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Friday, November 23, 2012

WATCH a Documentary of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum's Mike Rugg

Mike Rugg opening his doors at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, CA
Ro Sahebi is a talented story teller, in the highest sense. In his most recent documentary he continues to showcase what we love about his work. First, he is a great interviewer, his genuine curiosity comes from a place we are probably unaware of. His ability to get great stuff from the people he interviews is uncanny and probably unparalleled. Second, he uses film to edit and weave atmosphere and pacing that gives his documentary context. Any body can point a camera and ask questions, very few can do what Ro Sahebi does. 

As you watch the documentary below and the dappled sun runs across the windshield, know that you are going to be transported. You will be reintroduced to Mike Rugg, a man who has contributed so much to the Bigfoot Community, it would be easy for new enthusiast to take him for granted. 

You can enjoy more of Ro's work at his website, The Bigfoot Report, and his The Bigfoot Report's You Tube Channel.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fundraiser: Bigfoot Discovery Museum

Save the Bigfoot Discovery Museum, a fixture in the community for over a decade
The Mission of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum is noble honest endeavor: To create a fulltime research center and library towards educating and inspiring Bigfooters and the general public alike.

Mike Rugg owner and curator of the museum needs your help. We mentioned earlier how you could donate to the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. Now for every $5 donation you can be entered in a raffle/funraiser to win a a chance to host The Extinct? Podcast or a painting by artist Steven DeMarco. Watch the video below as Ro Sahebi describes the details.

 If you still need convincing check out these awsome videos by Amazing Amanda who spent some time with Mike Rugg at Bigfoot Discovery Museum.

Part One

Part Two

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mike Rugg and The Bigfoot Discovery Museum Still Need Your Help

Mike Rugg of The Bigfoot Discovery Museum
Today (6/9/2012) the reported that Mike Rugg is behind on taxes and The Bigfoot Discovery Museum is in trouble. You can make a donation at

It is important to realize the historical and continued contribution Mike Rugg makes to the Bigfoot community.

Instead of explaining it ourselves watch the videos below hosted by Amazing Amanda. Then read the Mercury News article following the videos.

Part One

Part Two

Bigfoot museum founder, behind on taxes, hopes attendance will rise; county sets June 29 deadline

By JONDI GUMZ - Santa Cruz Sentinel
Posted:   06/09/2012 01:03:18 PM PDT
Updated:   06/09/2012 01:17:20 PM PDT

FELTON - Michael Rugg, owner of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum at 5497 Highway 9, was surprised to learn the county had set a deadline of June 29 for him to pay back taxes of $4,368 or see the property sold at auction.

He thought he had more time.

After seven years of operation and gaining local and international recognition, the museum sees 30 to 60 people a day in the summer.

Rugg says only now is he seeing revenue, and he had hoped a contact from a Hollywood producer could turn his Felton Bigfoot story into a reality television show. Meanwhile, a balloon payment on a loan he took out before the economy crashed will come due next year.

"Maybe people will rally and help us," Rugg said, noting the museum is open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day but Tuesday.

The county tax collector's office posted a legal notice in the Sentinel Tuesday warning a dozen commercial property owners to pay back taxes or set up a payment plan by June 29 to avoid a tax sale. Delinquent taxes from 2008-09 exceed $600,000, according to the tax office, which was closed Friday for furloughs.
Motel Santa Cruz owes the most in back taxes, $224,945, according to the county. Owner Manuben Patel has been reorganizing her debts in federal bankruptcy court. Last October, her attorney W. Austin Cooper said Motel Santa Cruz "is a viable property and operating well."

The Brookdale Inn and Spa in Brookdale owes $141,106, according to the county. The historic lodging place closed in April after Pacific Gas & Electric Co. shut off the power.

Soquel Main Street Village, a limited liability corporation based in Watsonville, owes $74,613 for property at 2590 S. Main St., Soquel, according to the county. Formerly the site of a nursery, Le Thu's Asian Art Emporium operates there now and a man tending the business Tuesday did not have any information about the old tax bill.

Ladis Pasillas said his family is making payments on a tax bill of $33,634 for Pasillas Tire in Freedom.
"They want us to keep operating so they get paid," he said.

Thomas Connolly, owner of Plant Works at 7945 Highway 9 in Ben Lomond, said he is following the terms of a Chapter 13 reorganization and making monthly payments on back taxes. The county says he owes $8,010.

