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Monday, February 17, 2014

Ray Crowe's Western Bigfoot Society in the News

A "typical" Western Bigfoot Society gathering at Patty's Home Plate Cafe
A lengthy article with outdated information originally appeared in Open Spaces, a quarterly Pacific Northwest magazine, then was reprinted on the online version of Outside magazine. AND THEN, reprinted on Oregon Live as if Outside Magazine just recently visited Ray Crowe! All mis-information aside, it did peak our interest with the mention of Ray Crowe. At length, it is a generic article trying to persuade the public about the plausibility of Bigfoot. In short; it is filled with outdated information. 

Ray Crowe, for the uninitiated, is the founder of the Western Bigfoot Society and Editor of the newsletter, The Track Record. Mr. Crowe is the type of man that would invite anyone and everyone to share his passion about Bigfoot. At the second annual Oregon Sasquatch Symposium, hosted by Toby Johnson, his name was mentioned several times as the man who introduced prominent researchers to Bigfooting. Before social media like Facebook Groups and Blogs, even before you could Google "Bigfoot", Rays Crowe's Newsletter, The Track Record, was the social media Bigfooters used to gather and learn from. He's even been on camera with Stephen Colbert (see below).

Below is the excerpt from the article with our corrections underneath.:
In many ways, the Western Bigfoot Society is typical of the Northwest's numerous grass-roots Bigfoot organizations. It counts about forty people as members and meets on the last Thursday of every month in the basement of Ray Crowe's store, Ray's Used Books, just outside Portland, Oregon. Ray has decorated the meeting room with a mixture of large footprint casts, oddly twisted willow branches, a 21.6 cm. strand of cinnamon-colored hair, maps of nearby wilderness areas, with pins marking recent Bigfoot sightings, and tabloid headlines that the group finds humorous ( "Beautiful Women Help to Lure Bigfoot," reads one. "Sasquatch Likes to Study the Ladies."). Lately, Ray has taken to putting up photos from the group's occasional field trips, like the one to the nearby Primate Research Center, in Beaverton, Oregon, or the one to the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant, in Rainier, Oregon, where Ray thinks the buzz of the power lines may act as a lure.

In the past, speakers at the meetings have included a dog trainer, who addressed Bigfoot's fear of dogs (a phenomenon often mentioned at Ray's meetings); a member of a local search-and-rescue team, who said that the media had neglected to mention that a three-year-old boy whom he rescued in the summer of 1989 from the forests around Mount Hood had credited a "large hairy man" for keeping him company during the long night; and a former paramilitary officer with the National Security Agency, who, on a top-secret mission somewhere in the rainforests of Mato Grosso, Brazil, photographed what he now thinks must have been a Sasquatch, only to have the film confiscated by higher-ups. On one occasion Ray even invited a U.F.O. expert who is a vocal proponent of the theory that Sasquatches have come from another world-a postulate that the W.B.S. as a group opposes. "They may be full of poop," Ray said, "but I figure I might as well let them have their say."

Like most part-time Bigfoot investigators, Ray, who is now fifty-five, got into Bigfoot hunting by accident; he was doing research for a novel that included a Sasquatch rape scene and then decided to research the Sasquatch beyond the scope of the book. Shortly afterward, in 1991, he founded the W.B.S., and then began The Track Record, a monthly newsletter containing Bigfoot gossip, inspirational quotes, and the latest sighting information people have related to Ray. Once in a while, Ray publishes letters, like the one that Erik Beckjord, director of the U.F.O. & Bigfoot Museum, in Malibu, California, sent him, which complimented the W.B.O.'s work, or the letter that Ray himself sent to the United States Forest Service, citing the Freedom of Information Act and demanding to see the Mount Hood National Forest rangers' Bigfoot log book, if it exists. (Ray thinks the rangers may keep a log of Bigfoot sightings.) A few years ago, on a spring evening, Ray had his first Sasquatch "experience," as he calls it, which began when he accidentally scared an elk away from his camp, at the end of an old logging road. "I was getting ready for dinner and while I'm standing there I hear what sounded like these two giant birds arguing," he told me. "I say arguing, but they were chattering, really. And, anyway, I just assume that they were two Bigfoot, just arguing with each other-p.o'd at me for losing their elk for dinner." 
Corrections: Ray is older than 55, even though the article is dated  02/12/2014. The meetings still continue at Patty's Home Plate Cafe  (8501 North Lombard Street, Portland, OR 97203).

