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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Former Pennsylvania Police Officer Says Bigfoot and UFOs are Connected

Fred Saluga of the Fayette County Pennsylvania Bigfoot Research Project (photo:Karl Polacek | Trib Total Media)  

“You get a lot of reports (on Bigfoot and UFOs) from out here in Fayette County...They may be inter-dimensional beings.” --Fred Saluga

Fred Saluga heads the Fayette County Pennsylvania Bigfoot Research Project. While doing a presentation on August 8th 2015, he gained some attention from the local press. You can read an excerpt below where he expands on his suggestion that Bigfoots may not be from this planet.

“They may be inter-dimensional beings,” Saluga said. He pointed to beings that disappear into thin air and Bigfoot trails that last for only a few feet.

Saluga said that there have been many sightings over the years from the Republic area where he grew up. Another hot spot is in the Dunbar area.

According to Saluga, the creatures have been reported for hundreds of years, as early as about 1500 A.D. and from every continent on the planet.

Native Americans called Bigfoot “Sasque” (translated as “Don't know what it is”) or “Sasquatch” to the early settlers in North America.

Some have suggested that the beings are alien transplants, shape shifters or creatures from another dimension. 
You can find out what else Fred Saluga and the  Fayette County Pennsylvania Bigfoot Research Project  has been up to at the links below.

Connellsville group gets earful on Bigfoot

Contact the Fayette County Pennsylvania Bigfoot Research Project at 304-723-8212, go to the group's Facebook page at or email them at

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bigfoot Day Describes Three Types of Bigfoot Enthusiasts

Bigfoot Day in Clearfield speaker Fred Saluga explains his view that there are three groups of Bigfoot enthusiasts.

There was a strong UFO theme at the Bigfoot Day gathering in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. Fred Saluga (pictured above) categorizes Bigfoot enthusiasts into three categories. Below is a snippet from an article by Marcus Schneck of, where you can read how Mr. Saluga categorizes the bigfoot enthusiasts.
Wide-ranging views on Bigfoot converged on Clearfield in northcentral Pennsylvania on Saturday, as about 50 Bigfoot enthusiasts and investigators gathered at the Clearfield Arts Studio Theatre for Bigfoot Day in Clearfield.

Bigfoot enthusiasts fall into one of three camps, the group heard from Fred Saluga, state director of the Mutual UFO Network of West Virginia and director of the West Virginia Mountain State Sasquatch Watch. The first believe that Bigfoot is a "cryptozoological hominid creature." (Cryptozoology is the search for animals that have not been proven to exist. The animals that cryptozoologists search for are often referred to as cryptids. A hominid is a primate mammal that resembles humans and apes, and walks on two legs.)

Saluga said, the second group thinks Bigfoot "dwells in extraterrestrial origin," travels interdimensionally and has UFO or non-Earthly ties. And, the third group believes the Bigfoot types envisioned by the first two groups are two different creatures.

"I think he's a creature from another dimension," he said. "He can come through whenever he wants, and he becomes like us, flesh and blood." For Saluga that explains why Bigfoot is not susceptible to diseases, infections and the like; never has been wounded by people shooting at him; and can simply walk away from or disappear from collisions with vehicles.
You can read the rest of the article at titled "Bigfoot Day in Clearfield draws enthusiasts and investigators with differing theories on Bigfoot"
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