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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bigfoot Wars II: Beware of the Trolls

In our first Installation of Bigfoot Wars, we borrowed heavily from Steven Streufert's BIGFOOTS bLOG.

Steven Streufert and his sincere opinions are again a topic at The Journal, a Humboldt County Weekly. The article, titled Bigfoot and the Trolls highlights some of the back and forth between Streufert and a few members/moderators of the Bigfoot Forums. The troll reference is from a post on Streuferts Blog described in the blurb below.

On May 29 at 12:10 a.m. Streufert posted a cryptic warning on his blog and, as he always did, posted notice of it on the BFF: “When looking for Bigfoot, watch out for TROLLS.”

Photo of Steven Streufert by HEIDI WALTERS

The article continues to allow the story unfold on its own and pauses in the excerpt below, telling much about Streufert.

“I haven’t had a sighting that I can prove,” he said. “But I think the anecdotal evidence is tremendous. I can point in all directions here to places where Bigfoot has been seen, right from this store [by others]. Including across the river right there” — he pointed through the store toward the open front door, beyond which lay the highway and the Trinity River — “and including behind these cabins out here. Last year, there was a sighting up on Friday Ridge Road, and by the forest lookout.”

With regularity, as if they’re just reporting yet another black bear crossing the road or raiding someone’s garden, people come into his store to tell him they or someone they know just saw Bigfoot.

“This store’s like Bigfoot bait,” Streufert, who’s 45, said. “And when I opened it in 2005, that’s what I was thinking: I could put Bigfoot in the name and have Bigfoot in the front window, and people would eventually start coming in here.”

Bigfoot books and memorabilia do flood the store. Even so, there are far more books on non-Bigfoot topics, from religion to romance. Streufert has a master’s in literature and a master’s in teaching writing, both from Humboldt State. He loves learning about everything, he said.

The article is one of the best reads in a long time. The other item, if you didn't already know, is Bigfoot Forums is under new management.

The Journal:Bigfoot and the Trolls
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