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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tonight Finding Bigfoot Looks For Ghosts

Dana Matthews and Greg Newkirk

"For the last few years, we’ve been convinced that Bigfoot is a ghost. We realize how it sounds, but trust us, there’s a compelling case for the supernatural squatch." --Greg Newkirk; Planet Weird 

In an official press release Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot announced they are going into the paranormal aspects of bigfoot research:
The Search for Sasquatch Returns to Animal Planet with Two-Hour Premiere Thursday, March 31, at 9 PM ET/PT

(Silver Spring, Md.) – A man, a myth, a legend? Animal Planet’s FINDING BIGFOOT investigates new theories and never-before-squatched locations as the bigfoot team, Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) president Matt Moneymaker, researchers James “Bobo” Fay and Cliff Barackman and skeptical scientist Ranae Holland, return with explorations so big they have to recruit family, friends and others to join the search parties. All-new episodes of FINDING BIGFOOT return to Animal Planet beginning with a two-hour special on Thursday, March 31, at 9 PM ET/PT.

In the March 31 premiere “Supernatural Bigfoot,” the bigfoot team heads to North California to meet up with another group of bigfooters – the Supernatural Bigfoot Group – which believe the only explanation for the lack of physical evidence is that bigfoot must be beyond this world.
The supernatural group consist of Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews. For you long-time readers you will remember Greg Newkirk was on our radar over 5 years ago when we first covered his online zine Who Forted?, an excellent zine with great writing and interesting articles. Their college-level humor was a refreshing take on all things paranormal.

Looks like Mr. Newkirk has taken a more serious approach to Fortean phenomena with a two new websites; Planet Wierd, a website chronically his adventures with Dana Matthews and a weekly aggregation website of paranormal news at

You may also remember Mr. Newkirk for his Bigfoot documentary The Bigfoot Hunter Still Searching, and our review here.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Finding Bigfoot Premieres Ninth Season JAN 3 2016

Get Ready to Believe
The Finding Bigfoot teams for a brand new season of 'squatch hunting in a two-hour premiere, Sunday, Jan. 3 at 9/8c!

Animal planet is alreading promoting the next season of Finding Bigfoot with a video titled Get Ready to Believe. Watch the video below as well as the press release with details of the next season's episodes.


Season Premiere Determines Which is the Better Habitat for Bigfoot: The American or Canadian Bush?

(Silver Spring, Md.) -The natural world is full of discoveries to be made and truths to be uncovered. However, there is one legendary animal mystery that sparks passion unlike any other: the existence of Bigfoot. Animal Planet’s intrepid FINDING BIGFOOT team travels to the corners of the globe in hopes to, once and for all, prove that the elusive bigfoot (aka sasquatch) is out there.

The new season of FINDING BIGFOOT premieres Sunday, January 3, from 9-11 PM (ET/PT), as Animal Planet’s curious crypto-zoological team sets foot in new locations with modern technologies to progress the search. And in the two-hour premiere, Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) president Matt Moneymaker, researchers James “Bobo” Fay and Cliff Barackman and field biologist Ranae Holland split up to determine the better sasquatch habitat: the American or Canadian wilderness. While the countries share a border, they boast different landscapes, so Cliff and Matt investigate the Canadian bush while Bobo and Ranae scour their home turf for evidence.

This season, the team investigates the following states:

· Maine, Sunday, January 10, at 10 PM: A cornucopia of bigfoot artifacts exists in the Pine Tree State, so the team takes its first trip to Maine and heads deep into the woods to learn more within this east-coast squatching haven.

· New Hampshire, Sunday, January 17, at 10 PM: In picturesque Mount Washington, concerned resort owners reach out to the team with a slew of reported sasquatch sightings gathered throughout many years.

· Georgia, Sunday, January 24, at 10 PM: Military bases are some of the country’s most protected and secluded areas. In a top-secret sasquatch investigation, the team goes into full stealth mode and utilize tips from military members to investigate forests just off base.

· Oregon, Sunday, January 31, at 10 PM: The team has been to Cliff’s home state before, but they never have explored beyond Cliff’s usual spots. The team takes a helicopter trip deep into the Oregon wilderness to one of the most remote locations in the show’s history. And, for the first time, the team employs drones with infrared cameras.

