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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Today in Bigfoot History | JAN 17, 1977 | US Marines Ordered to Keep Mum on Bigfoot

In 1977 US marines were ordered not to talk about a Bigfoot-like creature.
 "I haven’t gotten any [Bigfoot] on camera yet," -- Jessica Shively, current wildlife biologist contracted my Quantico Marine Corps Base (2012).

Today, January 17th, in 1977. The Dumfries Virginia Potomac News reported that U.S. Marines were ordered to not to talk about a Bigfoot-like creature. The creature was known as the ASA Monster, leave it to the military to use an acronym to name a cryptid. ASA stands for  Ammunition Storage Area. The ASA happened to be where this hairy bipedal creature was seen the most.

You can read an exerpt from the article below detailing the possible security classification of the monster:

"We called the ASA (Ammunition Storage Area) sergeant of the guard to determine whether there had been any more sightings or sounds in the area but were told that all information regarding the "ASA Monster" is considered 'classified.' When asked why that is so, the guard answered that he was not allow to answer that question either.

He later said that the information is not really 'classified' but everyone at the compound has been ordered not to talk about the monster at all." 
In John Green's Book, "The Apes Among Us," he references the same news article:
The Dumfries Virginia Potomac News on January 17, 1977 published a long article about the sasquatch that contained the statement: "Much had been written about the monster at the ammunition storage area at Quantico Marine Corps Base..." but doesn't say what. There is a reference to one Marine claiming to have seen a brown thing walking on two legs and another reporting something that looked like a cross between an ape and a bear covered with very long hair. Several people had apparently heard loud screaming
We did a little research, curious if therewas still policy of silence regarding Bigfoots at the base. Oddly enough Quantico Marine Corps Base has their very own website and it seems they are more lax about acknowledging Bigfoot visiting the base. In fact, in November 2012, the website reported a story about Jessica Shively, a wildlife biologist contracted by the base through Virginia Tech. Ms. Shively is responsible for setting up camera traps at the base and is aware that she just might catch a Bigfoot.
Shively acknowledged that the cameras have the potential to shed light on another, more longstanding question about Quantico’s wildlife. She said she was aware of the reports of bigfoot sightings on the base going back more than 50 years. "I haven’t gotten any on camera yet," she said.
Click the following link to learn more about the Quantico camera traps.

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