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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lively Bigfoot Conversation at The

Some things are too good not to share. The screen names are real, the icons are made-up to protect the anonymous commentors at the history channel.

MR FLABBY: I just had to point this out.The bigfoot phenomenom is a complicated one.There are alot of things you believers don't understand.You keep hollering about bigfoot couldn't be paranormal because there is evidence that it a real animal,such as footprints,blood,and so-called hair.You don't realize that a demon can leave tracks,make noises,etc.I've never heard of blood supposedly being bigfoot's.If they found any blood I guarantee you that it will turn out belonging to some other animal.

Read the following information and keep it in mind because it's the truth.

"Spiritual creatures(demons)can leave physical traces of hairs from living known and even extinct animals,and they can leave hairs from genetically altered species.There will never be found a true bigfoot hair,or bone,since they are not truly flesh and blood creatures.They are spiritual beings,and do not even conform to the laws of physics.'

JJJONES: Where is this from? Oh, and it doesn't say anything about footprints.

RaZr Blayde: flabby the idea that a demon carries around hairs that he must have made himself is absurd.

King Ramses II: Oh look, a demon left me a Velociraptor feather...

Gandaf12: I have seen bigfoot in washington state and trust me its no demon its just huge id say bout 8ft tall 500-700 pounds easily with dark brown hair and is really shy cause when i got near it and i was bout say 20ft away it looks at me gets up and just walk away

In case you wanted us to weigh in, at BLC, we like the idea that there is evidence to discover, evaluate, and consider when it comes to Bigfoot. We find Mr Flabby's version of Bigfoot similar to what Lucy was to Charlie Brown. How disappointing it would be for Lucy/Bigfoot to plant evidence for us to find, only to take it away because it was never "real".

The above conversation at The History Channel

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