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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Watch Matt 'Finding Bigfoot' Moneymaker's 2012 CBS News Interview

Although they get his name wrong in the text description
Matt is correctly addressed by the interviewer, John Miller. 

Matt Moneymaker eloquently presents the case for Bigfoot in a mostly respectful interview by CBS News' John Miller. Topics covered are Matt's personal Bigfoot encounter, the pluralization of Bigfoot, the Patterson/Gimlin film, and why it is so darn hard to get a photo of Bigfoot.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bigfoot Prankster Claims Violation of Free Speech

Excerpts from an article with the headline "Summit stunt: ‘Big Foot’ cries free-speech foul." This article was written by Jessica Arriens of the New Hampshire Sentinel Source

JAFFREY — In early fall, Keene resident Jonathan C. Doyle had a spontaneous idea: Dress as Bigfoot and appear atop the summit of Mount Monadnock.

He surprised some 80 hikers, then shot video (embedded below) of interviews with them and posted the clip on YouTube.

Doyle and crew were stopped by a park ranger and told to leave, because they did not have a permit to perform at the park.

Through the N.H. Civil Liberties Foundation, Doyle is arguing that the expulsion violated his First Amendment rights, by curbing free speech in a public forum — a state park.

In a Dec. 14 letter to George Bald, commissioner of New Hampshire’s Department of Resources and Economic Development (which includes the Parks Department), Foundation Staff Attorney Barbara R. Keshen says the special permit rule is vague, giving “unchecked discretion” to the park director.

Doyle said he hasn’t received any reply from the parks department.

Despite the free speech challenge, Doyle said it’s important for people to remember that the Bigfoot performance — and accompanying film — is still the absurdist, humorous idea it started out as.

While we agree with Doyle the Bigfoot performance is absurd, however, we would not go as far as saying it is humorous--or entertaining or interesting for that matter. Watch it at your discretion.

You can read the whole New Hampshire Sentinel Source article here

UPDATE: I've been holding on to this post for a while, and I'm glad I did. CBSNews is calling him an artist.

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