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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Countdown to Oregon Sasquatch Symposium: T-Minus 5 Days

All week we are celebrating and counting down to the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium

From the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium website:

Join us in the beautiful and cozy Willamette Valley this weekend as we kick off the first annual "OSS" Oregon Sasquatch Symposium in Eugene, Oregon. This event will be held at Lane Community College in the Forum Hall. Seating is limited, and tickets are sure to go fast once they are released.

The event was originally formed to unite Oregon researchers within the same venue to share information about what they have going on, basically in their own backyard. The Sasquatch phenomena is, of course, not only an Oregon experience, but given the history of this beautifully forested state, our Sasquatch is as much a part of our culture as the Douglas Fir trees that surround it.

The 19th of June will be a day when long-term witnesses and enthusiasts share their personal Sasquatch encounters at the OSS.

The 20th of June will be the day expert testimony takes front and center stage . Although not every attendee will be from our own Oregon backyard, we are still delighted to invite them into the shadows of our majestic forests. So far, all is looking fantastic as to the forecast for the 20th lineup. Maybe it is our little known saying that has got everyone so on board. "Oregon, will treat ya so many ways, your bound to love one of em"!


Autumn Williams | From

Cliff Barackman | From

David Rodriguez | A 52 yr old Oregon resident who has had a number of encounters with sasquatch over the last 32 years of his life. he has a great PDF article on Tree Breaks here.

Thom Powell | Authored "The Locals" a book about Sasquatch research

Kathy Strain | Anthropolgist who wrote "Giants, Cannibals & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture and treasurer of

Sali Shepard-Wolford | Author of "Valley Of The Skookum"

Dr. Jeff Meldrum | Author of "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science"

Ron Morehead | Recorded The Sierra Sounds Volume #1 "Bigfoot Recordings"

Scott Nelson | Translated the Sierra Sounds and found a Bigfoot language

Esther Stutzman | A Turtle Island Story teller of the Kalapuya people.

Scheduled Special Guest Appearance Bob Gimlin | A man who needs no introduction. The Bob Gimlin of the Patterson-Gimlin film

What are you waiting for? Go get your tickets now!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Skeptics" Late to Debunking Bigfoot

Today SkepticBlog wrote a post about a video they received a link to. They thought they would make fun of it and call themselves skeptics.

Didn't Autumn Williams already debunk this a month ago? Yes she did. Thankfully those "skeptics" did their research. No body minds them helping us out to filter the real deal, but we think some credit would be nice. Lets go to the ScepticBlog first and we will get back to Autumn Williams in a sec.

SkepticBlog is a collaboration among some of the most recognized names in promoting science, critical thinking, and skepticism. It also features the cast and producers of The Skeptologists, a pilot skeptical reality show.

The gist is they get this youtube video link and the guy, Johnny Walker, says he wants the video to get into the right hands.

And they spend more time making fun of it then doing any actual investigating.

Maybe it is a Bigfoot. Maybe it’s a guy in a suit, one that flares out bellbottom style, like my own cheap-ass gorilla suit does. Maybe it’s an autonomous robot in a suit. Maybe it’s a Bigfoot in a Bigfoot suit. Maybe it’s an example of high-end composite work combined with low-end 3D modeling, all rendered on Renderman.

The fact is that we can’t really know or conclude much of anything about this video, and the million others like it. We can’t prove it’s a fake any more than we can prove it’s a real Bigfoot. What it is is crappy evidence. It’s not testable. It’s fun, and it’s interesting, but its value as evidence is zero. Its value as an anecdote is that it suggests a direction for research. So to all who feel motivated: Grab your 3CCD cameras and head on up to Greenhorn, Oregon. A bellbottomed Bigfoot might be waiting for you.--Brian Dunning, Skepticblog

Autumn Williams had a different approach, she dug a little deeper:
I’m not sure what to say here. No offense intended if you’re trying to be serious (it sure sounded that way?), but the hair is obviously synthetic, the face appears to be a poor reconstruction of a “planet of the apes” theme, the makeup pitiful, the movements awkward, the staging is obvious, subtle references to the Patterson film are rather amusing… and I’d have to say, if it’s not an attempt at a hoax on your part, you’ve been hoaxed. Somehow, though, I find it difficult to believe that you could follow something for that long and NOT know it was someone in a stovepipe-legged, poorly-made suit. I didn’t even need to pause the footage to tell that...

...Finally, asking people for “offers” and having “james randi” in your tags in your youtube account is a dead giveaway that you’re looking for money. I’m sorry, but ol’ Jim won’t buy it, and I doubt anyone else will either.

Kudos for Autumn Williams to debunking this way before the "skeptics", and actually discerning motive. Maybe she should be in their new pilot TV show. If you want to see how a hoaxer with video gets debunked by a professional check out Autumn Williams post at

Autumn Williams at
Oh yeah JohnnyWalker's Youtube Page

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Who is Autumn Williams?

Autumn Williams is a Bigfooter. She has a Website, a Blog and a YouTube Channel. She has been researching Bigfoot all her life, ever since an encounter at the age of two-and-a-half. An encounter shared with her mother.

On her sight she has one of the best (and oldest) sightings database on the web. She collects sightings from several sources; BFRO, International Bigfoot Society, various publications and even reports submitted directly to her through her website. She even includes hyper-links to the source websites when possible.

She has recently been posting some real gems on her blog ( Her writing is light and casual and filled with detail and insight you could only gain from a veteran with seasoned experience.

She was recently interviewed on Night Callers web radio. Its the best dose of Autumn Willams a person can get, she divulges several pearls of Bigfoot wisdom.

On her Youtube channel ( you get to actually meet her, she has trailer to her DVD, and a several video blog clips. You can watch the trailer at the end of this post.

Finally everybody here at Bigfoot Lunch Club are big fans of Autumn, we appreciate her novel approach to Bigfoot Research. We love her main philosophy; try to gain a rapport, a relationship with the Sasquatch. An interaction with Bigfoot must on the creatures' own terms. genius.

We salute you Autumn Williams.

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