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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Local Minnesota Paper Talks about Finding Bigfoot Visit

“Then in the morning I started checking them out. And I couldn’t believe my eyes! The tracks had come up from across the lake..."--Lyle Enger, owner of Maple Ridge Resort in Bigfork,

Tonight's episode of Finding Bigfoot visits Minnesota to examine photos of unusually large footprints taken by the manager of a rural resort, so they set up a home base in a nearby cabin and install surveillance cameras.

A local newspaper, The Herald Review, recalls the visit:

It all started last winter, when the owner of Maple Ridge Resort in Bigfork, Lyle Enger, heard noises outside at the resort. He let the dogs out, but they came right back in, looking spooked. So Enger went outside to investigate, armed only with a flashlight.
The paper continues the description of what happened the next day:

“Then in the morning I started checking them out. And I couldn’t believe my eyes! The tracks had come up from across the lake, up the bank around one of the cabins, and onto the driveway and across the park at the resort,” said Enger. “They were pretty consistent at about eight feet apart. And the first print that was off the edge of the driveway was a perfect footprint. I couldn’t believe it.”

After telling a friend about what he had seen, he contacted Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO). From there he was contacted by a representative of “Finding Bigfoot” to let him know that they would be coming to northern Minnesota because of his testimony.

The crew shot footage for a little over a week at and around Maple Ridge Resort last July. And on Sunday, Jan. 18, at 9 p.m., the episode featuring Enger and his resort will premiere on Animal Planet. The episode is entitled “Bigfoot Basecamp.”

Click the following link to read the entire Herald Review article titled, "Animal Planet series to feature Bigfork resort"

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Finding Bigfoot Producer Talks about 7th Season as Filming Begins in South Carolina

Finding Bigfoot Cast Begins Filming for Season 7 in South Carolina 

“During the seventh season, we’re trying to go to places we haven’t gotten a chance to go to before,” --Joe James; Finding Bigfoot Producer

Filming for the seventh season of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot begins in South Carolina. The Aiken Standard reports, "During the filming of a town-hall meeting segment for a future episode that will focus on the Palmetto State, 14 people stood up in the ballroom of the Aiken County Historical Museum and talked about their strange experiences."

The article titled. "‘Finding Bigfoot’ crew hears tales of Sasquatch sightings in S.C." continues to quote Finding Bigfoot producer, Joe James as he talks about what to expect in season seven and why they picked Aiken County, South Carolina:
“Our sixth season is airing now, and we’re filming our seventh season,” said Producer Joe James. “This episode could air later this year, but it’s up to Animal Planet when that will happen.”

The episode will be the first based in South Carolina for “Finding Bigfoot.”

“During the seventh season, we’re trying to go to places we haven’t gotten a chance to go to before,” James said. “We decided to film in Aiken because of its central location. We have witnesses from northern counties to the west, and we have witnesses from the Charleston area.”

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Finding Bigfooot Returns with Bobcat Goldthwait and a Bonus "Behind the Scenes" Footage

Animal Planet Returns to New Jersey
There are three things to watch out for in tonight's two-hour Finding Bigfoot episode; one, the team returns to New Jersey with Director/Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, two, a bonus 30 minutes of behind the scenes footage, and three, if the teasers are to be believed, Bobo remarks on a a broad daylight sighting of a Sasquatch.

In the press release tonight's episode title was "Bobo, Bobcat and the Big Red Eye", it is listed on programming guides as "Squatchers Take New Jersey"

This is a return to New Jersey her's the details from Animal Planet's Presser:
New Jersey: The team heads back to the Garden State to investigate "Big Red Eye," a nickname for sasquatches in New Jersey. Many are surprised by the large amount of sasquatch activity that occurs in this Mid-Atlantic state, and this time, they have a secret weapon: bigfoot enthusiast and legendary comedian Bobcat Goldthwait (Police Academy Franchise, Scrooged). The team hopes that Bobcat's iconic yell can help attract "Big Red Eye."
Bobcat Goldthwait is also the Director/Writer of found footage Bigfoot movie Willow Creek. Fans, you know we have been hinting at Bobcat's Bigfoot movie for years. In our post "Bobcat Goldthwait Spends 3 Days Looking for Bigfoot" we combined snippet of interviews dating back to 2009 for clues.  Then we posted, "Bobcat Goldthwait Completes His Faith, Religion, Bigfoot Movie" to alert you when it was complete. Click the following link to get our complete Bobcat Goldthwait Bigfoot Coverage.

