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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New-ish art from History Channel Bigfoot Documentary

Dhamindra Jeevan did the concept art for History Channel's Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide.
Above is a bust of Bigfoot.
Dhamindra Jeevan was introduced to us, although not overtly, at Bigfoot Lunch Club we had do do some sleuthing to find the concept artist and recognize the style. 

Mr. Jeevan illustrated several concepts of our favorite hirsute hominids not seen in the History Channels Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide, including the gigantopithecus and the Orang Pendek. 
We thought you would like to see his other illustrations. You can also view his online portfolio.


Gigantopiticus Full Body
Gigantopithecus Bust
Another Gigantopithecus Bust 

Sasquatch Bust
Orang Pendek Full Body

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Concept Art for Bigfoot Commercial

Bigfoot concept art option #5  by artist Constantine Sekeris (click to enlarge)
According to his publisher, "Constantine Sekeris has been drawing from the time he could hold a pencil. As a boy, through high school and into Art Center College of Design, he was influenced from comics to traditional master painters Alfonsa Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Bouguereau, Alma-Tedema, J.C. Lindecker, Norman Rockwell, Frank Frazetta to poster artist Drew Struzan. After graduating with a Bachelors in Illustration, he found his passion in creature design for films such as Bicentennial Man, Blade 2, League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Fantastic 4, X-Men the Last Stand, The Golden Compass, The Incredible Hulk, Hellboy, The Golden Army, Where the Wild Things Are, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Thor, Green Lantern and more to come."

"Constantine pushes himself like every artist to grow and learn his craft to the best of his ability and share his imagination with the world."

Bigfoot concept art option #6  by artist Constantine Sekeris (click to enlarge)

You can see more of Conatantine's work at his blog Even better, buy his book, "MetamorFX." at

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bigfoot: Bone Flesh and Fur

Click image to see larger view

Are people still talking about Enoch? We had tons opinions and many emails and comments requesting us to weigh in, but then we thought better of it.

We do, however, think there is still value in using research to discover Bigfoot. For one, we don't all have the benefit of knowing a guy named Mike from Florida. Two, we are as much in love of the pursuit as we are with the eventual proof.

That's right, we love the pursuit, the guessing, the pondering and the wondering. So we decided to do something about fostering what WE love about Bigfooting; the sharing of ideas.

So here we are, with some neat concept art of Gigantopithecus blacki. The Gigantopithecus blacki skull, introduced to us bigfooters by Dr. Grover Krantz. It is a reconstruction based on a large Chinese male fossil jaw, assuming bipedal posture and ape-sized brain.

We always wanted to see a muscle reconstruction and then a flesh one on top, this way we could see the relationship of each layer. Things we noticed are lack of forehead muscles, theres no room for them. We were also were very surprised how it really was really "in-between" human and ape. Most art we see is either to far in one direction, this concept, we thought, struck the balance between the two.

Share your thoughts, tell us what you think we got right (or wrong) and share what you would like to see next.

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