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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Host, Cliff Barackman, Details His Bluff Creek Solo Adventure

Cliff Barackman looking for signs of Bigfoot

"From the southwest came a large boom, wood on wood, echoing from the valley below. It was distant, but unmistakeable: a huge response to my knock. They were there." -- Cliff Barackman

Fans, it is no secret that we think Cliff Barackman is doing the best field research out there. Some of his best research and findings don't make it to the show Finding Bigfoot, this is completely understandable, after all there are 3 other hosts and only an hour-long show.

Fortunately there is a place where you can get Finding Bigfoot video debriefs and well-written posts by Cliff himself on his blog North American Bigfoot. Below is a short excerpt from his latest post dated (SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2011):

After our first night investigation, Bobo, Ranae, and Matt went back to Willow Creek, leaving me out in the wilds. With me was Craig Flipy, who would be filming my “solo” adventure. I was thankful to have Craig there because he and I work together on a very regular basis. We film our after-episode video debriefs, and have made a number of short webisodes about our forays into the wild. I was also given four nights in the woods to make some good bigfoot TV, as opposed to the three nights originally proposed. A new feature for season two of Finding Bigfoot is that one of us spends some time with only a bigfooty cameraman to try to get a close approach by a bigfoot. The fact that I was given an extra night was good news, as was the fact that I got to do it in Bluff Creek, an area I'm intimately familiar with.

The first night was spent on the old Bluff Creek Road that parallels the creek right above Louse Camp. There have been two sightings on that short section of road over the last three years. Bedding down in the middle of the path seemed like a good way to have a bigfoot stumble over you, so I went for it. I only got quail on my game camera that night. It was still nice to sleep out under the stars.

During my solo investigation, there are lots of scenes of me walking through beautiful meadows. These are located at Laird Meadow, half way up the slope from Louse Camp to Onion Mountain. Laird Meadow is actually a broken chain of meadows that extend on both sides of the road for nearly a mile. Separating these meadow oases are woods, with dense, shrubby undergrowth. Laird Meadow is the site of some interesting footprints found back in October 20 of 1963. A Forest Service timber cruiser named Pat Graves ran across Roger Patterson on October 21, 1963 and told him about some nearby prints that he saw the day before on a logging landing (Roger wrote in his book that the prints were found in 1964, but the original casts had the date etched into their backsides, and clearly stated 1963). I go to Laird whenever I can. There are some excellent meadows for tracking, and there is certainly a ton of food and animals in the area to make it worthy of a look when I'm in the neighborhood.

Read the rest including the paragraph with the wood-knocking quote above at

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend with Cliff Barackman Video

Last year Cliff Barackman went on a Labor Day Bigfooting It was a weekend to remember.

Suddenly, this camping trip had turned into a bigfooting trip. Thank goodness. It felt so awkward! We headed out to Mt. Hood National Forest to see if we could drum up some bigfooty action. -- Cliff Barackman

Fortunately, Craig Flipy video-taped the whole adventure. You may remember Craig and Cliff were both in a an episode of Bob Saget's show, Strange Days.

The embedded video below has some great bigfooting gems provided by Cliff Barackman.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Behind the Scenes with Bob Saget and Craig Flipy

Many of you may have seen the new Bob Saget show called Strange Days, in particular, you may have seen the episode where he went squatchin' with Bigfoot hunters. The episode was aptly titled "Let's go Squatching."

One of the largest break-out personalities was Bigfoot phenom Craig Flipy. And yes, we mean phenom. This young prodigal man has somehow reinvented what sasquatching is all about, incorporating ninjitsu and bushcrafting. We are not joking and neither is he. See the audition tape below.

That video led to this...

Sure Craig is funny, witty, but most of all he is inspiring. After reading Ivan T Sanderson, he buys a moped from an ex-girlfriend and goes on a lone interstate adventure traveling 3000 miles in search of Sasquatch. You can read the whole 9-part adventure starting here

Theres more than one reason to watch for Craig Flipy, as entertaining as he is, he represents the newest generation of squatchers; un-jaded adventurers who's journey towards finding Sasquatch is just as important as the destination.

Learn More About Craig -- The portal to all things Flipy
The 9-part Moped Story -- It will inspire you
Craig's Personal Blog -- Bushwhacking and Bob Saget

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Strange Days, Let's Go Squatching: The Search for Bigfoot 30 Nov, 2010

We were going to be clever and title this post, "Bob Saget X Bigfoot." But decided to go with what the twitterverse calling it.

We are very excited to see A&E's Strange Days with Bob Saget. The "Let's Go Squatching" episode Premiers Today (Tuesday, November 30th) at 7:30 PST on the west coast. If you have Comcast its on Channel 752. If you do not have Comcast, look it up.

The blurb below is provided by A&E's website.

