-founded," Stephens said. "That arm swaying is exactly like the Patterson film." The student said, "I'm not going to say yes it was a Bigfoot or no it wasn't, because I don't know, and nobody knows." Maybe Finding Bigfoot will have more answers when it airs!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Four Year "White Bigfoot" Project, 50 VHS Tapes Later

Artist depiction of a White Sasquatch with a dark face
"Its definitely not a cow or an ungulate, I'm pretty sure of it because I got better pictures of it..." -- MK davis

We just got off the phone with the MK Davis regarding his White Bigfoot Video. We wanted to learn little bit more about the how the tapes came to him and nature of the recordings themselves.

We learned the tapings were part of a four-year project producing over 50 six-hour VHS tapes (that's 300 hours). MK has had them for about six months and has digitally transferred the VHS tapes himself. 

These videos are taped on a land that was initially purchased because the current owner was looking for Indian artifacts, like arrow heads and what have you. Eventually he kept coming across large prints and tracks and wanted to know what could be making them. 

With the help of some tech-savvy people they set up cameras. These cameras were set up to continually film, no infrared triggers, no motion detectors, just continuous taping. More interesting is what you see is not the direct view of the camera, each lens was pointing to an angled mirror. This was to overcome the theory that Sasquatch are quite aware of cameras and purposely try to stay out of the line of sight.

When we brought up our arguments about a possible cow or ungulate, MK Davis was adamant in denying the possiblility. 

"Its definitely not a cow or an ungulate, I'm pretty sure of it because I got better pictures of it next to the creek"

We asked about the dark pixelations that seemed to lead the alleged Sasquatch and he had agreed that he had seen that too and says his better picture also show the Sasquatch has a dark face. 

He continued to describe other oddities,"When it walks upright it almost looks like it is sitting in a chair, there's nothing underneath it--you could put a chair underneath it, but it just moves around with its knees bent almost at a 90 degree angle. Also, in the video it never runs, [one foot is always in contact with the ground] its actually walking that fast!"

The video below was uploaded to show a bipedal figure from the same footage. MK Davis is certain he can rule out a cow, sheep or any other type of ungulate.

MK also noted the part that intrigued him most about theWhite Bigfoot video. "The thing that got me was when it was on all fours the way the hind leg kicked up, I had seen that before. When I was in Louisiana I saw, point blank, something run right in front of my vehicle on all fours. It did the same exact thing, the hind legs almost reach all the way up to the head and then extend."

Over the phone MK shared some interesting audio that we hope he will share soon. The audio samples were similar to other familiar alleged Sasquatch sound sounds, the Samurai Chatter, a groan that will make your ears bleed (at the very least make your skin crawl), and some possible conversation between two individuals.

MK has uploaded another video (see below) that  he uses to do a size comparison. In our mind it is not as compelling as the audio we heard.

By the way light-colored or blond Bigfoot are not unheard of you can read our post, "Rise of the Blonde Bigfoot" to read about them more.

Friday, April 13, 2012

White Bigfoot or Patchy Ungulate?

An rough animated dark-headed ungulate with the foreground legs white. It creates a similar shape
 and gait to the alleged light-colored Bigfoot in the MK's video analysis.
We did the rough animation above after seeing MK Davis's video at Bigfoot Evidence. The video M.K. Davis released shows a possible light-colored Bigfoot. The gait to us looks like gallop with half the information missing, as if the legs in the background are dark. Dark enough to blend into the background. In MK's Video we see a leading head that seems darker than the rest of the body.

This would also take into account two distinct moments MK points out; the hind legs kicking up, and the portion MK refers to as the "big step".

Our crude animation placed on top of MK's isolated GIF. The part MK has
 isolated is too close to a tree and may hide any suggestion of a head.

Its all very hard to determine, but the white blob in our animation looks similar to the movement in the video to us. We would love to hear what you think. Please, feel free to shoot holes into our theory in the comments below. Obviously we always want it to be Bigfoot, but we see a gallop happening, not a bipedal gait. We have contacted MK Davis and asked him to weigh in.

