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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hypothesize This!

How would Hamlet handle the debate among Bigfoot insiders
"But then again, I couldn't say for sure either way.  For I am a 'fence sitter.'  Like Hamlet, I chose to withhold my entire judgment on the matter." -- Kirk Sigurdson regarding Bigfoot and UFO connectivity

The sasquatch phenomenon has defied explanation for thousands of years.  A few more are not going to kill us.  I am not one of those paranormalists that thumb my nose at game cameras and thermal imagers.  I’m quite interested in examining data that has been gathered, quantified, mulled over, (and hopefully not massaged).

Yes, I admire Jeff Meldrum’s work immensely, but that doesn’t stop me from considering paranormal aspects that are often attendant upon sightings, encounters, and run-ins with the “big folk.”

Part of the reason that I am open-minded about the supernatural aspects of High Sasquatchery stems from my own personal experiences that have made me quite uncomfortable--encounters involving limited telepathic exchanges, as well as the witnessing of a verbal language.  I also have reason to believe that some sasquatches, some of the time, have the ability to “cloak” themselves from people’s sense of sight, but not our senses of smell or hearing.

About half of my hundred-odd overnighters into the wild have involved friends and loved ones tagging along with me, and, yes, witnessing everything from branch breaking, to knocking, to calls, to stomping, to verbal exchanges between sasquatches, to roaring, to the games sasquatches are want to play, such as stacking eggshells on top of each other in little piles to peak our curiosity the next morning after the raw eggs had been sucked dry.

On more than one occasion, different friends, at different times have independently said they suspected a sasquatch had been standing or walking near them, despite being invisible.  On each occasion, I had not mentioned my suspicion that sasquatches are capable of such things.  My friends came to this conclusion on their own, based upon experiences such as literally seeing a thick branch on the ground break when nothing was visually there, but something heavy seemed to have walked by.

I try my hardest to respect the opinions of my peers, especially when those opinions differ from my own conjectures about just what in the hell sasquatches even are.  One thing that I feel inclined to mention here involves a playful jab at the hardcore “scientists” in our midst.

I personally know a few of the more famous “apers” (those who contend that sasquatches are a heretofore uncatalogued species of primate), and I feel privileged to call them my friends, but I just can’t let one thing go.

Here it is:  I won’t name names but more than a few of my “aper” buddies admit to having seen UFO’s and ghosts.  Some of them even claim to have seen both!

And yet, when it comes to Pacific Northwest bigfoots, they insist that anything other than a “hard science” explanation involving a reclusive species of (non-technologically gifted) ape would be unprofessional, counterproductive and pointless.  In short, many of them flatly deny the possibility that sasquatches could have supernatural abilities, despite the fact that a significant number of sightings involve variables that simply can't be explained with the scientific tools at our disposal: things like vanishings, portals, UFO's, etc.

To me, not only is this reluctance on the part of my scientific friends to include inexplicable variables in many sightings a form of self-denial, but it’s also a great illustration of the way human beings tend to compartmentalize what modern science cannot explain.

In a way, I find this to be unscientific—summarily ignoring evidence that doesn’t fit into a pre-established paradigm.  One example might involve tracks that simply disappear in the middle of a field; another a hovering UFO over a visual (or auditory, such as mine) encounter with sasquatch.

Again, I am speaking here about my scientific friends that have experienced life-changing supernatural events in their pasts (such as UFO sightings and ghostly visitations), which bow to peer pressure and discard data they consider to be insignificant and unreliable because it falls outside of the usual scientific paradigm of sasquatches merely being large apes.

The inexplicable (supernatural) data they ignore in their bigfoot research has no direct connection with their earlier supernatural experiences; however, these earlier experiences do provide a sense of context (life outside of the price fixe scientific bubble in which most of us live) that is summarily ignored, and thus discounted.  My contention here is that scientific researchers that have personally encountered UFO’s and/or ghosts should be the first ones to examine and evaluate supernatural aspects of bigfoot phenomenon; however, it’s been my experience that this is rarely if ever the case; in fact, such “hard science” adherents, which have experienced supernatural activity in their pasts, seems to GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to avoid the supernatural aspects of the bigfoot phenomenon.

This type of scientific cherry-picking (avoiding anything that seems even remotely supernatural about a sasquatch encounter or evidence gathered from a sasquatch sighting or hot spot) applies double to “hard science” folks that have, at other times in their lives, experimented with the use of psychedelics, which can also provide valuable insights into the real perimeters of existence rather than the price fixe bubble in which most of us tend to live and operate as human beings.

One friend in particular, who considers himself a “hard scientist” in the bigfoot camp, and who is quite well known and respected by people on both sides of the phenomenological fence, told me over a few beers one night that he had been visited by an extra-dimensional entity as a child, and this being reappeared to him several times every six years until he was eighteen years old.  The creature was jet black, larger than a normal man, and it had the ability to appear and disappear at will.