If your like us, you are also excited about the 30 minutes of bonus footage! According to Matt Moneymaker, "We did a special behind-the-scenes half-hour spot for the Sussex County episode and Bobcat Goldthwait's movie,"

According to Moneymaker, there are also rumors that Animal Planet acquired rights to Willow Creek and may broadcast the hour-long movie.

We are looking forward to the return to New Jersey, Bobcat Goldthwaits appearance and whatever Bobo see in the promo for the show.

Tune in tonight at 9PM Eastern and Pacific and at 8PM central.

Watch the promo below!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Finding Bigfoot Returns with a 2-Hour Alaskan Special:In Search of a 12ft Sasquatch

Finding Bigfoot returns this November with 8 new episodes

On Sunday, November 9, at 9 PM (ET/PT), FINDING BIGFOOT returns with a special two-hour episode that takes Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) president Matt Moneymaker, researchers James "Bobo" Fay and Cliff Barackman and skeptical scientist Ranae Holland off to the wilds of Alaska. Reports of colossal-sized sasquatches draw the team into a vast wilderness in America's largest state. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen a bigfoot taller than 12 feet, one of the largest reported sasquatch ever.

Other destinations in the action-packed season include the following:

United Kingdom: Recent reports of bigfoot sightings in the British Isles draw the team to the UK for the first time, and they can't resist checking out another of the world's enigmas, Loch Ness. In between tracking bigfoots, the team heads to the highlands of Scotland to see if it can uncover the truth about 'Nessie.'

New Jersey: The team heads back to the Garden State to investigate "Big Red Eye," a nickname for sasquatches in New Jersey. Many are surprised by the large amount of sasquatch activity that occurs in this Mid-Atlantic state, and this time, they have a secret weapon: bigfoot enthusiast and legendary comedian Bobcat Goldthwait (Police Academy Franchise, Scrooged). The team hopes that Bobcat's iconic yell can help attract "Big Red Eye."

Tennessee: This southern state has a rich history of sasquatch sightings and government officials who are bigfoot believers. So it's no surprise that the team from FINDING BIGFOOT heads to this state to attempt to set a record for most people participating in a search for sasquatch. With a huge turnout expected, can the added manpower help the team close in on the elusive creature?
Additionally, the team returns to Idaho, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Ohio.

FINDING BIGFOOT is produced for Animal Planet by Ping Pong Productions. Keith Hoffman is the executive producer, and Hilary Tholen is associate producer for Animal Planet. Brad Kuhlman and Casey Brumels are the executive producers, and Chad Hammel is the co-executive producer for Ping Pong Productions.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Matt Moneymaker Stirs Up the Twittersphere with His Bigfoot Bioluminescence

Matt Moneymaker with my nephew
Before I begin, I think it is important that I cover all the caveats. I like Matt Moneymaker, my nephew really wanted to meet him while he was at the filming site of a Finding Bigfoot episode. During all the chaos of producers, lighting checks, sound checks and other fans, Matt Moneymaker gave his undivided attention and time to my nephew. He didn't jump back in to the fray of TV making until he had a good chat with him. I also think it easy to take for granted the contributions Matt Moneymaker has made to Sasquatch field research.

This doesn't change that his larger than life personality makes for an easy target in the twitterverse. And, of course it doesn't mean I have to agree with every theory he has. Cue the video.

Read some of the choice twitter reactions, including ones from Cliff Barackman, Ranae Holland and James Bobo Fay below.

Most of us know eye-shine and bioluminescence are two different things. We have a great explanation for bigfoot eye-shine, or at least how eye-shine works for most mammals (spoiler alert: Its caused by the tapetum lucidum). Bioluminescence, as Animal Planet clearly pointed out in the above tweet is usually reserved for deep water creatures and some fungi.

What do you think about Bigfoot eyeshine? Or Matt's theory? Please leave some comments below. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Tonight on Bigfoot Bounty Stacy Brown Shows How The Real Boys Do It

10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty contestant, Stacy Brown, trying to set up a shot
"This is the problem, why you can't hunt with dumb-asses in the woods. They talk too god-damned much." --Stacy Brown referring to his competitors Matt and Julie

Tonight's episode of 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty challenges the contestants to get Bigfoot footage. The teams to watch tonight will be The Sasquatch Hunters (Stacy and Dave) and Matt and Julie. Both teams should be positioned well due to their respective experience and talents. In fact, we will tell you why.

