Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wall Street Journal: $3M Initial Public Offering Investment for Bigfoot Research

Tom Biscardi has filed for an initial public offering through the SEC
“When you’re king of the mountain, everybody’s trying to knock you down,” --Tom Biscardi

In a Wall Street Journal article titled Bigfoot Isn’t Just a Mythic Figure, He’s an Investment Opportunity, a journalist reports on an initial public offering filed by Tom Biscardi to raise millions dollars by selling stock in Bigfoot Project Investments. With only sales and assets totaling a little over $6000 they are able to leverage a new 2012 law that allows start-up businesses to raise cash by offering stocks to the public through an exchange. Companies like Twitter have leveraged the same law.

Read an exerpt from the article below:

Mr. Biscardi and his partners hope to raise as much as $3 million by selling stock in Bigfoot Project Investments. They plan to spend the money making movies and selling DVDs, but are also budgeting $113,805 a year for expeditions to find the beast. Among the company’s goals, according to its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission: “capture the creature known as Bigfoot.”

Investment advisers caution that this IPO may not be for everyone. For starters, it involves DVDs, a dying technology, said Kathy Boyle, president at Chapin Hill Advisors. Then there is the Sasquatch issue. She reckons only true believers would be interested in such a speculative venture.

“This would be the kind of thing where if you believed in Bigfoot, or you thought there really was a Bigfoot and you actually had some money to burn and wanted to play with this, then go for it,” Ms. Boyle said. A lot of ifs.

It turns out the IPO doesn’t have many fans in the Bigfoot community, either. Purists are chafing at what they see as the crass commercialization of a serious pursuit.

Mr. Biscardi, who has trumpeted a number of Bigfoot sightings and captures that didn’t pan out, is a controversial figure among Bigfoot enthusiasts. In 2008, he held a news conference in Palo Alto, Calif., to detail his examination of what he said was the carcass of a male Bigfoot that checked in at 7 feet 7 inches tall and weighed more than 500 pounds. The Bigfoot, found by two men in Georgia, turned out to be a rubber gorilla costume stuffed with animal parts and outfitted with a set of teeth that may have been bovine in origin.

Asked about the incident, Mr. Biscardi said he had been deceived. But that hasn’t quieted skeptics in the community like Kathy Strain, who said she is astonished the Georgia debacle didn’t put an end to Mr. Biscardi’s pursuit of Bigfoot.

“It just makes it a big joke,” she said.

Ms. Strain has been fascinated with Bigfoot since she was a girl in California and mistook the 1972 documentary style film called “The Legend of Boggy Creek” as real. Now a 46-year-old U.S. Forest Service worker, she wants to bring the rigors of science to Bigfooting.

Mr. Biscardi is well aware of his many detractors and says it comes with the territory of being such a high-profile member of the Bigfoot community.

“When you’re king of the mountain, everybody’s trying to knock you down,” he said.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Who Is Thomas Steenburg

British Columbia Sasquatch Researcher Thomas Steenburg

“Since I moved to B.C., I have focused on research and taken the approach to not deviate from the facts,” --Thomas Steenburg

After John Green, Thomas Steenburg is probably the best known Sasquatch researcher in Canada, focusing most of his work in Alberta and British Columbia. Like most long-time researchers, Thomas Steenburg's research and perspective was offline in books and conferences. Fortunately this year, we may get more access to Mr. Steenburg's insights online via Thomas Steenburg's YouTube channel and his brand new website aptly named

He is even making the local news. In a recent article titled, "B.C.'s Sasquatch investigator Steenburg investigated Norgegg reports," he gives John Green credit for laying the goundwork in British Columbia while modestly adding his own contributions to Sasquatch research in BC.
“John L. Green laid the groundwork for many modern researchers like myself,” said Steenburg, who once hailed from the Nordegg-Kananaskis area. “Hairy giants were first recorded in the Mission-Harrison Lake area in the late 1920s by J.W. Burns, a Chehalis Indian agent, but stories date back to pre-contact. He became somewhat of a sensation, with his work being published in McLean’s magazine nationally and coined the name sasquatch as a mispronunciation of the Indian name.”

Steenburg added that his initial exposure to sasquatch sightings came when he lived in Alberta’s Nordegg area. When he was called out to investigate, he went two or three times to B.C. for one local investigation.

“The Kananaskis-Nordegg area was a hotbed from 1948 to 1984 for sasquatch activity,” said Steenburg. “A string of sightings of a 13- to 15-foot tall creature with 19-inch long footprints were not uncommon in a 100-mile radius of Nordegg.”

He added that the construction of the Bighorn Dam seemed to put a stop to sasquatch activity.

“Since I moved to B.C., I have focused on research and taken the approach to not deviate from the facts,” said Steenburg, noting there is a lunatic fringe that hangs on to every supposed sighting as if it was 100 per cent verified. “While I cannot say for certain that I have seen a sasquatch, or Bigfoot if you’re American, I have seen a very large creature from 500 yards that may have been a sasquatch, but I could not verify it.”
So far, his website has three posts:  The Ongoing Sasquatch Question, BE PREPARED and Hucksters and Hoaxers. At Bigfoot Lunch Club we are looking forward to more of  theses bite-sized insights from one the most prolific thinkers in Sasquatch research.

Below you can witness for yourself the thinking process that is unique to Thomas Steenburg.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Two Encounters Inspire Scottish Psychologist to Join British Bigfoot Research Team

Illustration of Fear Liath Mor, the Big Grey Man a/k/a The Scottish Bigfoot
“It was reaching up to a branch on a tree at the side of the track and was about 7ft tall, thick build with no neck and wide shoulders." --Charmaine Fraser, member of the British Bigfoot Team

A British news source, the Edinburgh Evening News, reports on a 41 year-old woman who has had two Grey Man encounters and continues to research Bigfoot all over Britain.

Her First Encounter
Charmaine says she spotted a 7ft bigfoot as a child and since then she’s been fascinated by all things Sasquatch - gathering details of 200 reports of the creatures in Britain, including 50 in Scotland.

Her interest in the subject was sparked after she saw a “large black figure” with no neck and broad shoulders while walking her gran’s dog in remote woodland near Arbroath, Angus, as a child.

Her Second Encounter
She saw a similar creature in the same area shortly afterwards and recalls how it had a “humanoid shape” and eyes that shone orange when headlights picked it out in the darkness.

She also heard a “long, deep wail” in the same woods and thinks it could have been the call of the as yet undiscovered animal.

Mum-of-one Charmaine, who has a degree in psychology from St Andrews University, said: “I saw a large black figure with its back to me.

“It was reaching up to a branch on a tree at the side of the track and was about 7ft tall, thick build with no neck and wide shoulders.

“I didn’t hang about to see its face.”

Click to read the entire article at the Edinburgh Evening Newstitled, "Yeti hunter looking for Scottish Bigfoot"
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