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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

3 New Messin' with Sasquatch Commercials Released

The folks at Carmichael Lynch released three new Jack Link's Messin' with Sasquatch commercials today. The not-so-gentle giant gets up close and personal with jerky lovers everywhere. In a few short years, the campaign has helped take Link's from a distant second to the clear #1 in meat snacks. In fact, Jack Link's now outsells every other snack sold in convenience stores, period. The titles for the three new commercials are All Dolled Up, Coop, and Hose. Watch all three below.

ALL DOLLED UP: Sasquatch No Girl

COOP: Sasquatch Visit Chicken Friends

HOSE: Sasquatch Thirsty

Credit List for Jack Link’s spots:
“All Dolled Up”
“The Coop”

Agency: Carmichael Lynch
Chief Creative Officer: Dave Damman
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Brad Harrison
Senior Copywriters: Tim Blevins and William Bloomfield
Director of Integrated Production: Joe Grundhoefer
Senior Content Producer: Freddie Richards
Content Producer: Tara Mulholland
Director of Business Affairs: Vicki Oachs
Director of Account Management: Andrew Dauska
Account Director: Holly Wheeler  
Account Manager: Sofya Guterman
Account Leader: Andrew Pautz
Senior Project Manager: Elizabeth Charron                                          

Production Company: MJZ
Director: Rocky Morton
Senior Executive Producer: Scott Howard
Producer: Donald Taylor        
Director of Photography: Mattias Rudh

Editing House: HutchCo Technologies
Editor: Jim Hutchins
Asst. Editor: Joaquin Machado
Executive Producer: Jane Hutchins

Post Production/Special Effects: Rabbit Content
Creative Director: Nick Losq
Executive Producer: Joby Barnhart
Producer: Lloyd Dsouza

Music House: Black Iris

Sound Design: Francois Blaignan and Joel Waters

Audio Mix: Lime Studios
Mixer: Joel Waters
Executive Producer: Jessica Locke

Monday, July 23, 2012

Giants Pitcher Brian Wilson Continues to Embrace Sasquatch

Video spoof with Giants Pitcher Brian Wilson interviewed by Jack Link's Sasquatch
Fans as you remember from our earlier post Brian Wilson recently walked the red carpet at the ESPYs with Sasquatch. Looks like he is continuing the co-branding with the big fella on You Tube. 

Along with the video there is still the #AskSquatch hastag for all the twitter users out there. (see the #AskSasquatch tag feed below the video)

Watch below as Sasquatch tries to interview Brian Wilson on Public Cable Access, only to be frustrated by an interruption of phone calls.

#AskSquatch Hashtag Feed

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jack Links Sasquatch Joins Book Club to Appeal to Women

Screen shot of Jack Links new Spot appealing to women
We are back from vacation and found this in our in-box! A new Jack Link's Jerky campaign that targets women. Instead of people "Messin with Sasquatch," Sasquatch finds his way into otherwise domesticated situations, where his tendency to do things on his own terms wreaks more havoc than ever.

According to Carmichael Lynch, the ad agency responsible for the new campaign:
Nearly half of all jerky eaters are female. So how do you target this growing consumer segment? The obvious answer, of course: bring Sasquatch to the ladies. For the first time Jack Link's brand mascot Sasquatch finds himself solely in the company of women. And what better scenario than your average weekday book club. In a new spot from Carmichael Lynch, we say goodbye to crudités and make way for a new finger food, Jack Link's Turkey Jerky. The move from cucumber sandwiches to jerky brings Sasquatch out of the forest and into the well-appointed sitting room. Though as we discover, it may be the perfect snack for an afternoon soiree, but Sasquatch might be better left in the woods.