First The Sasquatch Hunters, Stacy and Dave, already have decent Bigfoot footage. Its aptly named the Brown Footage. In May of 2012 Stacy Brown Sr. and Jr. set up camp in the panhandle of Florida around the town of Quincy.

Still frame of Brown footage courtesy of
Above is a still frame from the thermal video of the Brown footage. Cliff Barackman of Finding Bigfoot investigated the video, site and witnesses and had this to say:
"While the results of my calculations are only approximations of the creature’s size, it is clear that the figure is very large.  It seems to stand somewhere around 8.5 feet tall, and have a shoulder width of about 4 feet.  The creature is simply too big to be a human, and the steps are ridiculously long."
So for the Sasquatch Hunters, Stacy and Dave, this is old hat. I wouldn't count out Matt and Julie. Filming big animals in the wild is Matt's day job. His resume is impressive if you read Matt and Julie's bio on Spike Tv's 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Website.
Matt Carman works as a cinematographer for a top hunting and safari show. Carman is a seasoned pro and has hunted just about everything, including: bears, elk, buffalo, hippos, zebras and rhinos. Carman also claims to have super vision and, with his naked eye, can see a deer move from two miles away. He knows what to look for in remote locations and has been upwards of 500 miles out in the woods.
Watch the clip below as the two teams that seem best positioned for this challenge cross paths.

The 10 Million Bigfoot Bounty features multiple teams competing to unearth real evidence of Bigfoot’s existence. You can catch it on Spike TV at 10/9 Central.

What did you think of the second episode? Was it better or worse than the premier? Let us know in the comments below. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cliff Barackman Live Tweets During Tonights Nepal Finding Bigfoot

Cliff Barackman Live Tweets

Starting tonight at 9pm PST Cliff Barackman will live tweet during Finding Bigfoot's Nepal Episode. We also have twitter feeds from the other cast in case they decide to join the nest and tweet as well. Bigfoot Lunch Club with also be a bird of the feather and flock during the episode too. So join the peeps while we tweet our tweets below. You also have permission to stop groaning at all the bird references.

Enjoy below.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Charity Event with Cliff Barackman and Bobo in Portland, OR

Meet Cliff and Bobo in person! Click image to enlarge

Save the date!!! This Wednesday, August 14th 2013 you can meet cast members of the hit show ‘Finding Bigfoot’! Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay will be on hand to sign autographs and talk Squatch!

WHAT: Sippin’ with Sasquatch featuring Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay!
WHERE: Barlow Tavern 6008 N. Greeley Ave. Portland, OR 97217
WHEN: Wednesday, August 14 2013 at 7:30pm. Doors open at 6:30pm.
COST: $10 Cover. 100% of the proceeds raised by the door charge go to benefit the Animal Shelter 
Alliance of Portland

SPONSORED BY: The Barlow Tavern, Batch 206 Distillery’s ‘Counter Gin’, Olympia Beer, Drink Think and Missing Link Toys.

RESTRICTIONS: 21 years of age and older only. ID required.
Come enjoy a fun-filled evening with the cast members of the hit show ‘Finding Bigfoot’! Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Faey will be on hand to sign autographs, take pictures and discuss all things sasquatch. The Barlow Tavern will have Bigfoot themed drink and food specials on hand and Lady She Buckaroo will be spinning hits on the turntables. There may even be a special guest or two! This is a great opportunity for fans of the show or Bigfoot to meet with the cast in an intimate, informal setting.

100% of the money raised through the cover charge will be donated to the Animal Shelter Alliance of 
Portland. The Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland provides low cost spay and neutering services to 
Portland residents, promotes animal welfare, responsible pet ownership and reduces the amount of 
abandoned or unwanted cats and dogs.

This event is sponsored by generous contributions from the Barlow Tavern, Batch 206 Distillery, Olympia Beer and Drink Think. 

Space is limited and the event is anticipated to sell out. Tickets MAY NOT be purchased in advance. 
Guests will be admitted on a first come, first served basis and it is strongly recommended that guests 
arrive early. Ticket sales and doors open at 6:30pm. There is no early admittance. This event is not affiliated with Animal Planet, Discovery Networks or any of their subsidiaries.

For event inquiries and vendor information, contact Molly Wolfe at or 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finding Bigfoot Wants Your Skamania and Klickitat County Bigfoot Stories!!!