"It's a business I've owned 35 years," Connolly said. "I'm hanging in here to pay it off."

Three Santa Cruz business owners owing taxes are no longer in operation.

The county says Marcelo Muzquiz owes $45,698 for 1520 Mission St., Santa Cruz, formerly home to Marcelo's restaurant.

Andy's BP, at 2003 Mission St., Santa Cruz, is closed. The county says owners Andy and Zaiba Saberi owe $11,396.

La Esperanza Market at 2-1400 E. Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, is closed. The county says owner Cristal Vazquez owes $33,634.

La Esperanza Market at 345 Ocean St., Santa Cruz, also is shuttered. The county says owners Javier and Emilia Vazquez have unpaid taxes dating to 2007 totaling $42,138.

Follow Sentinel reporter Jondi Gumz on Twitter: @jondigumz

You can make a donation at

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bigfoot Discovery Museum on the Travel Channel

Fan's we recently got word from the Anthony Bourdain channel, also known as the Travel Channel, asking us to help promote their new show. To be honest, we are already fans of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman and Man v. Food with host Adam Richman, so adding another favorite to list is something we are happy to do. Below is the reprinted request from the Travel Channel the parenthesis are ours.

"I work with Travel Channel and recently came across your site (in my bookmarks), the (internationally known) Bigfoot Lunch Club. I thought it might be appropriate to reach out to you because (of your vast social network and) we are featuring Felton's Big Foot Discovery Museum on Travel Channel’s new series, Mysteries at the Museum, Tuesday night. In this show we take a look at the strange and curious remnants of America's past, often accompanied by scandal, mystery, and intrigue.

The next episode, airing Tuesday, December 21st at 9 E/P, will feature some of the nation’s most revered museums, including the Big Foot Discovery Museum.

Would you be interested in helping us spread the word about this show via your (successful) blog and (vast) social media network? If so, you will find additional information about each of the mysteries that will be uncovered in this volume below. I hope you enjoy the show!

Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace, National Historic Site: Tucked away on the east side of Manhattan is Theodore Roosevelt’s childhood home. Inside are two particular artifacts on display that had a bigger impact on Roosevelt’s life than any other. Both of these artifacts share a strange feature, and saved the life of one of America’s greatest statesmen.

The Western Reserve Historical Society: The Western Reserve Historical Society carefully preserves Cleveland’s legacy, but one set of the museum’s artifacts remains shrouded in mystery. They are five postcards from the 1950’s that hold a distinctly taunting tone. Who wrote them and why? The story starts in the midst of one of the worst killing sprees in American history…

Museum of Science and Industry: Inside Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, there’s a vehicle that resembles a space hip or rocket, but it’s neither. In the 1960’s this amazing automobile helped a young California hot rod driver do something no one had ever done before- travel over 407 mph on land.

Titanic Historical Society: In Massachusetts there’s a museum that is dedicated to shedding new light on the ill-fated voyage of the world’s most famous ocean liner. Inside this official Titanic museum there is a single faded piece of paper. Do you know why this wireless telegram was unable to save the Titanic from her tragic fate?

Henry Ford Museum: On the outskirts of Detroit, the famed motor city, is the Henry Ford Museum. On display is a simple yellow city bus where visitors can see for themselves the very seat where Rosa Parks took a historical stand, by simply sitting down. But this story didn’t play out the way most of believe…

Big Foot Discovery Museum: Nestled in the heart of Northern California’s epic red wood forests is a museum dedicated to the region’s most famous alleged inhabitant, Big Foot. Can a recently discovered primate tooth put an end to the age old debate of whether or not big foot is real?

Find out the answers to these questions and more by tuning-in to Mysteries at the Museum Tuesday at 9 E/P on Travel Channel. Enjoy the show, and secrets that will be revealed.

Travel Channel's Page for Mysteries at the Museum
Map of Volume 8 Travel Guide

Bigfoot Discovery Museum with Amazing Amanda
Blonde Bigfoot at Bigfoot Discovery Museum
Santa Cruz Sentinal talks about Bigfoot Discovery Day

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bigfoot Discovery Museum hosts day dedicated to Bigfoot research

Santa Cruz Sentinel does a great job promoting The Bigfoot Discovery Museum's fourth annual Bigfoot Discovery Day on Saturday at both the museum and the Louden Nelson Community Center in Santa Cruz.