"Book Club" is one of nine commercials from Jack Link's newest campaign "Snackin' with Sasquatch." The 15-second Rocky Morton-helmed spots maintain all the irreverence that fans of the Effie-winning “Messin’ with Sasquatch” campaign love.
Carmichael Lynch has elevated the brand of Sasquatch and Jerky simultaneously. Thank you Carmichael Lynch for creating a lasting bond between brands and people.Watch the commercials for the new "Snackin' with Sasquatch" campaign Below:






Agency: Carmichael Lynch
Chief Creative Officer: Dave Damman
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Brad Harrison
Senior Copywriters: Tim Blevins and William Bloomfield

Director of Integrated Production: Joe Grundhoefer
Senior Content Producer: Freddie Richards
Account Executive(s): Sofya Guterman
Account Director: Holly Wheeler

Production Company: MJZ
Director: Rocky Morton
Senior Executive Producer: Scott Howard
Producer: Donald Taylor          
Director of Photography: Mattias Rudh
Editing House: HutchCo Technologies
Editor: Jim Hutchins
Asst. Editor: Joaquin Machado
Executive Producer: Jane Hutchins

Post Production/Special Effects: Rabbit Content
Creative Director: Nick Losq
Executive Producer: Joby Barnhart
Producer: Lloyd Dsouza

Music House: Black Iris
Sound Designer: Francois Blaignan and Joel Waters
Audio Mix: Lime Studios
Mixer: Joel Waters

Click the following link to see our entire coverage of the Jack Links Sasquatch

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Giants Pitcher Brian Wilson Brings Bigfoot To ESPY Awards

Brian Wilson is not with just any Sasquatch, the Jack Link's Beef Jerky Sasquatch
You can tweet questions to the Jack Link's Sasquatch with the hashtag #Asksquatch see results below the article. 
July 11, 2012 9:46 PM EDT 
San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson brought Sasquatch along as his date to the ESPYs Wednesday evening, shocking onlookers along the red carpet at the 20th-annual ESPN award ceremony. 
The always entertaining player did it up once again by bringing along some guy (or gal) dressed up as Bigfoot as his plus-one to the awards ceremony. Wilson tweeted about it before gracing the Los Angeles red carpet with their presence: 
"Who is my plus one? He is! @ESPYS‪#brosquatch‬," adding the following message later: "I'm rollin with Squatch all night, tweet me a question you want me to ask him.‪ #AskSquatch‬." 
It is most likely the first time that a yeti has been seen on the red carpet at any awards show, let alone the ESPYs, which can be a tame affair some years.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Jack Link’s Jerky Celebrates National Jerky Day with Sasquatch Art.