Skamania County Postcard designed by Guy Edwards

The producers of Animal Planet's popular TV show Finding Bigfoot are planning a town hall in Washington State and they want YOUR stories! As you may know Skamania County is the first local government to acknowledge and sign laws to protect Sasquatch. Read the ordinances protecting Bigfoot

Now YOU can be a part of that continued history by contacting Finding Bigfoot with your own Skamania and Klickitat County encounter(s). Read the Press Release below and contact Finding Bigfoot!:



Animal Planet’s hit show “Finding Bigfoot” is coming to Skamania and Klickitat counties! Skamania county is one of the ‘squatchiest’ places in the world and the “Finding Bigfoot” investigative team; Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barakman, James “Bobo” Fey and Ranae Holland; are coming to listen to the  stories, examine the evidence and determine once and for all if Bigfoot really calls the Northwest home!

The team is looking for YOUR stories of encounters with Sasquatch in Skamania, Klickitat or surrounding areas. Sightings? Strange noises? Tracks? Wood knocks? We want to hear it all! Tell us your Bigfoot story and you may be invited to share it with the team at our Washington town hall on Wednesday, August 7 2013.

If you have a Sasquatch story and would like to attend our town hall meeting on August 7, email

Keep it squatchy everyone!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Finding Bigfoot's Vietnam Episode Submitted for an Emmy Consideration

The Vietnam episode for Finding Bigfoot is being submitted for the Emmys

David Miraglia (pictured left) is a sound designer. He specialize in all aspects of Post Production Audio including: Dialog editing, Music editing, Sound effects editing, as well as Mixing. He has worked on multiple films and TV shows including Destination Truth and, of course, Finding Bigfoot

On May 7th Mr. Miraglia uploaded the first act of the Vietnam episode of Finding Bigfoot. This is Season 3 Episode 22 titled. "Vietnam: The Heart of Squatchness" and first aired on March 31, 2013.

A ten minute segment from the episode was submitted for consideration as a 2012/13 Sound Editing Non Fiction Emmy Nominee.

Watch the segment below followed by a link to David Miraglia's previous work on Finding Bigfoot

FINDING BIGFOOT EMMY FYC SCREENER 2012/13 for the Category of NON FICTION SOUND EDITING from David Miraglia on Vimeo.
This is the first act of the Vietnam: Heart of Squachness episode that has been submitted for consideration as a 2012/13 Sound Editing Non Fiction Emmy Nominee.

Watch another uploaded video by David Miraglia.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

WATCH: Local News Covers Finding Bigfoot's Thermal Investigation in NM

Albuqurque's KRQE News covers Finding Bigfoot's thermal investigation in NM
“I saw a tall, dark, broad figure, and it just walked right up against the truck..." -- a New Mexico resident

After watching the news packet covering the Finding Bigfoot investigation of the thermal video recorded in New Mexico, you can read the report that was posted on the website. 

Here is the article on the KRQE News website:

Hunt is on for Bigfoot in northern NM
Updated: Thursday, 16 May 2013, 9:05 AM MDT
Published : Thursday, 16 May 2013, 6:51 AM MDT
Jessica Garate
ALBUQUREQUE (KRQE) - The Valles Caldera is an enormous volcanic crater in the Jemez Mountains in northern New Mexico, known for its elk herds.
Now the area is getting attention for what else may be living there.
According to some field researchers, the area has perfect living conditions for Bigfoot.
They even provide proof, a video that brought investigators from the Finding Bigfoot TV series , that airs on Animal Planet, to New Mexico.
On an episode of Finding Bigfoot, the team from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization heads to the Jemez Mountains in northern New Mexico.
The BFRO came to New Mexico late last year after a thermal video was taken in 2011 by another man on an expedition to find Bigfoot.
Now, the team is trying to figure out the size of the image to make sure it's not just another camper by comparing it to a picture of Bobo, one of their researchers, who is standing in the same place.
It is not just the video that has the team convinced Bigfoot lives in northern New Mexico.
In 2008 a KRQE News 13 reporter followed another Bigfoot hunter, Tom Biscardi, who's been on the creature's trail for 40 years.
He has been looking for signs of the hairy beast all across the four corners area where there have been dozens of Bigfoot sightings since 1998.
Biscardi pointed out to us then what he thought were Bigfoot’s footprints near Farmington.
“I saw a tall, dark, broad figure, and it just walked right up against the truck," a New Mexico resident said, "I want to get out of here now."
The BFRO heard more stories from New Mexicans during a town hall meeting they held in Jemez Springs during their visit.
”I woke up in the middle of the night, went to get out of the bed. My window faces this way, and there was something in my window. It didn't have a neck at all,” another resident said.
Despite this evidence, Ben Radford, managing editor of Skeptical Inquirer Magazine, told KRQE News 13 in 2008 there is still a huge hole in the Bigfoot theory.
”If the creatures are out there they have to die somewhere why hasn't anyone found them?” Radford said.