FINDING BIGFOOT is produced for Animal Planet by Ping Pong Productions. Brad Kuhlman and Casey Brumels are executive producers for Ping Pong Productions. Keith Hoffman is executive producer and Sarah Russell is producer for Animal Planet.
Watch the 10 best Finding Bigfoot clips of 2015

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Finding Bigfoot's Top Ten Video Clips of 2015

Animal Planet picks Finding Bigfoot's Top 10 Clips of 2015

Animal Planet has picked the top ten video clips of Finding Bigfoot from 2015. Check out the picks below and let us know if you agree.

While in Florida, video evidence of a supposed Bigfoot was shared with the team, so they head to the area where it was filmed. While there, the witness describes the scene, which included dead and injured pigs everywhere.

An eye-witness describes how big the Bigfoot she encountered was and her description is chilling.

The team heads to Brazil and meets with Dr. David Oren, who is one of the only researchers known to study the mapinguari, the Amazonian equivalent of Bigfoot.

While out with the Shaman, Ranae makes a few calls to the Mapiguari - and gets a warning.

The team puts on skunk oil and breaks up to travel areas in Myakka Park. While out, each team separately hears knocks, leading them to believe they've found a great area.

Cliff, Ranae, and Bobo travel to meet with Ben Dupont, a local witness who says he has seen a female Caddo-Critter. Ben's testimony provides the team with an excellent account of Bigfoots in the area.

For the final night investigation, the team takes advantage of the acoustics in the Ozarks and recruit the skills of Shoji Tabuchi, a legendary fiddle play in Branson, MO,, to see if they can lure out a Bigfoot.

Out on the final night investigation with Jeff Stewart, the team tries several different calls to attract Sasquatches.

Cliff, Ranae, and Matt meet with a local witness whose encounter with a bigfoot has made him a true believer.

The team travel to upstate New York where they get a history lesson from Paul Bartholomew about Bigfoot incidents in the area in order to understand more current sightings.

You can also click the following link to watch these top 10 Finding Bigfoot videos of 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Local Minnesota Paper Talks about Finding Bigfoot Visit

“Then in the morning I started checking them out. And I couldn’t believe my eyes! The tracks had come up from across the lake..."--Lyle Enger, owner of Maple Ridge Resort in Bigfork,

Tonight's episode of Finding Bigfoot visits Minnesota to examine photos of unusually large footprints taken by the manager of a rural resort, so they set up a home base in a nearby cabin and install surveillance cameras.

A local newspaper, The Herald Review, recalls the visit:

It all started last winter, when the owner of Maple Ridge Resort in Bigfork, Lyle Enger, heard noises outside at the resort. He let the dogs out, but they came right back in, looking spooked. So Enger went outside to investigate, armed only with a flashlight.
The paper continues the description of what happened the next day:

“Then in the morning I started checking them out. And I couldn’t believe my eyes! The tracks had come up from across the lake, up the bank around one of the cabins, and onto the driveway and across the park at the resort,” said Enger. “They were pretty consistent at about eight feet apart. And the first print that was off the edge of the driveway was a perfect footprint. I couldn’t believe it.”

After telling a friend about what he had seen, he contacted Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO). From there he was contacted by a representative of “Finding Bigfoot” to let him know that they would be coming to northern Minnesota because of his testimony.

The crew shot footage for a little over a week at and around Maple Ridge Resort last July. And on Sunday, Jan. 18, at 9 p.m., the episode featuring Enger and his resort will premiere on Animal Planet. The episode is entitled “Bigfoot Basecamp.”

Click the following link to read the entire Herald Review article titled, "Animal Planet series to feature Bigfork resort"

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Scientific American: Dear Animal Planet, Learn The Difference Between Real and Fake Monsters

Don't call them River Monsters! They have feelings!

I love good skeptics, I hate lazy ones. When I say this I always cite my favorites. Sharon Hill of Doubtful News and a Huffington Post contributor and Brian Dunning of Skeptoid. Most others reach for the low hanging fruit or are just contrarians. These last two category of skeptics, the fruit-pickers and the contrarians, are unimpressive. Yes, this assumes I am worthy of being impressed, and truth be known, I can't think of a better person I would like to spend time impressing than myself. 

back to lazy skeptics, more specifically Kyle Hill (pictured left), a science writer who specializes in finding the secret science in your favorite fandom. Hill has also contributed to Wired, Nature Education, Popular Science, and io9. At least that what is says on his bio for Scientific American. Today he wrote an open letter to Animal Planet asking them not to blur the lines between real and fake using shows like River Monsters, Finding Bigfoot, and  Mermaids: The New Evidence as an examples that create an uphill battle for serious science educators. Boo hoo. Science is a method, teach the method and let people educate themselves.