Now, you might dismiss such an account as preposterous, but I most certainly do not.  I know my friend quite well, I trust his judgment, and I believe he did experience something out of the ordinary.  Or course, the fact that the daemonic “thing” appeared in front of a group of his friends on his eighteenth birthday, and that I personally spoke with one of them, also had an impact on my assessment of the phenomenon.

I have also noticed that, occasionally, folks who become interested in sasquatches (whether or not they have personally experienced any sasquatch-related funny business) also claim to have relatives in their families that once upon a time worked in Black Ops, usually involving the Air Force.  I can personally name three unrelated people in the field of sasquatch research that fit into this category.

None of them has told me more than that.  None of them has gone into any mind-blowing accounts of exotic technologies or encounters with aliens, while all of them have reported that their relative "in the know" kept his or her lips shut tight and didn't talk about what they did on the job, whereas after work, they preferred not to think about it themselves.

It's probably worth mentioning that I don't know anyone else in any other social circle or professional circle who claims to have relatives that once worked in the "black ops" business.  I have no connection whatsoever to anything like that.  In fact the people I've ever met with such connections are bigfoot researchers.  Neither do I have any relatives of my own that claim to have worked in Black Ops.

As for my own experiences, I make no secret of the fact that I have seen UFO's on two occasions and encountered strange UFO-like activity on two other occasions.  So even though I don't consider myself a "hard science guy," that's yet another case and point.  Two of those experiences occurred when I was with other people, whereas during the other two happened when I was alone.  In other words, fifty percent had additional witnesses.

I have also witnessed two large balls of light going up and down behind a treeline near Goat Mountain, Oregon, changing the tops of the trees from red to white.  These objects emitted soft effusive light not radiant light (such as that from an airplane or helicopter).

In short, both objects were glowing, spherical, and approximately thirty feet in diameter.  I know because I could see them with my naked eyes, as well as examining them through a pair of binoculars.  Even as these glowing spheres were rising and falling behind the treeline, from behind me, over the ridge, by Big Spring, a loud sasquatch vocalization was calling in the direction of the lights.  For all of the world, the call sounded to me like the Klamath Scream recording, deep and sonorous, almost mechanical, yet with the ability to carry effectively over quite a distance.

Now, does this mean I believe aliens were piloting those "unidentified" craft, which I witnessed?  Certainly not.  Leaping to such an illogical and unscientific conclusion would be the province of an operant programmer/provocateur such as Stanton Friedman or Whitley Strieber.

Even though I am not trained in the hard sciences, I still recognize the importance of considering "what, when, and where" before "who or why."  In fact, I'm a strong proponent of the "trivium," an ancient form of logic that actually predates that of scientific inquiry, but it no less useful in situations such as UFO sightings.

Since we're at it, we might as well add in the paranormalist friends of mine in the field that have also reported seeing UFO's at some point in their lives: three more eyewitnesses for the peanut gallery.  And that's not even counting the ones that I have yet to meet.

I should have mentioned at the outset of this article that I've never made a point to go around asking folks about UFO's.  In fact, the subject makes me somewhat uncomfortable to broach.  So there could be quite a few more people with dual experience sets (sasquatch and UFOs) coming to the meetings at the Western Bigfoot Society and other related events without my knowledge.  Plus, there's the fact that I'm not very active in the field these days and rarely attend any meetings.

Are all of these connections between people with UFO experiences who are also vigorously pursuing answers about the sasquatch question a mere coincidence?  I think not.

But then again, I couldn’t say for sure either way.  For I am a “fence sitter.”  Like Hamlet, I chose to withhold my entire judgment on the matter.

Yes, I know what you are saying: Hamlet’s famous “reluctance to act” is what helped to precipitate the demise of his kingdom.  How very medieval of him.

When the evaluation of sasquatch phenomena is involved, I might as well go ahead make the case that we need more people like Hamlet, who resist the urge to dismiss things which they and the tools of modern science cannot explain.  Lest we forget, Hamlet also saw a ghost with three witnesses, one of whom was a dear friend of his.  And not only did he see a ghost, but the otherworldly entity also claimed to be the spirit of his murdered father, and demanded revenge!

In the case of "hard scientists" that believe they have seen ghosts or UFO's, and also harbor a strong desire to figure out the mysteries of sasquatch, it's understandable not to leap to conclusions.  After all, their training in the hard sciences conditioned them to resist making such connections.

Such training can also function as a form of conditioning that causes the brainwashed subject to ignore observable evidence that cannot be repeated or categorized.  Despite such things, it's worth remembering that many great pioneers in the sciences were able to balance their belief in a supernatural supreme being along with their work constructing experiments, observations and conclusions based upon repeatable, reliable, and observable evidence--in other words, the application of scientific inquiry.

