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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Messy Melodrama of Bigfoot Wars

That's what they are calling it, they are using adjectives like messy and calling reaction melodramatic! From blogs such as Cryptomundo,Ghost Theory and Bigfoot Books. Its a BIGFOOT WAR-ar-ar (cue echo effect). Were not trying to be sensational, but the difference of Bigfoot opinion has been in the forefront of many high-profile Bigfooters. It is a convoluted story and we are not a blog for length. We are more like: get in, feed your Bigfoot news appetite, get out. Yum, yum.

Thankfully someone took the time to explain the whole thing in a little over 10,00 words (10,191 to be exact). At Bigfoot Book's Bigfoot Blog they cover the WHOLE thang. From The Mr. Mike Debacle, CryptoMundo Demise?, BFF Insurrection, Outing the Bigfootery Enquirer, and even Lenny Green's Wildman Songs. We have a nifty machine that takes a whole bunch of words and tries to summarizes them. Below is the result of that. I don't know if it does it justice, but here is a an automated summary Of the post at Bigfoot Books's Blog.

Why all of these Bigfoot Wars??? Can't prove Bigfoot? OVERNIGHT AM, BIGFOOT, AND MR. MIKE: CREATING THE MATRIX OF CONFUSION. Lan Lamphere, the voice said, of Overnight AM radio. First, "Mike"? Was Bigfoot really "FOUND"? “Backyard Bigfoot” Update" the story continues."The Story Continues..." Mr. Mike – Bigfoot – Shocking Story Revealed July 12, 2010 Live. Against BIGFOOT BOOKS themselves.

We wrote this email to Sharon Lee, Bigfoot Field Reporter:

Sharon Lee wrote a piece encouraging Bigfoot folks to "open their minds."The Ghost of Bigfoot and Mr. MikeBigfoot Found in North America?


We actually lose money on Bigfoot, so there!


We swear that was completely automated. We really recommend getting the full context of the great reporting at Bigfoot Books. Plus read Ghost Theory's untangling of the backyard bigfoot.

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