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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WATCH 4 Exclusive Clips from Psych's Bigfoot Episode

Psych episode "Lassie Jerky" is about Bigfoot and stars WWE's The Big Show
Ahh found footage, it has almost become synonymous with Bigfoot entertainment. If you are unfamiliar with found footage, it is a genre of film-making where most of the movie is made by piecing together footage that is usually left behind by the dead protagonist. Think Blair Witch, Cloverfield or Paranormal Activity. Four recent Bigfoot movies are in the found-footage format; The Lost Coast Tapes, Exists, Bigfoot County, and The Woodsman.

The association of found footage and Bigfoot is so pervasive, the newest Bigfoot movie "Stomping Ground" proudly claims it is NOT a found footage movie.

Tonight (3.13.2013) the newest episode of Psyche, Lassie Jerky, decides to carry the torch of the Bigfoot/Found footage genre. Psych is a detective comedy-drama television series. The series stars James Roday as Shawn Spencer, who solves crimes under the guise of being psychic and he is paired with his reluctant partner Gus played by Dulé Hill.

Carlton "Lassie" Lassiter (Timothy Omundson)
Zap2it is an online watching guide for television and movies, they were able to get the scoop on tonight found footage Bigfoot episode from executive producer Steve Franks.
"It's funny because [found-footage] was one of the ideas I had in between Seasons 6 and 7 ... My first thought was, 'Maybe we'll do an episode that's 25 percent found-footage, or to make it a little more difficult we'll do 50 percent' ... and James immediately said, 'I want to write it' and the first thing he says is 'And it's all found-footage.'" laughs Franks.

"James and I had more discussions about how to pull this of than we have with anything," Franks adds. "It's unbelievable that he managed to do it. It's such a tribute and achievement to James and his skill as a filmmaker. He's going to be a tremendous director for the rest of his life, just based on seeing what he pulled off with the found-footage episode."

The episode sees our intrepid SBPD (Santa Barbara Police Dept) gang deep in the woods. What starts out as a hunt for Bigfoot turns serious when Gus makes a startling discovery at the bottom of a ridge. Cue Lassiter and O'Hara to the rescue -- and boy, does Lassiter take a beating in this episode. 

Watch four clips from tonight's episode of Psych below.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

WATCH: The Woodsman, The Fourth "Found Footage" Bigfoot Movie of 2012

Another Found Footage Bigfoot Horror Movie?  Yes. 
Add another film title to the list of Bigfoot "found footage" movies this year; The Lost Coast Tapes, Exist, Bigfoot County, and now an internationally award-winning film The Woodsman

In case you need a refresher on the genre of found footage. Wikipedia does a great job:
Found footage is a genre of film making, especially horror, in which all or a substantial part of a film is presented as discovered film or video recordings, often left behind by missing or dead protagonists. The events on screen are seen through the camera of one or more of the characters involved, who often speaks off screen. Filming may be done by the actors themselves as they recite their lines, and shaky camera work is often employed for realism.
The Woodsman follows, in suit, with footage found from an adventuring TV show host, think Les Straub or Bear Grylls, looking for the Mayan Bigfoot. Although it premiered March 9, 2012, there has not been a DVD release yet as it is still being screened at other venues. After the following description and plot synopsis you can watch the trailer below.
Mauro Bosque (Maurice Ripke – Prison Break, Angel Dog, Doonby) is a true adventurer: he loves adrenaline and extreme sports. Mauro and his producer, Chucho (Julian Guevara – Prison Break, Missionary Man), are about to shoot another episode of their outdoor extreme-reality internet show, “Hombre y Tierra.” This episode has Mauro hiking through some very dense and deep woods in search of some of the world’s most significant and extraordinary caves in the mountains of Belize.

His journey began in January 2007. The reality show consists of Mauro videotaping himself looking for ancient ruins, or traces of long lost Mayan remains. But Mauro never returned from this trip.

What took place in the mountains of Belize has been a mystery until now. The recent findings of Mauro’s lost tapes will reveal the pieces of this unusual unfinished puzzle and settle the truth once and for all.

With Mauro now on his own he quickly becomes lost when the river he planned to follow becomes uncrossable. His journey to find a way across the river leads him directly into the territory of an ancient beast who does not want Mauro encroaching his boundaries. Mauro knows something is now tracking him and as the darkness closes in around him he becomes increasingly wary of who or what is out there waiting.
This is the terrifying story of a man searching for a dream, only to find his greatest nightmare.

The camera was found in a remote part of the San Ignacio Forest in Belize. Covered in dirt and blood and broken beyond repair, it sat on a forestry official’s desk for weeks before being linked to a missing internet personality, Mauro Bosque.

The government of Belize made the decision not to release the disturbing footage found on the camera and memory cards found in Mr. Bosque’s personal effects located nearby. Mauro’s Producers located the footage some time later and somehow managed to have it returned to them. Accusations of bribery abound but to date have not been proven.

What happened to Mauro in the forest during that three day period has remained a mystery until the recent discovery of this footage – footage that was likely stolen from a government office in Belize. This is the terrifying story of a man searching for a dream, only to find a living, breathing nightmare. This is the story of Mr. Bosque’s ill-fated, final adventure. Some things should remain a mystery.

For more info check out the The Woodsman's Facebook Page
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