These days, the hard sciences are marked by a trend towards specialization and compartmentalization.  Such motion seems retrograde when it comes to making the really big breakthroughs, and perhaps this is no accident.  After all, many of the really big discoveries of the pre-industrial eras were made by so-called "amateur" scientists that dabbled in more than one discipline.  Back then, the cross-pollenization of ideas helped to stimulate unorthodox associations that led to unexpectedly big discoveries.

Compartmentalizing personal UFO experiences from sasquatch research is nothing short of tragic, especially when key evidence and experiential data very much point towards a relationship between the two.

And for those researchers that don't have the advantage of such personal experiences, dismissing and discarding accounts of paranormal experiences and evidence involving sasquatches is just as "unscientific" as proselytizing others about one's spiritual veneration of New Age sylphs, satyrs & hirsute giants.

Kirk Sigurdson is an acclaimed author whose works have included the novel Cowslip and have been featured in The Portland Review and Lovecraft Studies. Kirk holds a Master's degree in English literature from NYU and teaches writing in Portland, OR. His next project is a Bigfoot novel titled Kultus.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Britain's Ex-Official UFOlogist: No Connection Between UFOs and Bigfoot

Nick Pope used to run the British governments UFO project and he thinks UFOlogy and
Cryptozoology should be as separate as food on a grade school lunch tray
On the heels of our previous post, "Sasquatch Home Planet Revealed," where we had someone reveal the alien origins of Bigfoot, we happen to have a UFOlogist that believes there should be a separation between UFOlogy and Cryptozoology. 

Nick Pope is an author, journalist and a TV personality, who used to run the British Government's UFO Project and is now recognized as one of the world's leading experts on UFOs, the unexplained and conspiracy theories.

He is interviewed by Jeffery Pritchett for the Marianna Paranormal Examiner. He also hosts a radio show The Church Of Mabus. The interview is mostly about UFOlogy, which we rarely cover, so if you want to read the whole interview go here. If you just want to read the part we think is interesting (The Bigfoot stuff) read the question and answer below. 
Jeffery Pritchett: How do you feel about the Bigfoot Alien UFO connection? Some serious researchers out there tying them all into together like Stan Gordon and many others with some very interesting evidence and witness testimony.
Nick Pope: I’m not an expert on Bigfoot, but while I’m aware of some of these theories, I’m wary of linking cryptozoology with ufology. It’s human nature to look for connections and to try to find patterns, but sometimes our fondness for this leads us to see things that aren’t there. I’ll keep an open mind, but I have yet to be persuaded.

Sasquatch Home Planet Revealed

Does Bigfoot have a extra-terrestrial origin? 
Conscious Life News is a website that has grown to 5 full-time staff members and prides itself on covering topics like spiritual development, consciousness, soul evolution, ascension, health,  conscious parenting, quantum physics, law of attraction, the environment, channeling, paranormal, UFOs, politics, science, and technology. 

In this article they seem to have a man on the "inside" who was able to reveal many details about Sasquatch. For the sake posterity we felt we should add this testimony to the record. You can decide if it resonates with you.

The Habits and Whereabouts of the “Sasquatch” aka “Bigfoot”
Posted by Mai-Li_Featured_, BigfootThursday, April 5th, 2012

This past week, I had several wonderful conversations with a gentleman named Thomas Hughes.  Thomas has been communicating with numerous Sasquatch since his first encounter in April 2008.  He has a wealth of knowledge about their existence and whereabouts, some of which he shared with me.

Sasquatch are gentle and playful giants.  They range in height from 6 – 15 feet and live to an age of approximately 120-140 years.  They are natural pranksters and are caretakers of Mother Earth.  What I mean by caretakers is that they have adapted themselves to the planet instead of trying to change the environment to suit them.  These beings have the ancient knowledge of plants and the way this planet operates.

Like humans, there are a variety of different species and they reside all over the world mostly in the mountain areas.  Obviously, they prefer dense forest areas where they can thrive and be hidden from human populations.

Sasquatch are highly intelligent, multi-dimensional beings who used to reside on a planet called Malduk, which is now the asteroid belt.  When their planet was destroyed approximately 300,000 years ago, they migrated to other planetary systems by teleportation through the use of pyramids, and some by space ships.  These beings live mostly in small, close-knit communities.  Their decisions are based on how it would affect the whole group and not just the individual.

They have the ability to raise their frequency just enough to be able to become invisible to humans.  They fear humans – seeing them as their greatest threat. So, most of the time, they go invisible when humans are around to avoid being hunted and killed.  Sasquatch are aware they are seen from time to time.
Some Sasquatch communicate with humans who are not perceived as a threat.  The method of communication is similar to the way channelers communicate with other multi-dimensional beings. Respect, trust and accepting them as equals are tools to gaining their trust.

