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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ucu Added to "AKA Bigfoot World Map"

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The Ucu, also known as Ucumar or Ukumar-zupai, is Bigfoot type creature reported as being seen in the Andes range of mountains in South America particularly in Chile and Argentina. The Ucu is said to be the size of a large dog and walks erect. Unlike the Yeti it prefers the more tropical regions of the Andes mountain range, rather than snow covered peaks. The locals say the Ucu likes to eat payo, a plant similar to cabbage, and emits a sound like uhu, uhu. It is not just locals who have reported hearing or seeing the creatures.

For three consecutive years starting in 1957 there were several documented cases describing a mysterious creature described with features and behaviors all too familiar to us Bigfooters.

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