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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 Countdown, 10 days of Appreciation: Day 01 Toby Johnson

We want to spend the final days of 2010 appreciating those who have supported us this year. Three years ago, we could of never hoped for this much success. Our only goal was to search, dig and find the most topical Bigfoot news, make a modest mark and if we were lucky contribute value to the community.

We will save the last day for our fans, without your tips comments and suggestions we wouldn't have the mass appeal we have. For now, we would like to recognize Toby Johnson.

We know Toby has learned cloning technology and refuses to share with the rest of us. Without duplicating himself, there is no way one man could have accomplished as much as he did during the first annual Oregon Sasquatch Symposium. We know he had help, but no one can deny how much he put into the event himself.

He's on his way towards the 2nd annual symposium and, trust us, we will have more info on that as we get closer to the event.

Toby was our gateway drug to bigfooting community, when we began our blog we had only read about other Bigfooters, because of Toby we were able to meet them, talk to them, drink beer with them! And of course talk Squatch.

Thanks Toby for being a friend of Bigfoot Lunch Club. We salute you. We will see you at next years 2nd Annual Oregon Sasquatch Symposium.

Check out next years line up below!

Beth Heikkinen is an independent researcher living in the Pacific NW. Beth's first daytime sighting happened 50 miles from her home. Since that time, and with the help of wonderful people, her background now includes tacking, backpacking and hiking.

In the nearly 50 years of active research regarding the Sasquatch phenomena, Lee has come to the conclusion that Sasquatch has a very unique form of conscience reference; such as "There is an awareness for play, exploration, hunting/gathering, safety and shelter...a intuition compared to our need for reasoning. In addition, their ability for focused coherent emotional energy and ability to manipulate the high density subtle energy of a remarkable conscious universe. Also known by quantum as the intelligence invisible energy field that is independent of time, space and form."

Thom authored a book about Sasquatch research entitled "The Locals" which was described by reviewer Lisa Kearns as, "a brilliant combination of science and storytelling". His was the first book to suggest many fairly radical ideas that have since been endorsed by many contemporary researchers, such as habituation, infrasound, paranormal elements, human levels of intelligence in the Sasquatch, awareness of cameras, and much more.

Henry made the very first Bigfoot websites on the Internet and also helped many currently notable footers build their websites/databases and moderated the first Bigfoot newsgroup and the first Bigfoot email discussion which Henry is stated as saying, "I apologize for that, please forgive me."

On July 1, 2000, Dr Johnson and his family ran into a Sasquatch about one mile up the mountain from the Oregon Caves National Monument Park. Since their encounter, Dr Johnson has led numerous research expeditions surrounding the Oregon Caves as well as near Grants Pass, Oregon. His encounter and subsequent research expeditions have helped him to become a sensitive listener to others who've had encounters and need someone to talk to. Dr. Johnson also works through the issue of PTSD with the witness, a process he deeply understands.

He is best known for his audio evidence of indistinguishable vocalization, known as The Sierra Sounds. The Sierra Sounds Volume #1 "Bigfoot Recordings" is a selection of audio clips captured by Morehead, that reveal very clear Bigfoot vocalizations captured on a crisp night at a remote wilderness camp.

Nelson is retired U.S. Navy Cryptologic Technician Interpreter (Crypto-Linguist), and he worked for Naval Intelligence, logging thousands of hours of collection and transcription of voice communications.

Expected Guest of Honor.

Oregon Sasquatch Symposium
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Our Coverage of Last Years Symposium

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet Documents

One of the most impressive presentations at the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium was R. Scott Nelson's breakdown of the sasquatch language recorded on the what is formally known as the Berry Tapes, but we all are familiar with the name Sierra Sounds.

For those who do not know Scott Nelson, Nelson worked for the Navy intelligence specializing in crypto-linquistics the science of decoding and transcribing hidden language. He specialized in Russian and Spanish. Bottom line he know his business.

For the first time during a presentation Nelson mentioned cognates. Cognates in linguistics are words that have a common etymological origin.
Examples of cognates in Indo-European languages are the words night (English), nuit (French), Nacht (German), nacht (Dutch), nicht (Scots), natt (Swedish, Norwegian), nat (Danish), raat (Urdu), nátt (Faroese), nótt (Icelandic), noc (Czech, Slovak, Polish), ночь, noch (Russian), ноќ, noć (Macedonian), нощ, nosht (Bulgarian), ніч, nich (Ukrainian), ноч, noch/noč (Belarusian), noć (Croatian), ноћ/noć (Serbian), νύξ, nyx (Ancient Greek, νύχτα/nyhta in Modern Greek), nox (Latin), nakt- (Sanskrit), natë (Albanian), noche (Spanish), nos (Welsh), nueche (Asturian), noite (Portuguese and Galician), notte (Italian), nit (Catalan), noapte (Romanian), nakts (Latvian) and naktis (Lithuanian), all meaning "night" and derived from the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) *nókʷts, "night".