You can see the thermal video below

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WATCH: Exclusive Preview Video of Finding Bigfoot Cast on Jeff Probst Show

(James "Bobo" Fay, Ranae Holland, and Cliff Barackman on Jeff Probst Show)
Fans, when the mainstream media's industrial entertainment complex needs to get the word out they rely on Bigfoot Lunch Club. Whether it is an upcoming movie, a new Jack Link's commercial or the Jeff Probst show featuring the cast of Finding Bigfoot, they need the Bigfoot bully pulpit known as Bigfoot Lunch Club. And fans, we oblige.

We already mentioned there may be a debate with Ranae and Jeff Probst on one side and Bobo and Cliff on the other regarding Bigfoot proof. (read: Jeff Probst Interviews Finding Bigfoot Cast). It looks like, based on the video preview that they have a lot of fun too!

Enjoy the preview below.

Do you work during the day? Set you DVRs! with this nifty Jeff Probst Show Finder. Select your state and it will tell you where to find the Jeff Probst Show. 

truTV: Top 5 Reasons Bigfoot Will Be Found Soon

Bigfoot doing what Bigfoot does best, tree peaking.
"Which one of these five people will be the one to come up with conclusive proof that Bigfoot exists?" --Norma Lee Jennings, truTV

On the truTV website, Norma Lee Jennings suggests that we are close to finding Bigfoot. So close we can attribute the finders to 5 people/groups. Below are the Top 5 Reasons Bigfoot will be found soon and the reasoning behind the picks--at least according to truTV.

5. Melba Ketchum

What makes Ms. Ketchum’s project unique is the amount of faith she has in her findings. She even submitted her paper to a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Unfortunately for the advancement of cryptozoology, “Novel North American Hominins: Next Generation Sequencing of Three Whole Genomes and Associated Studies” was not accepted to any journal.

4. Dr. Jeff Meldrum's Bigfoot Blimp

In order to track the elusive creature and record his actions in his natural environment, Meldrum is looking for $300,000 to fund the purchase of a blimp onto which he intends to attach thermal imaging devices. The blimp will then be launched over the Blue Mountains and other parts of Idaho’s wilderness. Professor Meldrum is eager to find Bigfoot, but won’t believe in its existence until he has conclusive proof.

3. Sharon Lee's Kickstarter Campaign

Lomurno wants to draw attention to the grueling nature of authentic Bigfoot research – when she is in the field, she goes out all day to look for signs of something large in the area. “That [first] night, you do your night surveillance. You can’t get into your tent and go to sleep at 11pm,” she says.


Their website says that one of the best ways to get over the fear of a possible Bigfoot encounter is to look for him in a group. Apparently this strategy has been working, as former participants have testified that they saw footprints or heard calls during their trips. This summer, are some big expeditions is planned for British Columbia that may prove fruitful.

1. Finding Bigfoot

The series Finding Bigfoot has served as a spark for reigniting the popular imagination about Bigfoot’s existence. This show follows the work of renowned BFRO researchers as they travel around the U.S. and across the globe to investigate any cryptid hominid sightings.

It is kind of curious how Norma Lee Jennings came up with this list. As far as we know the Sharon Lee Kickstarter campaign is now defunct. You can read her full explanation at the truTV blog.

Jeff Probst Interviews Finding Bigfoot Cast

(James "Bobo" Fay, Ranae Holland, and Cliff Barackman on Jeff Probst Show)
This Thursday (Mar 21st 2013) you will see 3/4ths of the cast from Finding Bigfoot. According to our sources, the conversation gets a little heated when Jeff Probst pushes back against the cast regarding lack of Bigfoot proof.

A blurb from the Website is below:
James "Bobo" Fay, Cliff Barackman and Ranae Holland, stars of the hit Animal Planet show "Finding Bigfoot," talk to Jeff about their quest to find one of the world's most mysterious creatures. They share some of the greatest adventures they've had looking for Bigfoot around the world, react to criticism from skeptics, and teach Jeff some of their favorite Bigfoot tracking techniques. Plus, special guest Yvette Nicole Brown (NBC's "Community") joins Jeff for a chat.  And, two contestants try to distinguish truth from lies in the game "Who's Right?"
SRC: The Jeff Probst Show

In case you work during the day, you can watch full episodes after they air here.

