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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ghost Theory: Todd Standing: Photo Of Sylvanic Bigfoot

Ghost Theory has an awesome update on Todd Standing of Sylvanic Bigfoot Fame. You can see our previous post awarding Todd Standing an academy award.

Todd Standing: Photo Of Sylvanic Bigfoot
Submitted by Javier Ortega on October 23, 2010
...Pictured above, is the latest evidence Mr. Todd Standing presents onto the world. An image of a Bigfoot which he captured in Sylvanic during his 8 days.

From his website:

Todd just returned from an 8 day expedition with incredible Bigfoot documentation. It was a bit of an adventure as he had a confrontation with a Grizzly bear that ended in rescue by RCMP and Search and Rescue after being missing for 3 days. The team and his family are thrilled he made it back safely and he is ecstatic with his new photo and video evidence!

Here is one of the photos where he caught Bigfoot watching him through the bushes~as you can see it was taken in full sunlight with fantastic detail.

More will follow shortly; Todd has just returned a couple of days ago and is recuperating with his family. We can’t wait to see his new video!

For Your Consideration
Sylvanic Bigfoot: Case Closed

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Messy Melodrama of Bigfoot Wars

That's what they are calling it, they are using adjectives like messy and calling reaction melodramatic! From blogs such as Cryptomundo,Ghost Theory and Bigfoot Books. Its a BIGFOOT WAR-ar-ar (cue echo effect). Were not trying to be sensational, but the difference of Bigfoot opinion has been in the forefront of many high-profile Bigfooters. It is a convoluted story and we are not a blog for length. We are more like: get in, feed your Bigfoot news appetite, get out. Yum, yum.

Thankfully someone took the time to explain the whole thing in a little over 10,00 words (10,191 to be exact). At Bigfoot Book's Bigfoot Blog they cover the WHOLE thang. From The Mr. Mike Debacle, CryptoMundo Demise?, BFF Insurrection, Outing the Bigfootery Enquirer, and even Lenny Green's Wildman Songs. We have a nifty machine that takes a whole bunch of words and tries to summarizes them. Below is the result of that. I don't know if it does it justice, but here is a an automated summary Of the post at Bigfoot Books's Blog.

Why all of these Bigfoot Wars??? Can't prove Bigfoot? OVERNIGHT AM, BIGFOOT, AND MR. MIKE: CREATING THE MATRIX OF CONFUSION. Lan Lamphere, the voice said, of Overnight AM radio. First, "Mike"? Was Bigfoot really "FOUND"? “Backyard Bigfoot” Update" the story continues."The Story Continues..." Mr. Mike – Bigfoot – Shocking Story Revealed July 12, 2010 Live. Against BIGFOOT BOOKS themselves.

We wrote this email to Sharon Lee, Bigfoot Field Reporter:

Sharon Lee wrote a piece encouraging Bigfoot folks to "open their minds."The Ghost of Bigfoot and Mr. MikeBigfoot Found in North America?


We actually lose money on Bigfoot, so there!


We swear that was completely automated. We really recommend getting the full context of the great reporting at Bigfoot Books. Plus read Ghost Theory's untangling of the backyard bigfoot.

Bigfoot War pt.2 at Bigfoot Book's Blog
Ghost Theory: Backyard BF: Its getting Messy
Mr Mike melodrama at cryptomundo

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sylvanic Bigfoot Case Closed

David Rodriguez a frequent commentator at Ghost Theory has alerted us to some interesting, if not damaging, evidence regarding Todd Standing of Sylvanic Bigfoot fame.

David Rodriguez points us to We recommend you check it out too. Its extensive, detailed and a little long. We will give you the readers digest version here.

First, in case you havn't read our previous two posts on Sylvanic. Here is the gist as described by Javier Ortega of

Todd Standing has been saying for years that he knows of a secret valley which lies somewhere in the border of the United States and Canada called “Sylvanic”, a name given by the “locals”. In this valley, Mr. Standing claims that he has encountered a group of Bigfoot like creatures and has even filmed some of them during past expeditions.

"One of the first red flags is in the name Slyvanic. Todd’s website said that this is the name the “locals” had given this hidden valley."

syl·van also sil·van (slvn)
adj.[Medieval Latin sylvnus, from Latin Silvnus, god of the woods, from silva, forest.]

Given the fact that Sylvanic is derived from the latin Sylvus, it is suspicious that native people in the United States would have given this valley a Latin name. This is not concrete evidence of Todd being deceitful since many places in the United States do have Latin origins like California. One could say that Todd was confused as to the origin of the name or who exactly had initially named this place.

I then started to see several comments originated from the same computer or network using different name handles and emails. These comments were pro Sylvanic in nature.

Author : Tracey (IP: ,
E-mail : *****
With all the research Standing has done and spent years working on with his team, I would think serious bigfoot believers would understand the immense cost involved. He has never made any money, donating cash to humane societies. It is my guess he needs funds to further research, as sort of indicated on his site.

That aside, getting biologists involved can be so difficult. People always talk the talk but when it’s time to get in action, so many fail to bring it. It is my understanding that this is why Standing has gone to journalists, they can make the discovery VERY public and hopefully hurry along the species protection Standing is trying to gain before revealing their location.

Kudos to Standing, I think he is doing a great job and needs more support and encouragement, not rude comments from derogatory, narrow-minded individuals who have never so much as been in the forest and have no idea what they are talking about.

Author : Louise (IP: ,
E-mail : ****
As the writer writing this NOVEL, I must say there are always skeptics and doubters. I have all of Todd’s information and evidence, much of which has never been released and will not be without species protection. I agree with him that the species would be threatened if he gave out this info.

The problem with evidence, in my opinion, is that for real conclusive and irrefutable evidence you MUST provide a genuine body. Without that, no skeptic, including governments will accept the reality of them. Todd works towards finding a body and until such a time, there will always be those who just don’t believe.

Author : mark (IP: ,
E-mail : ****
I bought both videos a couple of days ago after reading these articles. I think their great. The website explains alot, and i listened to his interview on sasquatch radio from the 28th of dec. the link is here

I hope he finds a body and proves all you nay sayers wrong.

These are just the red Flags uncovered by Ghost Theory. Apparently Todd Standing has a history of inconstancies. These are revealed by a commenter known as MutipleEncounters or ME. You can read ME's post at BFRO you have to scroll halfway down the page) here and read also read ME's further comments at the here.
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