The gist of his argument is real fish should not be called "monsters" and mythical creatures should not be considered real. We agree, leprechauns and unicorns should not be considered real--oh wait, he's putting Bigfoot/Sasquatch into this mythical category. Read for yourself below as he tries to protect the reputation of fish and uses the same knee-jerk arguments against the Bigfoot evidence.

I don’t want to see a legion of fisherman descend on the Congo or Amazon rivers to wipe out tiger fish, or any other animal, out of misplaced fear. Each time River Monsters decides to characterize a fish as a “flesh ripping chainsaw mauling atomic assassin,” the possibility grows. Don’t turn magnificent creatures into mythological horrors.

And don’t turn mythological horrors into real creatures.

I’m afraid I can’t speak highly of your track record when it comes to presenting evidence-based programming, considering that Finding Bigfoot never finds, and won’t ever find, Bigfoot. But never has it been worse than with Mermaids: The Body Found and the upcoming Mermaids: The New Evidence.

Cryptozoology persists precisely because there is no evidence for these creatures. If we actually found Bigfoot or mermaids, they would be studied, cataloged, and brought into the wide swath of biological knowledge. Bigfoot does not exist because there would be evidence left behind—hair, feces, bones, kills, offspring, a carcass—if it did. Considering how many expeditions have attempted to find this evidence and have come up short, in spite of the Bigfoot hunters who claim these creatures number in the thousands, we can effectively rule Bigfoot out. Admittedly, it’s hard to criticize the search for mermaids in the same way. We only recently captured the fabled giant squid on camera. But the difference between these sea monsters is that the squid, prowling the depths off Japan, leaves evidence behind (beaks, tentacles, whole carcasses).
Funny how footprints and casts never make the list of missing evidence. And there have been potential hair and feces samples that are currently being investigated by Bryan Sykes of the University of Oxford. I also think it is crazy that people assume a population of thousands should be easy to find. We have downed airplanes that we can't find in the wilderness, and those had trajectories to give us clues!

Finally, these are TV shows not documentaries. Anybody who's research stops at a TV show bracketed by commercials and ads is not someone you should care to persuade anyway. Let Animal Planet entertain, because I think people are smarter than Kyle Hill gives them credit for.

Click the following link to read Kyle Hill's open letter to Animal Planet 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Animal Planet Staff Weighs In on Bigfoot's Existence

Hilary Tholen, Associate Producer for Finding Bigfoot
A creative director, producer, associate producer, executive producers, and a publicist from Animal Planet all weigh in on whether or not they think Bigfoot exist. Watch as the crew behind the scenes of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot weigh in in this video provided by Yahoo! news.

SRC: Yahoo! News

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Season 2 Video Previews

The highlight of tonight's Animal Planet Season 2 Premier of Finding Bigfoot will be the investigation of the New York baby Bigfoot. The footage was shot in 1996 by Doug Pridgen. As you can see in the video below, it appears to show a small creature swinging from branch to branch. An escaped primate or baby Bigfoot?

The rest of the videos below are previews from tonight's (01/01/2012) episode titled "Baby Bigfoot"

Finding Bigfoot: Hunting for Baby Bigfoot
The Finding Bigfoot team believes a baby bigfoot may have been captured on camera in the New York area, so they head out to investigate. Are the knocks they hear in the woods evidence of a sasquatch?

Finding Bigfoot: Baboon Helps Find Bigfoot
A noisy baboon is brought out to help "arouse the interest of a curious Bigfoot." The team eventually hears mysterious howling in the woods. Is a Sasquatch at the source?

Finding Bigfoot: Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting
The Finding Bigfoot team heads to a small Quaker village in New York to investigate Sasquatch activity. Several community members come forward to recount stories of local bigfoot sightings.