UPDATE: The Jeff Probst Show provided Bigfoot Lunch Club  with a teaser trailer for Thursday's Finding Bigfoot clip.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman Speaks at Mt. St. Helens Event

Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman to speak in Vancouver, WA
"My presentation will cover some of the most compelling reasons why I believe bigfoots are a real species." --Cliff Barackman

Cliff Barackman (pronounced bear-eck-man) will be speaking in Vancouver, Washington at an event sponsored by the Mount St. Helens Institute's Volcano Views and Brews Events. This monthly event started in 2008, it is a popular lecture series about the great outdoors. Fascinating topics, lively speakers as well as excellent food and libations make for an enjoyable and horizon-widening evening.

Tomorrow, February 12, 2013, Cliff Barackman's presentation will be a brief analysis of the best photos, videos, footprints, and vocalizations captured so far, as well as prospects for gathering more data. Data from around Gifford Pinchot will be included. 

From Cliff Barackman's North American Bigfoot Blog. Cliff shares a preview of his presentation...
Tuesday, Feb. 12
My presentation will cover some of the most compelling reasons why I believe bigfoots are a real species.  Topics will include video footage, photographs, vocalizations, and detailed analysis of footprint evidence, including the London prints.  I will bring several of the original London casts, as well as a variety of other casts from my collection.  Some specimens will be available for sale.
You should show up before 6:00, because that is when Happy Hour ends, Cliff speaks at 6:30. We hope to see you at  Tommy O’s Pacific Rim Bistro - 801 Washington St,  Vancouver, WA.

Directions to Tommy O's in the map below.

View Tommy O's Locations in a larger map

Visit the Official Cliff Barackman Website
Read Cliff's North American Bigfoot Blog

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finding Bigfoot to use Dogs to Find Bigfoot in East Texas.

Universal K9 training Caesar the dog to find a  Sasquatch
“If Bigfoot really exists, I can guarantee you our dogs will find him,” --Brad Croft, Universal K9

Faith Harper, a Tyler Morning Telegraph reporter, writes about the Finding Bigfoot crew using dogs in East Texas to search for Bigfoot. Providing the dogs is Universal K-9, a national trainer and supplier of drug, protection and weapons dogs. We were able to find videos of two dogs they are training for the task. Looks like these dogs have been training at least since mid-December.

Orbee the gorilla scat sniffing dog
Fans, you'll remember we suggested a safe way to use dogs to find Bigfoot when we introduced you to Orbee, the Gorilla scat-sniffing dog. Orbee is trained to sniff scat and find endangered species in a non-evasive way. They already used Orbee, a border collie, to track down the world's rarest Gorilla! Orbee's resume does not stop there, she has also found wolverines, grizzly bears and endangered kit foxes.  wont be as cute that's for sure! Will Universal K-9 be able to provide a dog as effective as Orbee? Probably not as cute, that's for sure.

Read the Tyler Paper article below followed by the Sasquatch training videos uploaded by K9 Universal.

Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" seeks Bigfoot in East Texas woods

Bigfoot could be alive and well in East Texas and some enthusiasts are going to try to find him.

A crew from Animal Planet’s hit show, “Finding Bigfoot,” is slated to be in the Tyler area this weekend searching for the creature.

The show’s team and producers will join a group from Universal K-9, a national trainer and supplier of drug, protection and weapons dogs, to search for the creature. 

“If Bigfoot really exists, I can guarantee you our dogs will find him,” Brad Croft of Universal K-9 said, according to a news release. 

One of the places they could be searching is the Mineola Nature Preserve. The preserve is on the Sabine River and has 2,911 acres of city-owned land.

More than a dozen man-made ponds are speckled on the property as well as walking trails and pavilions. 

Mineola Mayor Bo Whitus said hunting is not allowed on the property, with the exception of periodic youth deer hunts. This was attractive to the “Finding Bigfoot” crews, he said.

Whitus said the locals tell stories of bear and cougar sightings in the preserve, but they never have been validated. 

He had never heard the subject of Bigfoot come up until seven or eight months ago when a maintenance worker spotted a strange vehicle far into nature.

The maintenance worker “was at the river and coming back up close to a slough,” Whitus said. “There was an old car sitting there, and it concerned our guy, so he called the police department. They ran the tag, and it was from the Dallas area.”

As officers got close, they noticed fruit on top of the car and found a young man lying in the grass near the area.

“We don’t know how he got his car that far down into the preserve, but he did …” Whitus said. “He heard a radio announcer say there was a sighting in East Texas, and the guy took out a map and mathematically deduced this was the place for him to be.”

