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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Red Dead Redemption: The Whole Story and the Sasquatch Conservancy Ending

Video game developers love to hide extra missions and call them Easter Eggs. In fact we dedicated a whole post to Bigfoot Easter eggs in our post titled Virtual Bigfoot Easter Eggs.

Recently Rock Star, a game developer has revealed a secret mission in the game Red Dead Redemption. At first glance it seems like a Sasquatch Slaughter fest. The hunting down of saquatches in this game offended some people in the Bigfoot community, but most don't realize this is a means to an end. If you follow the story arc all the way to the end you realize the main character was mislead by inaccurate Bigfoot Myths. The ending is quite sympathetic to Bigfoot and, in fact you become quite empathetic towards the big guy, who laments over the killing of his kind. By the story's end you unlock an achievement called "The Birth of The Conservation Movement Completed"

We just wanted to brighten your day by giving you the whole story and to inform you that kids and gamers are actually encouraged to conserve and respect Sasquatch.

Below is the two-minute dramatic dénouement most have not seen. It's a moving speech made by Sasquatch himself and may drive some to tears.

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