Finding Bigfoot: New York Bigfoot Encounter
A man recounts the story of a possible bigfoot encounter that occurred in the Catskill Mountains, less than one hour outside of New York City!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Producer Considers Sylvanic/Todd Standing Claims "Credible"

This is a surprise to us. Executive producer Keith Hoffman specifically addresses Todd Standing's Sylvanic Bigfoot photos and says, "Many claims sent in are rejected but not those of Sylvanic."

He continues to say, “We haven’t ruled out their claims..."

We have to take this with a grain of salt, because a TV network's producer is not going to reveal the entire conclusion of an episode in a newspaper article. After all the man is a genius as the overseer of Animal Planet's "Surprisingly Human" Brand, which brought us Finding Bigfoot.

Mr. Hoffman, if you would like to email us ( and expand your thoughts of the Sylvanic Bigfoot, we extend the invitation.

Read the full article below:

Banff-area Bigfoot reports ‘credible’: Animal Planet show
Published: September 15, 2011 5:54 a.m.
Last modified: September 15, 2011 8:58 a.m.

Reports of hairy encounters with Bigfoot-like creatures in the Banff area are on the rise.

Earlier this month, crews from Discovery’s Animal Planet show, Finding Bigfoot, visited the mountainous region after seeing photos and video from the Sylvanic group claiming a colony of unidentified primates lives near the border between Banff and Kootenay National Park.

The show features a group of four seasoned members from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Executive producer Keith Hoffman said many claims sent in are rejected but not those of Sylvanic, a group seeking definitive proof of the Bigfoot species.

“We haven’t ruled out their claims, if we didn’t think they were credible we wouldn’t have gone,” Hoffman said. “What we found was that numerous other people have had encounters ... they were called together in a town hall meeting.”

Sylvanic head Todd Standing said he expected the researchers would find people with sightings similar to his, noting he has come within about 65 metres of the creatures.

“Some of the sightings are four years old ... to go through them all would be a lifetime’s work,” he said.

Hoffman could not give a definitive answer on whether Bigfoots actually live near Banff, but encouraged people to follow along with the show and submit their own encounter claims.
Finding Bigfoot premieres Oct. 15.

SRC: Metro Calgary

Monday, May 30, 2011

Cliff Barackman Finding Bigfoot: Georgia Episode

As you know tonight at 11:00pm e/p will be the sneak preview of Animal Planets Finding Bigfoot

This is a friendly reminder that after the show you can tune it to see what Cliff Barackman has to say about each Finding Bigfoot episode on his site

The animal Planet Episode Guide describes tonight's episode as:
Famed Bigfoot investigator Matt Moneymaker and his team of Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) experts travel to the forests of northern Georgia to examine footage of what could be a Bigfoot running across the road.

Below are three video clips from the the Finding Bigfoot Georgia Episode that can also be found on the Cliff Barackman website.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Special Preview Episode of Finding Bigfoot May 30th

Looks like Animal Planet and the rest of the folks at the Discovery Networks are serious about their new series Finding Bigfoot.

If you have been following our Finding Bigfoot Posts, you know the series is about The four-person team goes to locations of alleged Sasquatch sightings to investigate with reconstructions and the latest technology to determine whether they were real or not. The team is made up of a former roadie, the BFRO president, a skeptical scientist, and a science teacher.

The Team (left to right): James "Bobo" Fay (the Roadie), Matt Moneymaker (BFRO President), Ranae Holland (skeptical scientist), Cliff Barackman (a Science Teacher).

The official series begins on June 5th, but they are providing a special preview a week early and they are running it right after River Monsters, Animal Planets biggest ratings hit.

This bodes well for Finding Bigfoot and shows a vote of confidence that Animal Planet thinks they have a hit!

Theres a YouTube video out that has the 30-second spot for the Special Preview Episode below.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Promo Teaser on Animal Planet

Oooweee! The twitterverse has been lit up with reports of a new commercial for a TV show titled Finding Bigfoot.

For those of you who do not know, Finding Bigfoot is an effort to end the 100-year old search for the mythical creature, Animal Planet is joining forces with Bigfoot researchers on a new series Finding Bigfoot. You can catch up with our Finding Bigfoot coverage.

Starting as early as last Sunday, we saw tweets about the new promo. With diligence we set our channel to Animal Planet and waited---and waited.