Here is MK's video analysis below.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yahoo!7 News: Canadian Howling Noises Bigfoot or Hoax?

Still shot from First video
The first video was recorded on January 12th. The second one, January 15th is embedded below. These are similar howls, but they sound more like Jurassic Park than Bigfoot. Either way, these are haunting sounds that were recorded on video, 2 days apart and 1000km (620 miles) away from each other.

UPDATE: The strange sounds phenomenon continues to spread, with videos popping up from Canada and around the world featuring similar noises. The weird sounds have allegedly been recorded in a number of cities, including Winnipeg, Chicago and Glasgow. While many viewers are intrigued, others are equally skeptical about the strange sounds. Is this the latest Internet meme?
The Huffington Post Canada first spotted a video recorded in an Alberta forest featuring bizarre sounds on Jan. 16. The video – which was originally uploaded on Jan. 13 – has already received more than 1.2 million views. A user created a video earlier this week that compiled a bunch of posts, including the video from Conklin, Atla. Src: Huffington Post

January 20, 2012, 10:56 am
Two videos of howling noises have been recorded in Canada, leading some to believe it may be a bigfoot, or yeti.
The Huffington Post reports the first video was posted on January 13 and it recorded strange sounds in a remote forest north-east of Edmonton.
The noises, which sound like they may be just an elaborate hoax, have racked up more than 500,000 video views online.
Another video surfaced on January 15 and included similar noises but it was recorded more than 1000km away.People commenting on the videos claim it could be anything from aliens to bigfoot.
 However, common sense would suggest we've seen this type of thing before and it may just be some people trying to get their 15 minutes of fame.
A bigfoot sighting in the US last year also sparked interest around the world.
It's worth remembering that not one piece of scientific evidence backing the existence of a bigfoot has ever been discovered.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bigfoot of Another Color or The Rise of the Blonde Bigfoot

Above is a picture of Mike Rugg of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum and Paul Ruebens of Pee-Wee Herman fame.

Mike Rugg posted a video today on his YouTube Channel of a encounter he has been working on for a couple of years.

There are two striking things to us.

One, the witness is a bicyclist who often camps in the same areas. Time and time again we have heard from the likes of Autumn Williams of Oregon Bigfoot and Ron Moorehead of the Sierra Sounds Bigfoot Recordings that people with multiple encounters visit the same spot over and over again, eventually allowing Sasquatch to become acclimated to the witness.

Two, the other thing of note, is the rise of blonde Bigfoot. Mostly Bigfoot's fur is considered dark brown, cinnamon, or black. What do we make of the North Carolina Man's description of a blond Bigfoot and in Mike Rugg's video of a white haired one?

Be sure and Check out Almost Daily's Amazing Amanda two-part interview of Mike Rugg at The bigfoot Discovery Museum here

Mike Rugg Bio
Mike Ruggs Bigfoot Discovery Channel
Bigfoot Discovery Museum Website

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Messin' With Sasquatch Exclusive

The most recent web-exclusive "Messin' with Sasquatch" video was released today at the Jack Links Web Site. The commercial titled, "Campfire" has all the staples we expect from a Messin' with Saquatch commercial.

Even bigger news, as of the time of this post Bigfoot Lunch Club was exclusively able to obtain an alternative version of Campfire titled "Chairpull" not released on the JackLinks Website.

Without further ado here is Campfire and the alternative version of Campfire, "Chair Pull" respectively.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Legend of Beerfoot

Well fans, Bigfootin' makes for all sorts of strange bedfellows. Its probably a symptom of the subject matter. Granted, without evidence there is a lot of wiggle room for people to share novel speculations and the odd theory or two; but in the interest of Bigfoot we embrace each other. If you've read us before, you know we believe a good idea/theory can can come from anywhere. We have never really said any theory is too Bizarre. We thought we could say that about people too--until we met Craig.

