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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Derek Randles Gets Press for Olympic Project and Reveals Sasquatch Insights

Derek Randles (center) at the March 2013 Olympic Project Expedition

“The patterns start to paint a picture of what that animal is doing" -- Derek Randles, founder of the Olympic Project

The Peninsula Daily News picked up on the Bigfoot research and documentation happening in the Olympic Peninsula by Derek Randles and his Olympic Project Team. Among the highlights of the article are some of the insights and suggestions of bigfoot behavior based on the data gathered so far. In the following excerpt read what Derek Randles has to say about Bigfoot behavior.
“We are sticklers for documentation,” Randles says.

“What we are trying to do is learn everything we can so when/if [scientifically-accepted] species verification happens, we have a large volume of study to hand over.”

For the Olympic Project team, Bigfoot is a somewhat predictable creature.
“The patterns start to paint a picture of what that animal is doing,” Randles says.

For instance, he explains, Bigfoot tracks in the Olympics show that they hang around elk calving areas during the calving season.

Randles says the mystery creatures also study them.

“We are some of Sasquatch’s best entertainment,” he says..

“Some of the best sightings are when we catch them watching us.”

But sometimes, Randles adds, Sasquatches don’t like humans in their space.
“It is very intimidating how much noise they can make without exposing themselves,” he says.

He says they use a variety of vocalizations, pounding sounds and other noises.
Click to read the full article titled, "Olympic Project — West End is a hub of Bigfoot research"

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Best New Ideas in Bigfoot Research Start At the Olympic Project Expeditions

Cliff Barackman (far left) and Dr. Jeff Meldrum (far right) will be speaking on the weekend of March 21st
The best ideas and the latest techniques germinate at the Olympic Project expeditions. As we have reported before Olympic Project Expedition host, Derek Randles, offers a masterclass in Bigfoot research. Due to the rescheduling of a few attendees a few spots have opened up for next week's upcoming expedition. 

Email Derek at to get details on the next expedition!

Well Led Expeditions

We can tell you from personal experience (we have been to four of these)  that these expeditions are hosted and led with a team of experts who are attentive to all attendees. Even though the group of attendees differs during each weekend expedition, Derek and his team fosters the same environment of camaraderie. 

You can also choose how ambitious you want to be, there is always a hike (day or night) to participate in, or you can relax in the main cabin next to the fire and chat with other Bigfoot Enthusiast. More details in our first review of  Derek Randles and the Olympic Project Expeditions

Email Derek at to get details on the next expedition!

A Master Class in Bigfooting

As we said earlier, with knowledgeable researchers like Derek Randles, Cliff Barackman and Dr. Jeff Meldrum, it is like a master class on the best techniques and newest ideas in Bigfoot research. These experts are approachable all weekend and are happy to field questions. If you have your own theories you want to share this is the best place to get feedback. More details on the Olympic Project as a Masterclass in Bigfooting.

Make sure you email Derek and get in on next week's expedition! It is a rare treat to be among a limited amount of attendees who have access to these experts for a whole weekend. 

Email Derek at to get details on the next expedition!

The March 2013 Olympic Project Expedition Attendees.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Who is Derek Randles?

Derek Randles of Ridgwalkers Unlimited and The Olympic Project

Derek Randles has been looking for Sasquatch since the mid 80's. In September 2000, he was a principle investigator in the Skookum Cast. The Skookum Cast is named after the Skookum Meadows area of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. It is believed to be a cast made from a full body print of a Sasquatch laying on it's side and reaching for an apple that was left out the night before. 

Illustration based on the imprint of the Skookum Cast
Derek Randles was also part of the Dr. Jeff Meldrum's North American Ape Project. The North American Ape Project is a grant-funded multi-year sasquatch research project directed by professor Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University. According to a university announcement, "The North American Ape Project (NAAP) seeks to detect and collect evidence through support from the Mayfield Foundation. This will be undertaken primarily by means of hair snags monitored by camera traps. In addition, fieldworkers will record vocalizations, document tracks and sample associated scat. Habitats will be analyzed for availability and distribution of food resources.

According to the Acknowledgments section of Meldrum's book "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science" (2006), participating members of the North American Ape Project included Ron Brown, LeRoy Fish, Derek Randles, John Pickering, Rick Noll, Owen Caddy, Brian Smith, John Mionczynski, and Julie Davis.

Derek was also one of the first investigators to interview the two bear hunters involved with the Sierra Kills and has been instrumental in getting specimens from the possible killing Dr. Melba Ketchuim's DNA study. It is important to note that Derek Randles does not condone killing Bigfoot, even for the sake of science.

Recently Derek Randles investigated investigated the Elbe Trackway, now a known hoax. Prior to the discovery of a hoax Derek Randles was one of the first investigators on the scene carefully documenting every detail.

My first chance to do field work with Derek Randles
(Left to Right: Derek randles, Cliff Barackman, and me, Guy Edwards)
Now you can catch Derek Randles working the Olympic Project. According to
The Olympic Project is an association of dedicated researchers, investigators, biologists and trackers committed to documenting the existence of Sasquatch through science and education.  Through comprehensive habitat study, DNA analysis and game camera deployment, our goal is to obtain as much information and empirical evidence as we can, with hopes of being as prepared as possible when and if species verification comes to fruition.  Our studies are conducted in a non-invasive manor with respect and sensitivity to probable habitat we believe this amazing species inhabits.
From my personal experience, Derek Randles is one of the most prepared field researchers out there. He had a tool for everything, and not just a tool, but the best tool for everything; measuring tape that measured yards and yards, casting materials, etc...His planning and thoughtfulness is apparent when you are out in the field with him and he is extremely generous with his knowledge and giving you an opportunity to collect your own data and research. 

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