This task was not so tough, because we come from the age before iPods and MP3's. Back in the day (1983), if you wanted to get a recording of your favorite musical single, you waited until the weekend and listened to Casey Kasem countdown the top 100 hits until the "Ewok Celebration" song (AKA "yub nub" #60 on the top 100 chart). If you could have the presence of mind to stop doing the "Chief Chirpa" and hit record, you would have the soundtrack for your entire third grade year.

This task was no different, if we waited long enough we knew we get some great stills from the promo. Check 'em out below. Not much is revealed in the 30-second spot, lots reactions to noises heard in the dark. But you definitely get the sense they traveled through multiple terrains in search of Bigfoot.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Animal Planet Finds Bigfoot June 5th

Two sources bring to our attention the official release date of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot

Looking to end the 100-year old search for the mythical creature, Animal Planet is joining forces with Bigfoot researchers on a new series Finding Bigfoot.

As highlighted in Animal Planet’s upfront presentation and airing on June 5 at 9 pm (ET/PT), the Ping Pong Productions six-part series follows a team of Bigfoot researchers in their cross-country expedition to locate the beast.

The four-person team from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) goes to locations of alleged Sasquatch sightings to investigate with reconstructions and the latest technology to determine whether they were real or not.

The BFRO team is made up of a former roadie, a science teacher, the BFRO president and a skeptical scientist.

Keith Hoffman is the executive producer for Animal Planet, Brad Kuhlman and Casey Brumels are the executive producers for Ping Pong Productions and Marc Etkind is VP of development for Animal Planet

Animal Planet has set a premiere date for "Finding Bigfoot," its new hourlong skein devoted to hunting down the much-mythologized critter over the course of six episodes. The show will premiere Sunday, June 5 at 9 p.m.

Show follows a four-person team from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, which exists, as they search for the Sasquatch in forests across the country where sightings have been reported: North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.

“The main mission of the BFRO is to resolve the mystery surrounding this great American phenomenon,” said org co-founder Matt Moneymaker. “I can’t think of a better way to do that than by going on location and visiting each reported Sasquatch sighting.”


-- New Six-Part Series Follows the Sleuths of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization As They Traverse the Country in Search of the Legendary Beast --

(Silver Spring, MD, May 4, 2011) - For hundreds of years, Americans in nearly every state have claimed they've spotted the mysterious and unexplainable creature known as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. However, no one has proven that this pedaled creature - reportedly standing more than seven-feet tall and covered from head to toe in dark hair - actually exists. And as the myth grows, so does the passion for validating its existence once and for all!

Beginning Sunday, June 5, at 10 PM (ET/PT), Animal Planet joins the quest with FINDING BIGFOOT. In each hour-long episode of the six-part series, cameras follow a team of Bigfoot researchers in a cross-country expedition to dissolve the myth and locate the elusive beast.

A four-person team from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) - the leading scientific research organization exploring the Bigfoot/Sasquatch mystery - investigates supposed Sasquatch sightings by interviewing locals, examining evidence and infiltrating the woodlands and forests in places where Bigfoot has been reported, including Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. In each state, the team listens to harrowing tales of run-ins with Bigfoot before generating reconstructions of the encounters to judge their plausibility or dismiss them as hoaxes. Then, outfitted with the latest technology, including night-vision and infrared cameras, the team sets out on exhilarating and eerie investigations where any broken branch or peculiar noise could mean a Sasquatch is lurking nearby.

The BFRO Team is comprised of a former roadie (Bobo), a science teacher (Cliff), the BFRO president (Matt) and a skeptical scientist (Ranae); each teammate has varying experiences with Bigfoot and differing beliefs about the existence of this enigma. What binds them together, however, is their longing to understand the creature, passion for proving its existence and willingness to stop at nothing to finally track down Bigfoot. In the end, will they verify the presence of Bigfoot and convert skeptics, or will this obscure American legend elude them too?

"The main mission of the BFRO is to resolve the mystery surrounding this great American phenomenon," says Matt Moneymaker, co-founder of BRFO. "I can't think of a better way to do that than by going on location and visiting each reported Sasquatch sighting."

FINDING BIGFOOT is produced for Animal Planet by Ping Pong Productions. Keith Hoffman is the executive producer for Animal Planet. Brad Kuhlman and Casey Brumels are the executive producers for Ping Pong Productions. Marc Etkind is Vice President of development for Animal Planet.