The man was not ticketed but was given a talking to and sent on his way, Whitus said.

Since the sighting, a newly constructed bridge near what is called the people’s pavilion was named for the alleged visitor.

“It was a coincidence that we had just finished one of the bridges, (so) one of them is called Bigfoot Bridge,” Whitus said. “We were trying to reinforce the story to try to create a little interest in what is going on in East Texas.” 

The name must have worked because Whitus said the city received a letter from “Finding Bigfoot” before Christmas on its interests of filming a show on the property.

Staff writer Emily Guevara contributed to this report.
SRC: Tyler Morning Telegraph 

Universal K-9's Tira Learning to Find a Squatch!

Universal K-9's Ceasar [sic] Learning to Find A Squatch!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman is Interviewed by CBS Atlanta

CBS Affiliate in Atlanta interviews Cliff Barackman
Cliff Barackman does it again. With each new interview he continues to be the representative of a pragmatic approach to bigfooting. He must on a mini media tour via satellite. Earlier today, Cliff was interviewed by an Indiana news station.

Below is the companion story, info on the upcoming Bigfoot conference to be held in Dahlonega, and the video interview with Cliff Barackman.

Stories have been passed down for generations about the hairy ape-like creature known as Bigfoot.


  • Bigfoot conference to be held in Dahlonega

    The city of Dahlonega is holding the Southeast's first-ever Bigfoot conference.
    Believers or skeptics can attend the event on Jan. 12 and 13 at the R Ranch.
  • Blogs about Bigfoot sightings and photos of footprints have spread across the internet like wildfire.
    The mystery of the larger-than-life creature is so popular that Animal Planet is kicking off another new season of Finding Bigfoot.
    The series investigates evidence that may prove the existence of the elusive creature.
    This season, investigations take the team farther across the globe and further into Sasquatch history than they've ever traveled.
    CBS Atlanta's Jennifer Banks spoke to Bigfoot researcher Cliff Barackman who is a star on the show.
    Barackman said he has always been fascinated with the subject of Bigfoot.
    The researcher said he believes that Bigfoot is an actual species.
    If you think Barackman is crazy, he doesn't care.
    He said the evidence speaks for itself and data suggests Bigfoot is a North American primate.
    If you want to search for a Bigfoot for yourself, Barackman suggests you head to a natural preserve or state park.
    You will need to research if there have been sightings around your area.
    "Look for food, water and cover," said Barackman.
    You also want to look for a concentration of animals because, wherever that happens, there is more likelihood that a Bigfoot might wander through that area once in a while.
    If you want to learn more about Bigfoot, on Jan. 12 and 13 the city of Dahlonega is holding the Southeast's first Bigfoot conference.
    The Midnight Walkers Southeastern Bigfoot Conference will feature an interdisciplinary panel of speakers who will address Bigfoot language, field research and other topics.

    CBS Atlanta 46

    Thursday, January 10, 2013

    Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman Interviewed by Indiana News Station

    Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman Interviewed by Indiana's WISHTV news 

    In a five minute live interview Cliff Barackman answers questions to Indiana's WISHTV. He seems to be in  location in Texas. You can watch the video after the companion article below.

    Finding Bigfoot
    Updated: Thursday, 10 Jan 2013, 2:49 PM EST
    Published : Thursday, 10 Jan 2013, 2:49 PM EST

    It was in college that Cliff's curiosity in Bigfoot moved from a quirky interest to an obsession. Having a sizable break between classes, Cliff started spending time in the college library reading books on his various interests. After researching Bigfoot, he realized that not only was Bigfoot interesting, but it might actually be a real, biological creature.

    The Team of Bigfoot Researchers expands its search in North America and beyond to investigate the sasquatch phenomenon known as "yowies" in Australia and the "orang-pendek" of Indonesia.

    Legends of bigfoot-type primates persist in cultures all over the globe. So the bigfoot team attempts to campture proof of these elusive Australian and Indonesian creatures by immersing itself in local yowie and orang-pendek culture and lore and using that information in their investigations. With the knowledge of the locals and their own experiences researching sasquatches, the team is hot on the trail to locate these distant cousins of the North American bigfoot in the remote terrain and jungles of these far-off lands.

    Thursday, November 29, 2012

    CNN reports Bigfoot DNA Using Footage Mostly from TV Show Finding Bigfoot

    CNN Carol Costello reports the Bigfoot DNA study that says Bigfoot is part human
    using  mostly footage from Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot
    Now you know it is really news. CNN had picked up the Bigfoot DNA study that claims Bigfoot is part human.