Craig could talk 'squatch with the rest of them. He was a friend of a friend so he already had a free pass, he was "in". Then we heard he had created a short film reenactment of an unfortunate experience he had had with his mom's drunk boyfriend when he was very young. This is his story, this is a true story, this is "Legend of Beerfoot".

Pay attention to the film at about 22 seconds in, Craigs brilliance as an actor shines as he sweeps himself offscreen.

Craig played himself in the video, the drunk boyfriend was played by Craig's friend Barney (we met him too).

Despite the humor, the cinematic brilliance, and the uncomfortable feeling to watch through-out, Bigfoot Lunch Club salutes you Craig. Anybody who has had to endure that kind of humiliation and still pursues the discovery of Bigfoot is a friend of ours.

Craigs other videos
Craigs video is also showcased at North American Bigfoot

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bigfoot Stuff They Dont Want You To Know

We had seen this video as an ipod podcast and wanted to share it with you guys its done really well. Fortunately, the folks at found the YouTube version.

Here is their post verbatim.

We stumbled across this video on YouTube and wanted to share it with all of you.
In 3 ½ minutes, this video pretty much sums up all the theories surrounding the Sasquatch phenomena in North America.

The video covers off the full spectrum of theories from one extreme to the other. Yes, you'll find them all here, including:

- Flesh and Blood Creature
- Supernatural Being
- Government Conspiracy
- The Alien Connection

Regardless of which camp you sit in, it's interesting to watch this and realize that lots of people believe lots of things about Bigfoot.

As always, we let our readers decide for themselves.

Here's the video. Enjoy.

How Stuff Works Bigfoot Page

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Its Not Bigfoot

If the video doesn't show above click here.

I know its not Bigfoot but this creature is truly bizarre. Loren Coleman on cryptomundo calls it the Blue Hill Horror.

He's responsible for many great names by the way. Montauk Monster, Georgian Gorilla (the big 2008 hoax) and now the Blue Hill Horror.

Below is a translation of Panamanian website
The discovery of a strange creature in Cerro Azul has aroused controversy among the people, for while some say it may be a being from another planet, others simply believe that is an animal.

Four teenagers aged between 14 and 16 years, met him at the Jet Blue Hill, on Saturday, while having fun in the place.

According to one of them told the program code 4, they suddenly saw the creature emerging from a cave located behind the water jet. At her appearance and it began to climb over the rocks to one of them panicked and began to thrash him and throw sticks, getting killed, after which they threw into the water and ran.

Friday, August 21, 2009

There's Always Room for Pye

We have introduced our fellow lunch clubbers to Lloyd Pye back in July 18th 2009. This is the man who refers to Bigfoot and Sasquatch as hominoids not to be confused with the scientific establishment's taxonomy (taxinomical?) use of hominoid You wanted more Pye, you got more Pye.

The video above is from the 2005 Bellingham Sasquatch Research Conference. Not only does Pye present an extensive defense of his theory, but he is almost political in his call to action to fight the scientific establishment.

Lloyd Pye's Bio can be read below.

Lloyd Pye is an author, researcher, and lecturer in the field of alternative knowledge. He calls on over 30 years of experience to write and speak about the origins of life, human origins, Hominoids (bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti, and others), and the work of Zechara Sitchin. This broad base of knowledge makes him one of the world's leading proponents of the Intervention Theory of origins, which stands in sharp contrast to Darwinism, Creationism, and Intelligent Design.

Lloyd is also the caretaker of the famous Starchild skull, and has written a new book about his eight years of struggle to get it scientifically tested to establish beyond dispute the precise genetic heritage of both of its parents. So far, extensive testing indicates that its mother was a normal human but its father was, in all probability, something other than entirely human. More information is available at Lloyd Pye's new book titled The Starchild Skull -- Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid? will be available in July, 2007, in bookstores or directly from

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