You can read the full article at The Men Who Dream of Bigfoot

As a bonus here is the video of Ray Crowe with Stephen Colbert.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today in Bigfoot History | May 21 2001 | James "Bobo" Fay has a Bigfoot Encounter

James "Bobo" Fay with some serious wood knockin' sticks
This is a report that was published in Ray Crowe's Track Record in 2001. Bobo may have at one time gone by Jay instead of James, I don't know, he has always been Bobo to me. I think the age is incorrectly reported as well. Regardless of those minute details, this is a great report full of blood curdling details. I also like that it was investigated by Joe Beelart (read more about Joe Beelart) and reported over the phone to Ray Crowe

Humboldt County, California


Jay “Bobo” Fay had a series of incidents in northern California in late May, 2001. The sighting was referred to Joe Beelart for investigation. The site, east of Arcata, California, near the Klamath River and in the Bald Hills near Weitchpec, and east of Orick to north near Schoolhouse Peak. The following abstracted from telephone notes of Joe Beelart. On May 21st, Jay (nickname Bobo), went to the mountains near the Klamath River, 15-18 miles NE of Orick on the north side of Bald Mtn., three to five miles north on Johnson Road. and when alone at night, he was aggressively confronted by two and possible three vocalizing, limb breaking, sasquatches. He heard knocking of wood-on-wood on the Bald Hill road. Twice, there were two sharp blows, about 100 yards away in the treeline. Canine howling after 9pm from several miles to the NW...coyote, dog, wolf. As they came closer howls became a man-wail. They were answered from his immediate left at 9:30PM. There was brush moving, loud snaps of sticks breaking, and motion to his side.

At 150 yards in the tree line there was a vocalization of, “AHHH,” like huge exhalings and lips flapping like a horse sound. The two howls merged, maybe a third was there also. Never saw anything.

The closest they came to the vehicles was 50 yards. A pit bull in the truck made no noise and had tail between legs. On May 22nd. Bobo went to area again, alone. Another display of vocal aggression, but not as close as the previous night. May 27th.

Bobo at site with John Freitas and Eric Holland. Bigfoot calls were broadcast. A large Bigfoot approached within 20 feet of the vehicle, within 10-15 min of starting broadcast. No photos were taken by veteran researchers. (Unbelievable!)

(Allegedly) A huge 9 foot creature (gauged by stump height) bluff charged John’s car at 11:15pm. A Starlight viewer of Russian Ukrainian model, Gen. II night scope used for viewing. It was snorting, a nasal noise, bobbing up and down, for 10-20 seconds. It was big and block shaped. Would raise arm over head, like a big monkey. There was no neck, a giant black blob, moving through tree line. When running there was a huge boom-boom sound, but padding could also be heard.

A large thump was heard as if something was thrown. No tracks were found. At one time it tried to stand behind a small tree, but stuck out 1 1/2 feet on each side, but still tried to “peek” out. It bobbed its head continuously. Ray Crowe met “Bobo” at the opening of the Bigfoot extension museum in Willow Creek (he had some reports).

Bobo is a former logger, 45, 6’4.”

He’s been looking for Bigfoot for 15 years. (C) Track Record 2001 
By the way, I highly recommend purchasing the digital version of the Track Record.  You can buy the Track record at

The track record has over 174 Newsletters spanning the years 1991-2007 containing over 3000 pages. As editor, ray Crowe did a fantastic job collecting all sorts of Bigfoot lore. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Today in Bigfoot History | JAN 19, 1999 | Bob Gimlin Hangs up on Wired Magazine

Bob Gimlin did not even dignify the accusation that the bigfoot in the P/G film was a costume. The arrow points to where skeptics believed a zipper was exposed
"I was there. I saw [Bigfoot]. The film is genuine. Anybody who says different is just trying to make a buck." Bob Gimlin's response to WIRED Magazine before he hung up on them.

This is a "Today in Bigfoot History" update to the zipper story from January 11th. Once Cliff Crook and Chris Murphy claimed to have seen a zipper-like shape on the costume, it created ripples among the community at the time and polarized some bigfooters.

It is ironic Cliff Crook is accusing anybody of an inauthentic picture of Bigfoot.  After all, he was the man behind this picture...