    The choice of mashing up the Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA study and the TV show Finding Bigfoot is ironic (perhaps even amusing) to most Bigfooters. Matt Moneymaker, co-host on Finding Bigfoot,  has been very vocal, most recently on twitter, about his lack of confidence in Melba Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA study that claims Bigfoot is part human.

    Below are some choice tweets from BFRO founder and Finding Bigfoot's co-host, Matt Moneymaker.

      I think the DNA study in Texas will be exposed as a hyped up publicity stunt and scam. I've been monitoring it for a while.

    Bald-faced mendacity of Melba Ketchum. She told Lee Speigal the DNA samples "came to me. I didn't go after them, that's for sure." Bullsh*t.

    More than 5 years ago she pitched her BF DNA testing to the producer of Monsterquest, and later pitched herself to the producers of MY SHOW!

     Yo Greggy, Melba's study won't be taken seriously by any real scientists. It's all fake. Her "team of scientists" doesn't exist

    Yes, she received a few legit samples but her "DNA analysis" and documentation was a sham and a scam. She made ridiculous excuses for years.

     When hoaxers and charlatans succeed it getting news media attention, they can use the attn to swindle people who want to help.

     All three of those guys [Paulides/Randles/Carpenter] are dealing w/ Melba because she is telling them exactly what they want to hear about their own samples.

    The only silver lining to Melba Ketchum's scam: It helped encourage Dr. Sykes at Oxford (England) to seek BF DNA samples. He is very legit.

    Wednesday, November 28, 2012

    Happy Birthday to Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman Pt.1

    Happy Birthday Cliff!!!
    In celebration of Cliff Barackman's Birthday, we are showcasing the behind-the-scenes videos he created with Craig Flipy for most of  Season One of Finding Bigfoot. Watch each video after the episode summary.

    "Bigfoot Crossing in Georgia [1]" May 29, 2011
    The team, in their first episode, are in northern Georgia investigating cases with Bigfoot. One thing they investigate is what a police officer believes to be a Bigfoot running across a road. Also, Cliff and Ranae find two possible footprints, and the Georgia chapter of the BFRO is called on to help a search.

    "Swamp Ape [2]" June 5, 2011
    The team visits Northern Florida investigating some mysterious cases with the Florida subspecies of Bigfoot, the Swamp Ape or Skunk Ape. They investigate a case about a couple that believes there is a Bigfoot living on their property and is bothering them. Also, the team talks with the Seminole people, asking about some experiences some members of the tribe have had with Bigfoot, and Matt and Bobo see a strange figure in the distance on a search.

    "Caught on Tape [3]" June 12, 2011
    The team travels to North Carolina, specifically the Uwharrie National Forest to investigate supposed Bigfoot sightings. Also, Matt's leadership skills are called into question, and the largest search for Bigfoot ever is organized.

    "Fishing for Bigfoot in Oregon [4]" June 19, 2011
    The team travels to Oregon the investigate multiple cases with sightings of Bigfoot. A group of rafters accidentally capture a video supposedly having a Bigfoot in it. Also, the team makes its first visit to Bigfoot and Beer, and then use a rabbit to try and lure out a sasquatch.

    "Frozen Bigfoot [5]" June 26, 2011
    The team heads to southern Washington to investigate cases involving Bigfoot encounters. One man caught a picture with an animal that may be a Bigfoot that is on a snowcapped mountain. Also, Matt and Bobo claim to hear what sounded like human voices during a night investigation, and Cliff and Ranae ride in a small raft to see if they can see a Bigfoot.

    "Alaska's Bigfoot Island [6]" July 10, 2011
    The team heads to southeast Alaska because the mayor of the town of Hydaburg asks them to investigate compelling footprint photos . Also, Ranae and Bobo find a possible footprint, and talk with a woman who claims to have had a log thrown thrown at her taxi and spotted a Sasquatch in a tree the next day.

    "Behind the Search [7]" July 17, 2011
    The team returns to a gathering in Oregon at Ike's Pizza, called "Bigfoot and Beer" to talk personally to fans. The team talks about their excursions to find Bigfoot and reflect on them, answer questions from their fans, and play footage that was not aired on previous episodes.

    If you enjoyed these Finding Bigfoot Season 1 debriefs check out, "Happy Birthday to Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman Pt.2" for Finding Bigfoot Season 2 debriefs!

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