Bob travels to the Pacific Northwest to search for Bigfoot with the BFRO, the Bigfoot Field Research Organization. Along the trip he meets some interesting characters who all have their own Bigfoot experiences, and take Bob into the wilderness so he can hopefully have his own. Bob tags along on search expeditions in the deep woods in the middle of the night with all the latest hi-tech equipment and night-vision technology. The woods are full of characters on a weekend like this one.

The picture above features Craig Flipy, Bob Saget, and holding the "Samurai Sword" is James "Bobo" Fay. How Bobo got that sword is actually explained here

You can get the inside scoop from the folks that were there with Bob Saget.

Cliff Barackman's Blog
Craig Flipy's Crappy Little Dreams

You can also check out A&E's promotional website for Strange Days here.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Squatchin' with Cliff and Craig

Clearly seen, circled in red, are two of the best guy's to go squatchin' with.
You know Cliff from NorthAmericanBigfoot and Craig from CrappyLittleDreams, but to be honest, until you spend a weekend squatchin' with them, you don't really know them.

Between Cliff's encyclopedic Bigfoot knowledge and Craig's survivalist skills it was the perfect formula for our greenhorn artist Guy Edwards to understand what field research can entail. Guy left us as a poser, and came back to us a bonafide field researcher.

That was the beauty of Cliff's message, anybody can do field research, and he encourages everybody to do so. Bring the 10 essentials, your camping gear (tent, tarp, matt, sleeping bag)and anything you can use to document your findings (a camera, measuring tape, and casting material). If you need to buy some of these essentials, you can use this REI Coupon Code here to help you save.

On the two full days we spent with Cliff we followed a similar pattern. First find a perching spot with steep access, overlooking a narrow valley. Then check out the valley floor for prints during the day and try some calls at night.
The perching spot seems to have multiple advantages. The first is from the perspective of Bigfoot. A perch allows Bigfoot a clear view of the valley floor to watch all the fauna (food) criss cross on the multiple trails below. Another advantage is the acoustics. Due to the nature of being on one side of a narrow valley, there is almost always a facing wall on the other side. Especially If the facing wall is concave its like an amphitheater and all the sounds will bounce back to you. Cliff explains it the video below.

We hike down from the steep perch, which its easier than it looks, unless your trying to keep pace with Cliff Barackman, who happens to be half gazelle or mountain goat. When he says, "If you want to see Bigfoot, you have to be Bigfoot," he is serious.

The goal is to get straight to the waterway, and then follow it up or downstream. Bigfoot have soft padded feet and the best chances for a print is going to be right at the edge of a stream with the wet sedimentary mud.

We noticed Cliff cataloged every significant clean print he found, mostly bear and cat. Although we did see plenty of deer track. With a digital camera and a retractable measuring tape he took multiple shots of each print.

Before dark we work our way back to camp, which was always uphill and, as you would expect, more challenging.

Theres enough time to prepare food and eat before we get back to squatchin'. A campfire and a dutch oven of boiled potatoes fed the crew the first night. Due to the greater exposure of our second camp, we went without campfire, the second night. Thermal underwear would have been handy.

Darkness finally falls and the audio recorder turns on. We begin with a little wood knocking, to get their attention and peak curiosity, then it switches to trying out a few calls. With a couple of "Bah-whoops!" we wait. The time between each knock and each call varied, although after each call we waited at least 20 minutes for a response.

We didn't get a whole lot of "action" either night, but Bigfoot Field Research seems very similar to fishing. Any fisher man will tell you why its called "fishing" and not "catching".

1. Bears do sh*t in the woods--often
2. Around a campfire, cougar stories are way scarier than ghost stories
3. Cliff Barackman can traverse 50 yards of any type of terrain, deep brush, river, river bed, cliff face, swamp in the blink of an eye.

Cliff's Blog NorthAmericanBigfoot
Craig Flipy's Crappy Little Dreams

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bigfoot Fans, Now for Something Completely Different

Monty Python is often credited as blending the absurdly random with the brilliant, all at once. Imagine if they had also loved Bigfoot. Enter Craig Flipy.

Oh you may remember him from the best bigfoot short film on You Tube, The Legend of Beerfoot. To this day it is one of our most popular posts.

Craig has been busy since those days. At Craig has neatly tied together his YouTube channel, a story about looking for bigfoot on a moped, and a new blog; effectively creating a portal to his media empire--if not his mind.

If you need a reason to get lost in the mind of Craig Flipy just read the opening line to his bigfoot search by moped story:

Reading a story about someone who went looking for bigfoot means that you don’t have to skip to the end to find out what happened.--Craig Flipy

Craig Flipy, BLC salutes you! And for the first time in Bigfoot Lunch Club history will will finish a post with a single picture after the Related Links Section, Because we know Craig Flipy would love the idea to be a part of Bigfoot Lunch Club history. But first, of course...

Craig Flipy's YouTube Channel
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