WIRED Magazine did some great journalism, getting reactions from respected P/G film proponents like Ray Crowe and Grover Krantz. They even ask independent imaging experts from Pegasus Imaging and Adobe, who both agreed an anomalous blob can be interpreted as anything.

Ray Crowe summed it up quite nicely comparing the Crook/Murphy analysis to looking for sheep in the shapes of clouds.

You can read the great piece of journalism below.

Sasquatch: Man in a Monkey Suit?
Joseph Rose 01.19.99
YAKIMA, Washington -- The scratchy movie footage shows a big, brown, hairy creature retreating over a stream bed into dense forest. But wait. Is that the glint of a belt buckle on Bigfoot? Or have skeptics gotten carried away with Photoshop?

Loyal Bigfootologists and some computer-imaging experts are giving disapproving grunts to two researchers who claim that a computer analysis of a famous 1967 film shows a man in a monkey suit, not the legendary giant of the Northwest woods.

Bigfoot buffs Cliff Crook of Bothell, Washington, and Chris Murphy of Vancouver, Canada, say enlargements and computer enhancements of the film's frames reveal an object hanging from the fur that resembles metal fasteners used on clothing at the time.

"When the guy in the suit turned to look at the camera, it probably snapped loose and dangled from the fur," said Crook, who has been searching for the elusive creature for 42 years. "It's a hoax. Why would Bigfoot be wearing a belt buckle?"

The claim has howling-mad Bigfoot enthusiasts branding Murphy and Crook as traitors on Internet newsgroups and attempting to discredit their findings as a publicity stunt.

"It's like picking a sheep out of the clouds," said Western Bigfoot Society president Ray Crowe of Portland, Oregon. "They've blown up the images beyond the size of recognition. So, they can pretty much see anything they imagine."
At issue is the footage taken 32 years ago, when Bigfoot trackers Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin of Yakima were investigating reports of sasquatch footprints in Six Rivers National Forest, near the California-Oregon border. They purportedly spotted a female Bigfoot darting across a sandbar, and Patterson let his 16-mm Kodak movie camera roll.
The minute of jerky, grainy film and the plaster-cast footprints Patterson made that October day became the veritable gold standard for trackers and enthusiasts, the evidence by which all things Bigfoot are measured.
Murphy began questioning the film's validity after discovering an aberration in the footage while helping his son with a class project in 1995. Using a computer, he zoomed in tighter and tighter on the frames, finding what appears to be a glimmering ornate latch in the shape of a bottle opener.
Four sequential computer-scanned frames on the film appear to show the object in motion, said Crook, who reviewed Murphy's findings, which were released 12 January. He said the object appears to be cinching a costume.
Murphy said he's convinced "there's something out of place" in the film. "I have now sent my material to an expert in the [photo-enhancing] field," he wrote in an email.
Steve Armstrong of Tampa, Florida-based Pegasus Imaging said he would like a shot at examining the evidence. He believes the film is such that it wouldn't capture an image of something as small as a buckle. And then there's the bit-mapped nature of digital compression and enlarging.
"Zoom in on an image too much, and you get a lot of blocky artifacts," Armstrong said.
The result, said Jennifer Polanski of Adobe Systems, might be "a blob" that looks something like a belt buckle. Even with Adobe's popular Photoshop software, it's hard to see how someone can take a faraway figure like that in the Patterson-Gimlin film and zoom in on a metal fastener, she said.
In Yakima, on the edge of the wooded east slope of the Cascade Mountains, there have long been rumors that the late Roger Patterson paid a Hollywood costume designer to make the suit and a big Yakima Indian to wear it for the film. Just last week, there was talk that the owner of the suit had hired a local attorney and was getting ready to bring it out of the closet for the world to see. Like the other rumors, that one has yet to be proven true.
While Patterson died years ago, Gimlin, 67, still lives in Yakima. He dismisses the rumors and the new computer analysis as "wacko."
"I was there. I saw [Bigfoot]. The film is genuine," Gimlin said in a telephone interview. "Anybody who says different is just trying to make a buck." And he hung up.
Washington State University anthropologist Grover Krantz, one of Bigfoot's stalwart backers in academia, agrees that the Crook-Murphy analysis is amateurish and irrelevant.
"Look at the way it walks," Krantz said, referring to the figure in the Patterson-Gimlin film. "Even if Patterson had hired someone to get in a suit, there's no way he could have trained him to walk in this manner. I know, I've tried to reconstruct the motion."