The Bigfoot Discovery Museum was founded by none-other-than Michael Rugg in 2004 following a career as a computer graphic artist and illustrator.

FELTON — The memory of his encounter with the large, hairy man along the banks of the Eel River in Humboldt County lay dormant for years — but came back in a flash decades later, while he was reading a passage about a similar encounter.

Michael Rugg says he was just a toddler when he wandered off alone on a trail while his parents cooked breakfast at their campsite on the river that early summer morning in 1950.

He passed through some brush and emerged onto a sandbar — and that's when he encountered a bigfoot.

“I looked up into the gaze of a very large man completely covered in bushy dark hair, with nothing on but a rather poorly fitting, torn shirt,” he wrote in an e-mail. “I looked at the hairy man, and he looked at me, then my parents started screaming for me, ‘Mikey, Mikey, where are you?'”

When he returned to the campsite and told them about the encounter, they reassured him that what he'd seen was likely a homeless man.

He forgot about the incident until about 20 years later, when a passage in a book about bigfoot sightings prompted the flashback — and helped explain his self-described obsession with all things Sasquatch.

The Bigfoot Discovery Museum, which Rugg founded in 2004 following a career as a computer graphic artist and illustrator, will host its fourth annual Bigfoot Discovery Day on Saturday at both the museum and the Louden Nelson Community Center in Santa Cruz.

Activities will include a presentation of evidence — including sound recordings, a large, unidentified tooth and a video clip of an unidentified, bipedal figure — that has been accumulated over the years in communities including Felton, Zayante, Ben Lomond and near the Forest at Nisene Marks in Aptos.

Local eyewitnesses will talk about their encounters for the first time in a public forum, while other presentations will explain research methodologies.

One of the eyewitnesses who may attend the event, Placerville resident Colette Alexander, said she saw a bigfoot near the Pocono trail head about a mile from downtown Santa Cruz along the San Lorenzo River in June 1999. She was eating a sandwich when she looked into the woods, “and this thing was mimicking me eating my sandwich ... I slowed down mid-bite, and it mimicked me doing that.”

She later studied primates at Cabrillo College, but when she tried to tell her professors about it, “I got shut down pretty hard. They don't condone that kind of stuff.”

In 2009, she finally reported the sighting to A full account can be read at (

One of the experts expected to attend the event, Bart Cutino, is a longtime researcher with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization and Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers. He'll talk about field research he's conducted using thermal imaging devices and recount a sighting near Mount Rainier in Washington state in 2008.

Rugg says it's time people stop discounting the experiences of those who've seen and heard things outside of the norm, and for those who have had those encounters “to stop repressing their experiences.”

“I allowed myself to go ahead and believe my own memory ... It's time for people to realize that there's a lot of stuff going on out there that current science cannot explain,” he said.

If You Go

Bigfoot Discovery Day

When: Saturday; 11 a.m.-4 p.m.: Barbecue lunch and fellowship at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum; 6-9 p.m.: presentations at the Louden Nelson Community Center

Where: Bigfoot Discovery Museum, 5497 Hwy. 9, Felton; Louden Nelson Community Center, 301 Center St., Santa Cruz

Cost: Admission to the museum is free; lunch is $5-$6

Information: 335-4478 or

Almost Daily's coverage of Bigfoot Discovery Museum

Bigfoot Discovery Project
The Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bigfoot of Another Color or The Rise of the Blonde Bigfoot

Above is a picture of Mike Rugg of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum and Paul Ruebens of Pee-Wee Herman fame.

Mike Rugg posted a video today on his YouTube Channel of a encounter he has been working on for a couple of years.

There are two striking things to us.

One, the witness is a bicyclist who often camps in the same areas. Time and time again we have heard from the likes of Autumn Williams of Oregon Bigfoot and Ron Moorehead of the Sierra Sounds Bigfoot Recordings that people with multiple encounters visit the same spot over and over again, eventually allowing Sasquatch to become acclimated to the witness.

Two, the other thing of note, is the rise of blonde Bigfoot. Mostly Bigfoot's fur is considered dark brown, cinnamon, or black. What do we make of the North Carolina Man's description of a blond Bigfoot and in Mike Rugg's video of a white haired one?

Be sure and Check out Almost Daily's Amazing Amanda two-part interview of Mike Rugg at The bigfoot Discovery Museum here

Mike Rugg Bio
Mike Ruggs Bigfoot Discovery Channel
Bigfoot Discovery Museum Website

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