A Mosaic made completely of Jack Link's Jerky

Minong, Wis. (June 11, 2012) /PRNewswire/ — Tuesday, June 12, 2012 marks the inaugural National Jerky Day celebrating the rich history, immense popularity and nutritional benefits of dried meat snacks. The fourth highest-grossing sector within the overall salty snack universe, meat snacks — including jerky — outsell other popular salty snacks, including popcorn and pretzels.
“In many ways, jerky is an ideal snack. Naturally packed with protein, jerky will keep you satiated between meals; but since it’s low in fat, calories and carbs, it won’t sabotage a healthy diet,” said Jeff LeFever, director of marketing for Jack Link’s® Beef Jerky, the No. 1 U.S. meat snack brand. “Plus, jerky tastes great. There’s no snack more deserving of its own special day.”
Why National Jerky Day matters:
  • Jerky has a proud heritage. In the U.S., the practice of drying meat dates back to the Native Americans and earliest European settlers who sought highly portable, satiating foods that required no refrigeration.
  • Snacking accounts for more than 25 percent of today’s average caloric intake, so selecting the right snack is key. Quality jerky is actually very lean, and naturally high in protein and low in calories, fat and carbohydrates.
  • Contrary to popular belief, jerky is not just a “guy snack.” Research shows that almost as many women as men snack on jerky.
  • While beef jerky may be more commonly known, Jack Link’s Jerky today offers more than 100 varieties made from premium cuts of beef, turkey, chicken and pork.
A meaty tribute to jerky
To celebrate, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, the No. 1 U.S. meat snack brand, partnered with renowned mosaic artist Jason Mecier to create a one-of-a-kind tribute to jerky. Mecier’s unique artwork will go live on the brand’s Facebook page, on June 12. Additionally, the tribute will be on display at the Rotunda at Mall of America, in Bloomington, Minn. on National Jerky Day.
“I grew up snacking on beef jerky. So, when I heard about National Jerky Day, I jumped at the chance to pay homage to a legendary snack,” said Mecier whose previous creations include a portrait of Jerry Seinfeld crafted with the comedian’s favorite sugary breakfast cereals.
“Jason’s work is truly incredible. He uses popular everyday items to create intricate and detailed masterpieces showcasing the best of pop culture,” said LeFever. “His vision and ‘no rules’ philosophy to art greatly complements Jack Link’s irreverent brand personality.”
Leading up to National Jerky Day, Jack Link’s will unveil a brand new Snackin’ With Sasquatch advertising campaign in honor of the new snacking holiday. The new TV spots find Sasquatch out of his natural surroundings, but still interacting with jerky fans as they snack throughout the day, including in the carpool lane and conference room. Additionally, Jack Link’s will launch the latest in its now iconic Messin’ With Sasquatch campaign, which has infiltrated pop culture and been viewed more than 16.5 million times online. Airing nationally, the campaign again finds an unsuspecting Sasquatch subject to classic jokes and pranks.
JACK LINK’S BEEF JERKY – Feed Your Wild Side
Headquartered in Minong, Wis., Jack Link’s is the No. 1 U.S. meat snack brand and fastest-growing meat snack manufacturer worldwide. The Jack Link’s brand represents a heritage of quality and consumer trust. Well known for its iconic Messin’ With Sasquatch advertising campaign, Jack Link’s offers more than 100 premium meat snack products at retail outlets in more than 40 countries. Check out for more information on the brand.
About Jason Mecier
Mosaic portrait artist Jason Mecier began his life puttering with beans, noodles, yarn, pom poms, felt and other inexpensive craft materials. Today, his portfolio includes unique portraits of Jerry Seinfeld (materials: dry cereal), Condoleeza Rice (materials: rice), Taylor Swift (materials: Good & Plenty candy), Rachael Ray (materials: beans and noodles) and Martha Stewart (materials: veggie platter), among many others. While his artwork may fool the eye, there are no gimmicks, no trick shots, no studio touch ups. His creations are one-of-a-kind handcrafted mosaics that Mecier has created with painstaking care. His portraits have gained international attention and have been featured for many years in national consumer magazines and prestigious galleries. For more information on Jason Mecier, go to

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Messin' With Sasquatch Exclusive

The most recent web-exclusive "Messin' with Sasquatch" video was released today at the Jack Links Web Site. The commercial titled, "Campfire" has all the staples we expect from a Messin' with Saquatch commercial.

Even bigger news, as of the time of this post Bigfoot Lunch Club was exclusively able to obtain an alternative version of Campfire titled "Chairpull" not released on the JackLinks Website.

Without further ado here is Campfire and the alternative version of Campfire, "Chair Pull" respectively.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Messin With Sasquatch Portal.

In case you havn't been to, you should. Any friend of the 'Squatch will enjoy this site.

There are tons of interactive things to play with, with a few giveaways too! We have three thiungs we would like to highlight.

1. GAMES: With titles like, "Smash with Club" and, "Swing Big Stick," we can see the Jack Link's Sasquatch is starting to sound more like Graham Roumieu's version of Bigfoot.

2. SASQUATCH JOURNAL: Definitely a page turner. Here, we gain insight to the Jack Link's Sasquatch complete with baby photos

3. DOWNLOADS: Finally Freebies, some great wallpapers can be downloaded in 3 different sizes (800x600, 1024x768, 1284x1024)

They also have an archive of commercials and web exclusive videos. Go to and enjoy!

Monday, February 11, 2008


By now you probably have seen the "Messin' with Sasquatch" Commercials for Jack Links Beef Jerky. The StarTribune newspaper based in Mineapolis-ST.Paul, Minnesota, reports on the Ad campaign developed by the Minneapolis advertising agency Carmichael Lynch.