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today in Bigfoot History | JAN 16, 2002 | Prints Found Near Skinny Bigfoot Sighting

Photograph of a possible track found by Ray Crowe Near Skinny Bigfoot Sighting
"very, very skinny, 9 foot tall, hairy man" --Linda Boydson's description of what she saw on January 9th and later reported on January 16th.

Today, January 16th, 2002, Wireless Flash Weird News reports a sighting of a "skinny" Bigfoot standing in the middle of the freeway:
Wireless Flash Weird News: January 16, 2002

Bony Bigfoot Almost Street-Meat

MULTNOMAH FALLS, Ore. (Wireless Flash) -

An Idaho family recently had a run-in with a Bigfoot that almost turned into a run-over - as in road kill. Linda Boydson claims she and her son came within inches of running over an unusually-thin Bigfoot while driving near Multnomah Fall, Oregon. Boydson says she was zooming around a corner on the freeway late one night and saw a "very, very skinny, 9 foot tall, hairy man" standing in the slow lane. She barely missed hitting the creature - probably because it was so skinny. However, despite being super-thin, Boydson doesn't think the Sasquatch was bulimic because it looked as muscular as a well-toned athlete. However, Boydson admits her first thought when she saw how bony the Bigfoot looked was "Go eat something, Sasquatch!"

In the January 2002 Track Record, issue #113, Ray Crow of the International Bigfoot Society wrote about the investigation he and Thom Powell did. You can read the report below.

Multnomah County, Oregon
January 9th, 2002
On 1-84, westbound lane, about 3-4 miles west of Multnomah Falls, between, mile markers 26 and 27. Driving 65-70 mph, when the 7-8 foot tall creature was seen by Jason Boydston, and his mother Linda, who was driving, at 9:15 PM.

Creature crossed in front of car toward railing on freeway to the right, as if it was heading toward the Columbia River.

She nearly hit it, missing by two feet. It was dark and overcast when the creature crossed swiftly, swinging its arms.

It had broad shoulders, skinny waist, and was completely covered in dark brown hair, and had a rounded, dome shaped head.

On January 13th myself (Ray Crowe) and wife Theata investigated the area at milepost 28, where there was a place along the freeway to park the car. Underneath an overpass there was access to the Columbia River and I did a brief survey.

Four tracks were found, one filled with silt as if the tide had receded (tides recorded upstream as far as Beacon Rock by Lewis and Clark in 1804), another seven inch impression was photographed three feet away. It was one and a quarter inches deep, and appeared to have killed plant growth.

Another three feet away, a skidded track was noted that also killed plant life.

A fourth possible track, more of a mark, was noted another three feet away. All appeared to be coming from the river and following the bank eastward.

As I walked the riverbank, Theata made a car count, noting there were about 18 vehicles a minute westbound at 3:00 pm along this busy section of the freeway on Sunday afternoon.

At 9:15 pm on a Wednesday weeknight traffic has been somewhat lighter. Even at 3 pm...there were occasional breaks in traffic when I might have crossed the freeway walking rapidly.
UPDATE: In the comments below, Author Thom Powell mentioned there are more details about this story to be found in his popular  book, "The Locals." We wanted to make sure you knew where to get your signed copies of this book at!

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Grassroots Bigfoot Legend Ray Crowe in Hospice

Ray Crowe is the consummate Bigfoot organizer, from people,
to events, to research. Ray Crowe has organized them all.
Ray is the type of man that would invite anyone and everyone to share his passion about Bigfoot. At the second annual Oregon Sasquatch Symposium his name was mentioned several times as the man who introduced prominent researchers to Bigfooting. Before social media like Facebook Groups and Blogs, and before you could Google "Bigfoot", Rays Crowe's Newsletter, "The Track Record" was the social media Bigfooters used to gather and learn from.

I have only had the most recent fortune of meeting Ray Crowe. Thom Powell was kind enough to introduce me to Ray via email. We became instant pen pals and since last October I had gotten used seeing him at least once a month at his Western Bigfoot Society meetings located at Patti's Homeplate Cafe.

I marvel when I think how much successful effort Ray put into getting people together, investigating witnesses, and providing compelling research to anybody curious enough to learn about Bigfoot. A lot of what Ray did is still being done today, but not by any one single person. Despite technology allowing us to do many of these things easier, it takes a special personality to do all of these things well. It takes a Ray Crowe.

