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Friday, February 4, 2011

Anna Nekaris: Searching for the Yeti

Dr Anna Nekaris has left quite an impression since her participation on History Chanel's Bigfoot : The Definitive Guide. Fans have asked us to get some more info on Ms. Nekaris and, as always, we oblige.

Who is Dr Anna Nekaris? She describes herself as:
...a member of the IUCN Primates Specialist Group, Conservation Working Party of the Primate Society of Great Britain, and on the editorial board of Endangered Species Research and Folia Primatologica. I have been studying the behaviour, ecology, conservation and taxonomy of Asian mammals since 1994, although my research has also taken me to Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Costa Rica, and Trinidad. My primary interests lie with Asia’s slow and slender lorises.

Fans, you were correct to inquire about Anna Nekaris, she has in fact, an awesome presentation on the yeti (watch video below), hosted on The

Pulse Project offers a wide range of freely accessible audio and video Science lectures for both general and specialized audiences, and delivered by eminent academics. It hopes to reflect and inform debates amongst academics, students, and the wider public alike, and to thereby engage with the formative scientific questions of our time.

On December 9th 2008, she presented Searching for the Yeti: Could the Abominable Snowman really be out there? Could the Yeti really exist, or is it just a popular legend? Anthropologist and primate expert, Dr Anna Nekaris, will be explaining how you find unknown animals, looking at examples of new species of primate still being discovered today, and exploring the likelihood of the Yeti's existence. She will also bring us up-to-date with recent research into unidentified hairs reportedly taken from a Yeti-like creature in India.

Dr Anna Nekaris's Bio at the Pulse-Project
Dr Anna Nekaris's Bio at

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