Sasquatch cognates include: Me, I, you, no, yaw, how, and food.

He summarized with these conclusions:
Due to hours of listening and beyond human abilty to make. The tempo is too fast and the conversation too quick almost twice as fast as humans

Isolated 41 different phonemes combined to make morphemems (syllables). There were emoted sounds of intimidation and negation. Too many grammatical keys to be random.

No deception took place. This guy was trained how to detect the latest Russian deception technology. A faked recording back in 1974 would have been easy to detect.

Exclusively at the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium he handed out hard copies of a formalization of the Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet and a Sample Transcription of the Berry Tape I. Download both documents at the link below.

Cover Letter
Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet (SPA)

Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet
Sample Transcription of BERRY TAPE I

OSS Hermon Joyner of BLC Wins Big

As a final surprise. Under one of the seart was a special prize for
lucky guest recieved the Sasquatch Garden Yeti. Congratulations Hermon.

OSS Dr Meldrum talks Asian Bigfoot

A new documentary coming out next month will include Meldrums work on
the Vietnamese version of Bigfoot

Người Rừngs ("forest man") is a creature said to inhabit Vietnam, reputedly similar to the bigfoot, sometimes also known as "forest people". It is described as being approximately six feet tall and covered with hair except in the knees, the soles of the feet, the hands, and the face. The hair ranges in color from gray to brown to black. The creature walks on two legs and has been reported both solitary and moving in small groups. The creature is most often sighted foraging for food from fruits and leaves to langers and even flying foxes.

Two Người Rừngs were reportedly captured by tribesmen near Dak Lak Province in 1971. In 1974 a North Vietnamese general, Hoang Minh Thao, requested an expedition to find evidence of the creatures, but it was unsuccessful.[1]

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman believes that the Nguoi Rung are a surviving population of Homo erectus or Neanderthal.[2]

Professor Tran Hong Viet is a researcher of Người Rừng who in 1982 claimed to have located a footprint measuring 28x16cm.

Check out the Người Rừng on Bigfoot Lunch Club's International AKA Bigfoot map below.

View AKA Bigfoot World Map in a larger map

OSS Jaime Avalos: Ducks and Tightropes

Jaime Avalos of also mentions sasquatch tracks
often are in line as if walking on an invisible tightrope yet the toes
are pointed outward like a duck.

OSS Jaime Avalos talks about his unique approach

In full field research Gera Jaime Avalos has a unique technique
towards looking for Bigfoot.

Tecniques include:
Sound discipline - he travels alone.
Light discipline - flahlight for emergency only
Movement discipline - patiently waiting for encounters
Blending into environment - dark clothing
No guns
No wood knocking
No call blasting
Submissive behavior

All in all Jaime's approach seems to be FULLY prepared and creating
the best opportunity for Sasquatch to encounter him.

Among other elements, Jaime seems to also take an experimental
approach. Constantly trying different casting formulas and methods to
hide the scent of his food.

OSS Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet Formalized

You can hear a pin drop for the first time at the symposium. As Scott
Nelson reveals formal standard procedures for documenting Bigfoot

He has two documents that will be provided to all guest and we will
repost or add links to these documents before the end of the day.

The silent awe of the crowd here speaks to how momentous this
presentation here.

*** CHECK OUT!!! our update with downloadable documents here!

OSS Scott Nelson a retired naval cryptolinguist reveals Bigfoot language

Using Transcribe! An official transcription software. First and
foremost a lesson on crypto linguistics, a fascinating science. Nelson
explains not only the communication between Sasquatch, but specific
cognates used by them like no, I, and me.

Revealed also are conversational behaviors, like verbal punctiations
used by Sasquatch to indicate when they are finished speaking.

Through isolated audio loops we hear other morpemed that indicate
other cognates like "food."

One loop is a remarkable pigeon, a primitive language syntax, for, "me
watch food, me play food"

OSS Jeff Meldrum Spends a few mins about Gigantopithicas

Due to temporary presentation issues with Jaime Avalos. Dr Meldrum
speaks to some of the comments made about Giganto earlier.

He explains the only reason we do have any fossils of gigantopithicas
is due to scavenger porcupines carrying the bones back to the caves.
If not for them we may not even have the mandibles and teeth as

He continues to explain how plenty of information can be learned just
by having only teeth as evidence. Incisor comparison alone reveals a
diet similar to modern day chimps.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

OSS what's on store for tomorrow

Tomorrow at the Oregon Sasquatch Syposium is the most anticipated by
the Bigfoot Lunch Club.