From Sasquatchpedia:

Ray Crowe
Charles Raymond Crowe (b. 1937) is a bigfoot researcher/archivist from Hillsboro, Oregon.
Ray's initial interest in the bigfoot mystery occurred after he went with a group of bigfoot hunters from nearby Vancouver, Washington (a rather militant group, according to Ray)[citation needed], who dropped Ray off on an isolated road near the forest. Ray found a set of tracks he could not explain, and he decided then and there to start a group dedicated to sasquatch research. He called it the Western Bigfoot Society and held monthly meetings in the basement of his bookshop.
Crowe also organized and held conferences in Carson, Washington called "Bigfoot Daze" in which he invited established researchers to speak. He also established a newsletter called The Track Record which told of the latest happenings in the bigfoot world, no matter how controversial or untrue. Crowe has a very open-door policy when it came to his meetings and newsletter, but he always warns his readers to "wear your skepticals."
Crowe was about to shut down the newsletter and organization in 2006 (by that time the organization had been renamed the International Bigfoot Society), but controversial researcher Tom Biscardi offered to continue the newsletter and the organization with funding, which he did. [The crossed out section is incorrect and should read, "Ray sold the IBS/WBS to David Paulides."] Ray continues to receive reports and media articles from around the world. After closing his bookstore, he continued to hold meetings in various places until he started holding them at Dad's Restaurant in Portland.
There should also be an update. As of October 2011, with the encouragement of Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr., Ray Crowe has restarted his Western Bigfoot Society monthly meetings. Mr. Mullis is President of Bigfootology and Ray Crowe is a senior member and advisor on the Bigfootology team.

Here is how others have characterized Ray Crowe.
[Ray Crowe is] not just a bigfoot hunter, but an editor, event organizer, field investigator, and generalized paranormalist and Fortean. He co-founded The Western Bigfoot Society...He kept an open mind, but always "kept his skepticals on." -- Steven Streufert, BIGFOOTS bLOG
"Crowe spent a lifetime researching Bigfoot, concurrently while establishing the Western Bigfoot Society, publishing one of the first Bigfoot newsletters, The Track Record. The newsletter was filled with valuable information about Bigfoot habitat, sightings, behavior and forensic data." -- Loren Coleman, Cryptomundo

Recently Ray Crowe has been admitted to Hospice. Rhettman Mullins has been updating tghe public through his facebook page. Below our Rhetmans updates:

April 25, 2012 update on Ray Crowe. The news continues to get worse. We have now entered death watch mode. The V.A. Hospital has determined that they are not going to treat Ray further and they are transferring him to a respite/hospice facility. They are expecting Ray to pass on at any time. At this point Ray is in God’s hands. There is still a chance that he may recover, but none of his doctors expects him to recover.

Kate and I talked today and have cried and prayed. She will call me later after they have moved him. Ray and Kate has asked me and my family to come down to Portland, and we are trying to figure out how to make that happen financially and personal time obligation limitations.

Pray for Ray, Kate, and Ray’s family.

April 26th update on Ray Crowe. Ray was actually up and about today. After eating all of this lunch he strolled down the hallway in his wheelchair and then was wiped out so he went back to bed and is sleeping now. He is in a lot of pain and his pain medication is not lasting as long as it is required before the next round of medication can be given. Other than that, Kate reports that he is in good spirit. I did not talk with Ray today because I did not want to disturb his sleep.

I appreciate, as does Kate and Ray, all of the well-wishers, thoughts, and prayers. Please continue to do so.

April 28th update on Ray Crowe. Ray is still doing okay. The vein in his neck is still collapsed and they cannot operate on it. The doctors have reiterated that it is not a good prognosis for him even though he is doing okay at the moment. He has some visitors today, Patti Reinhold, VP of the WBS, and her husband. Please keep your prayers coming and thank you for your continued encouragement and support from myself, Kate, and Ray.