The Sasquatch tends to sleep during the day, but are usually up and about by the late afternoon.  So, when you’re in forest areas at those times, have your camera ready.  You’ll never know what you’ll capture on film.

I asked Thomas questions regarding their eating habits, mating, and how they act as a species overall.  He said that they eat both meat and vegetation.  They do eat animals when hungry and will leave the scraps for other animals to feed upon as well. I asked if they would kill and eat humans. The answer was a loud no. With their giant size and strength, they could squash us with one blow.  However, unnecessary violence is not part of their nature and is unacceptable in their culture.  Instead of having a confrontation with a human, they will run away faster than one can ever imagine.  In general, Sasquatch’s do not kill unless they are being threatened or are hungry.  However, there are a few who are outcasts and cannibalistic.  These outcasts are shunned by their own kind.

Their genetic and emotional makeup is very similar to that of the human race. Most have mates, with some having more than one. Unlike many humans, they highly respect Mother Earth and blend in with the elements of nature. Sometimes, these giants can be heard imitating nature sounds. And, they are also able to speak multiple languages in addition to their own.

Another question I asked Thomas is that I heard their odor was unbearable to smell.  He said this was true, for the reason that dirt acts of kind of a protective coating for them during the different seasons.  Bathing is not as important to them as it is to us.    Dirt is just another natural element – like the air that they breathe.

For those skeptics that do not believe they exist, there is actually an ordinance in Skamania, WA prohibiting the “…premeditated, willful and wanton slaying …” of a Sasquatch. See Skamania County Ordinance No. 69-01:
Skamania County Ordinance
Ordinance No. 69-01
Be it hereby ordained by the Board of County Commissioners of Skamania County:

Whereas, there is evidence to indicate the possible existence in Skamania County of a nocturnal primate mammal variously described as an ape-like creature or a sub-species of Homo Sapiens; and Whereas, both legend and purported recent sightings and spoor support this possibility, and Whereas, this creature is generally and commonly known as a “Sasquatch”, “Yeti”, “Bigfoot”, or “Giant Hairy ape”, and has resulted in an influx of scientific investigators as well as casual hunters, many armed with lethal weapons, and Whereas, the absence of specific laws covering the taking of specimens encourages laxity in the use of firearms and other deadly devices and poses a clear and present threat to the safety and well-being of persons living or traveling within the boundaries of Skamania County as well as to the creatures themselves,
Therefore be it resolved that any premeditated, willful and wanton slaying of such creature shall be deemed a felony punishable by a fine not to exceed Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) and/or imprisonment in the county jail for a period not to exceed Five (5) years.

Be it further resolved that the situation existing constitutes an emergency and as such this ordinance is effective immediately.

ADOPTED this 1st day of April, 1969.

The above ordinance was partially repealed and amended in 1984 by Ordinance 1984-2. The ordinance was amended to make the crime a gross misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in the county jail and/or a $1000 fine.  The new ordinance also created a million-acre refuge within the County.

The truth is that Bigfoot/Sasquatch do reside on Earth.  This is their home.  They have been spotted on nearly every continent and have been given over 100 different names around the globe (here’s a list of global names for Bigfoot).  They are highly intelligent and compassionate beings that are not so different from you and me.  So, be kind to them.

Below is a video that includes both images as well as audio of bigfoot sounds:

Thomas Hughes
For more information, please contact Thomas Hughes via his Facebook page or message him via The Great Turtle Island on blogtalkradio.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Russians Spot UFO While Digging "Sasquatch" Bones

Go figure. No sooner had we played on the pun of space, Russians spot a UFO while digging up Bigfoot remains.

The news source,, mostly a UFO site files this post today:
In Russia a UFO was found while searching for Bigfoot, video

Masha Dimitriov

A story is making headlines in Russia regarding students that went looking for Bigfoot but found an alien UFO instead (see video below).

On July 13 a group of Archaeological students went on an expedition to find evidence of the legendary Yeti or Bigfoot that is believed to reside on Shoria Mountain in the Kuzbass region of Kemerovo Province in Russia.

Witness accounts of this mysterious 'cryptiod' hominid in this area span over centuries although no scientist has ever found conclusive proof of its existence.

While digging for possible bone remains the students noticed a UFO hovering over them. At the time they saw the UFO, luckily, one of the team was filming anyway. The bizarre craft manoeuvred back and forth before vanishing.

the students now refer to the encounter as a 'miracle'.

Expert on UFO activity internationally and All News Web editor, Mr Michael Cohen, notes that the film 'might be computer generated and needs further study. Alternatively many have suggested a connection between Bigfoot and aliens, some suggesting Bigfoot is indeed an ET'.

In the map below we could locate the Kemerovo Province in Russia mentioned in the article, but could not find Shoria Mountain.

View Larger Map

The video below is pretty weak and the transition from ground to sky is suspect but for what its worth here it is below.

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