By DAVID PHELPS, Star Tribune
Last update: February 8, 2008 - 9:43 PM
Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

OK, it's guy humor. Like when you put shaving cream in the hand of someone who's asleep and then you tickle their nose until they involuntarily move their hand to their face and give themselves a messy shaving cream bath. That kind of humor.
And it sells beef jerky?

It does when the butt of the joke is the legendary and previously elusive Sasquatch -- also known as Bigfoot -- and the perpetrators are 20-something males, and sometimes females, walking through the woods eating Jack Link's Beef Jerky.
An entire advertising campaign for the Wisconsin snack manufacturer has been built around the theme "Messin' with Sasquatch," helping Jack Link's Beef Jerky become the bestselling jerky brand in the United States. The ads have become a hit on the Internet with an almost cult-like following of people who post messages to Sasquatch and make homemade Sasquatch videos.

"We call our demographic 'adventurous spirits,'" said Troy Link, president of the Minong, Wis.-based company. "They're 18 to 49. They like American heritage brands like Bud, Coke, Ford. They're high-energy. They're social and confident people. The role of Sasquatch is to make the advertisement memorable."

And Sasquatch is good for business. Jack Link's jerky and meat products account for 40 percent of a meat snack market that is approaching $3 billion in annual sales. In the two years that Sasquatch has been bellowing at tormentors, Jack Link's sales have jumped 47 percent in a snack category that rose 12 percent overall, according to ACNielsen.

The Sasquatch concept is the brainchild of Minneapolis advertising agency Carmichael Lynch. It was designed to highlight Jack Link's signature line, "Feed your wild side."

Jack Link's television buy is about $10 million with commercials on programming that appeals to a younger demographic, including extreme sports, ESPN, the Speed Channel, Comedy Central and the Discovery Channel. Sasquatch has been a presence at Wild hockey games as well.

Then there's the Internet.
"There is a big viral component on YouTube," said John Colasanti, Carmichael Lynch CEO. "There's been 4 million hits on YouTube. You don't pay for that."

Jack Link's Beef Jerky was founded with a family recipe in 1985 by Troy Link's father, Jack, who is CEO of the company. It now has five manufacturing plants -- two in Wisconsin and one each in South Dakota, New Zealand and Brazil.
The snack meat, including meat nuggets as well as jerky, comes in flavors ranging from pepper to teriyaki.

In recent years meat snacks have gained in popularity as low-carbohydrate, high-protein alternatives to chips and other snacks.

"We had a great product but people didn't know who we were," said Troy Link. "The role of the Sasquatch campaign was to increase brand awareness and preference. It was to make us be known as the cool brand."

Jim Bendt, chairman of the Minnesota chapter of the American Association of Advertising Agencies and president of the Gabriel DeGrood Bendt agency in Minneapolis, said the Sasquatch campaign is a good example of how advertisers and retailers are targeting the "echo boomer" generation -- the children of baby boomers.
"That's who marketers are really interested in, and technology plays a huge role in how you reach them," Bendt said. "Technology is second nature to this group and they like to multitask. They're surfing the Web while they're watching TV. Marketers find them very elusive."

The Sasquatch commercials are designed to be mini-tales about life in the wilderness.
One ad shows two hikers who spot Sasquatch cooking a fish over a campfire. One of them sneaks up behind Sasquatch and loosens the cap on the salt shaker. When Sasquatch goes to season his catch, the entire container of salt spills out. A pained "why me?" expression comes across his face.

In another, two guys in a car going down a road in the woods slow down to offer Sasquatch a ride and, each time Sasquatch reaches for the back-door handle, the car speeds up, as the guys in the car crack up in laughter.

Sasquatch, however, usually has the last laugh, or the last thump. In the hitchhiking spot, Sasquatch finally slams the passenger in the car through the windshield and then climbs into his seat. In other spots, pranksters get swatted by Sasquatch's powerful arms or get hit with a sizable rock.
"The campaign has definitely hit its mark," said Troy Link.
David Phelps • 612-673-7269
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