It's starting with Jaime Avalos of He will
presenting in full gear. His field research process is probably the
most streamlined when compared to most field researchers. He's a one
man traveling science lab.

Then Ron Morehead of the Sierra Sounds fame ( the standard for Bigfoot
audio recording) will be presenting.

Following Moorehead is appropriately Scott Nelson (pictured standing
in the middle). Scott was a linguist for the navy. He will be
revealling some fascinating breakthroughs in bigfoot language
including cognates (words that are the same in multiple languages)

And of course, the grand finale will be Dr. Jeff Meldrum. A professor
and eloquent speaker, Meldrum alone is capable of bringing credibility
to the pursuit of Sasquatch.

Stay tuned fans, as we continue our live blog of the Oregon Sasquatch

In the picture (left to right) is Hermon Joyner, BLC contributer;
Scott Nelson, linguist and discoverer of Bigfoot language; and Guy
Edwards, BLC artist/graphic designer.

See you tomorrow fans!

OSS Dr Meldrum and Jaime Avalos Teach Casting

Using his own footprint Dr Jeff Meldrum Teams up with Jaime Avalos of
to teach casting best practices.

Some tips include prepping the footprint with a high laquer hairspray.

Another tip included NOT use plaster of paris, as it is too chalky.
Today Jaime used magic stone he buys regularly at Michaels Craft store.

The final cast of Dr Meldrums cast will be auctioned off at the Oregon
Sasquatch Symposium.

OSS Kathy Moskowitz Strain

800 yr old Hairymam Pictograph is the topic of Kathy's presentation.

Her focus is the ancient oral traditions regarding Bigfoot. Her belief
we can learn the most from the natives who have had the greatest
opportunity for exposure to Sasquatch.

Consistant beliefs across north America native traditions.

Bigger than humans
Hair covered
Walks upright
Cannabalistic, which draws the conclusion that native Americans felt
that Sasquatch was more human than animal.

Many oral traditions recall huge wars against Tribes of Bigfoot (a
possible reason for smaller modern populations of Bigfoot).

OSS Thom Powell convinced by Leonard Nimoy

As an 8thgrade science teacher, Thom was convinced Bigfoot was pseudo
science. While using "In Search Of" hosted by Leonard Nimoy to
introduce science, or lack there of, to his students.

Upon reviewing the episode he realized the evidence was actually

Thom is one of the first to incorporate habituations, infrasound, and
giving credence to temporary abductions.

More recently his research has been leaning towards the paranormal,
and recommends researchers should not turn away from the more
paranormal aspects.

His presentation also included how to write a Bigfoot book.

He recommends "The Mothman Prophesies" as a good example of where
Bigfoot research should go. Also recommended was, "The Sense of Being
Stated At."

OSS Silverstar close up

Below is the Photo Cliff Barachman used to determine size of
Silverstar sasquatch. Upon doing some math he derived the VISIBLE
hightower to be just above 5 ft. Using Patty as a guide he determine
the Sasquatch to be 7'8" in total.

OSS Cliff Barackman talks about Silverstar Photographs

Randee Chase on Nov 17 2005 saw what he thought was a rock, once the
rock moved he thought it was a man.

It was not until friends pursuaded Randee that it may be a Bigfoot.

Images of the silverstar photos to follow.

OSS David Rodriguez AKA Multiple Encounters

D.Rodriguez AKA Multiple Encounters, has had three major encounters
with Bigfoot. He has been face to face and engaged by Sasquatch.
His topic is Tree Breaks, considered a common tell-tale sign by
bigfooters. A thought-provoking presentation that cautions us to know
how snow loading can also look like tree breaks.

OSS: Bob Gimlin does impromptu talk

Bob Gimlin recalls the first time he heard "Patty," the moniker given
to the bigfoot in famous Patterson/Gimlin film, he was anaware the
community had already given it a name.

He met Patterson as a rodeo peer. Patterson would continually show him
castings and recorded interviews to the unimpressed Gimlin.

It wasn't until Gimlin read Ivan Sanderson's book (provided by
Patterson) when Gimlin's curiousity peaked.

OSS A.Williams Presents a picture of Enochs "brother"

Autumn Williams takes a shot and rendering a Photoshop illustration of
Enoch. Witness Mike says, "Not bad, that could be Enoch's brother."

OSS Autumn Williams: Shoe does not fit

Friday, June 18, 2010

Eugene is Kickin off Sasquatch

Just passed by Toby, Dr. Meldrum and Bob Gimlin. Waiting for Cliff
Barackman. Already hearing buzzes about "best video ever," and "never
seen anything like it!"

There's a lot of old squatchin' freinds bumping into each other.
Although a newbie, I can't help but feel nostalgic amongst these folks.

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