Our thoughts are with Ray Crowe and his family and friends. If you would like to forward messages to Ray Crowe. You can do so at:
Ray Crowe
c/o Bigfootology
P.O. Box 193
Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Below is a n interview Stephen Colbert had with Ray Crowe.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

James "Bobo" Fay Asked to do Conan O'Brien Show

James Fay is one of the co-host for Finding Bigfoot and is commonly, if not almost exclusively, known to the world as “Bobo.” The origins of that name are shrouded in mystery, as is much of Bobo's life, but it seems to have been born from a variation of the name, “Jimbo,” derived from the nick name “Jim.” Whatever the genesis, Bobo is his functional moniker today.

Bobo was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, CA, and has been interested in the bigfoot mystery for as long as he can remember. As a teen, he became interested in big-wave surfing, and this would take him to the best surf spots up and down the entire West Coast. Soon, he would take surf trips to bigfoot habitat in order to get a chance to maybe see a bigfoot from the beach.

On Bobo's facebook page he announced he was asked to do the Conan O'Brien show.

"just got axed if me and moneymaker want to do conan o'brien show. whats the over/under on how many words i'd be able to get in sittin next to moneymaker for a 6 min interview? i'm going with 18.

thanks for the congrats and advice everybody. i told people next tues but i just found out tuesday is preinterview w/producer. i've been rocking at pipe and i don't get reception here so i haven't heard the message yet about exact date."

Conan is no stranger to Bigfoot. In fact he discussed Bigfoot with Steven Colbert once.

In a transcript of Stephen Colbert, interviewed by Conan O'Brien, on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," Colbert talks about several Bigfoot pieces he did as a correspondent for "Daily Show." The interview was taped June 27, 2003

CO'B: ...Let's talk about "The Daily Show". On "The Daily Show" you are well-known for going out and getting these amazing interviews with strange characters from across America, and you've interviewed people that actually believe Bigfoot exists, are convinced that Bigfoot exists.

SC: Yeah, I've interviewed a lot of, uh, some of the biggest Bigfoot experts in the United States. Um, I've interviewed the people who believe that Bigfoot is endangered. I've interviewed the people who believe that Bigfoot, um, uh, that the Bigfeet, as they call them, are overpopulating and that they're destroying their environment...

CO'B: How does that become a...

SC: There's not a lot of consensus in the Bigfoot expert community.

CO'B: There's a lot of squabbling, yeah. But how could someone think that there's too many Bigfoots running around when noone actually has proof that they exist? How can someone make that argument?

SC: Um, I think a fair amount of Bigoot experts are, um, early-morning drinkers.

CO'B: Okay.

SC: I met somebody in Florida who believed that Bigfoot was in Florida, as opposed to the Pacific Northwest, and that Bigfoot was stealing his pot of lentil soup... that he would make... and this man greeted me at 10:00am stone drunk, shoeless, shirtless, wearing two albino Burmese pythons.

CO'B: And these are the people you're going to for credible scientific information on Bigfoot.

SC: Aaaaah, yeah, those are my experts.

CO'B: Very nice. I like the Stone Phillips way that you said that too. You just, uh, yeah...

SC: [imitating Stone Phillips, once again] They... are my experts.

CO'B: Very nice. You could hurt yourself with that.

SC: I think that's how he got the big neck.

Below is one of the clips from the "Daily Show" with Stephen Colbert talking about Bigfoot Preservation with Ray Crowe.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ray Crowe Gathers Group in Portland, Oregon

[Ray Crowe is] not just a bigfoot hunter, but an editor, event organizer, field investigator, and generalized paranormalist and Fortean. He co-founded The Western Bigfoot Society...He kept an open mind, but always "kept his skepticals on." -- Steven Streufert, BIGFOOTS bLOG

"Crowe spent a lifetime researching Bigfoot, concurrently while establishing the Western Bigfoot Society, publishing one of the first Bigfoot newsletters, The Track Record. The newsletter was filled with valuable information about Bigfoot habitat, sightings, behavior and forensic data." -- Loren Coleman, Cryptomundo

After nearly 5 years of keeping a low profile in the Bigfoot community, Ray Crowe is planning a small gathering in Portland, Oregon. If your in the area you can catch him and guest speaker Thom Powell at Patties Home Plate Cafe this Saturday November 5th, starting at 6pm.

We hope to see you there. There is probably no one more responsible for introducing more people to the Bigfoot community than Ray Crowe. Through his grass root gatherings and his newsletter the "The Track Record," Ray Crowe made Bigfoot research accessible to anyone.

Ray has made several TV appearances including the Daily Show, Japanese TV and has been a guest on Art Bell twice.

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