Animal Planet Media

Real Screen: Animal Planet searching for Bigfoot
Variety: Bigfoot found! (Maybe)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finding Bigfoot: Official Title of New Animal Planet Series

The official title of Animal Planet's newest Sasquatch series has been announced: Finding Bigfoot.

Here are some of the descriptions around the net.

C21 Media (
"Finding Bigfoot, a new entry that follows the efforts of a small but eccentric team of researchers on the hunt for the elusive creature."

RealScreen (
"Finding Bigfoot looks at four eccentric but passionate members of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization as they hunt for the Sasquatch."

xfinity tv (
"“Finding Bigfoot”: This show follows a group of intrepid Sasquatch trackers in the Pacific Northwest who have made it their mission to find this elusive creature. Hey, this sounds like kind of a stretch for Animal Planet because no one knows if (a) Bigfoot is human, (b) Bigfoot is an animal or (c) if it even exists (which is doubtful). Next thing you know, Animal Planet will make a show about mermaids."

You may remember our full coverage the Animal Planet series as it began filming in North Carolina.

Matt Moneymakers BFRO.NET
Cliff Barackman's North American Bigfoot
Charlotte Observer: Bigfoot search begins nearby
Charlotte Observer: How to Join The Search
Mike Greene's

Animal Planet Conducts Bigfoot Town Hall Style Meeting in N.C.
N.C. Man (Mike Greene) Lures Bigfoot with Candy
Mike Greene Gets Press in NC

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Moneymaker and Barackman in Animal Planet Bigfoot Series

This is the first article about the Animal Planet event in North Carolina that seems to be written from the researchers perspective. Matt Moneymaker and Cliff Barackman are quoted regarding the methodology and evidence found.

"We're going to do an evidence search in a grid," he said. "We doubt you're going to run across Bigfoot out there, but we are going to be looking for some evidence. There's been a lot of sightings in the Uwharrie National Forest. --Matt Moneymaker"

"A lot of people would see this as the front part and back part of the foot, but I think we're looking at a quadripedal animal here," Barackman said. "I think this is probably a deer. --Cliff Barackman"

The Full Article is Below:

Volunteers scour forest for Bigfoot
Some search for fun, others for some evidence

By Marina Richardson -
ALBEMARLE, N.C. -- Around 300 people gathered last weekend at the Eldorado Outpost in Montgomery County on what many might call a fool's errand - a search for Bigfoot.
The expedition into the Uwharrie National Forest to hunt for the elusive creature was led by longtime Bigfoot researcher Michael Greene, Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization leader Matt Moneymaker and a team from the cable and satellite TV channel Animal Planet.

"This is about the crowd I expected," Greene said. "We're going to assemble out there and spread out as a group."

Wally Hersom of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization holds a Bigfoot cast made from a footprint in Walla Walla, Wash. The group led a search in North Carolina last weekend.

While most members of the crowd had shown up to volunteer for the search, a number of individuals were caught up in the search by accident.

Brandon Tysinger and Joey Boslet from Calabash and Scott McKinney from the Myrtle Beach area were camping in the Uwharries and heard unexplained sounds outside their tent Friday night. They thought it was strange, but did not connect it with Bigfoot until they found out about the search on Saturday, they said.

"We pulled up at the gas station, and all of a sudden, we're looking for Bigfoot," Tysinger said. "We want to know what in the world it was in the woods last night, so we thought we'd go, too."

"We just kind of showed up," McKinney said.

Others in the crowd showed up for entertainment or to confirm their belief or disbelief in the legendary creature.

"I'm here for the fun of it," said Brittney Huneycutt of Albemarle. "This is a once in a lifetime thing."

"I'm very skeptical," Adam Loflin, of Norwood, said. "I'm leaning toward the fact that he's not out there."

Before the search began, Moneymaker addressed the group gathered at the outpost.

"We're going to do an evidence search in a grid," he said. "We doubt you're going to run across Bigfoot out there, but we are going to be looking for some evidence. There's been a lot of sightings in the Uwharrie National Forest."

The researchers, film crew and volunteers left the outpost at around 3:15 p.m. and walked approximately a quarter of a mile down the road to a field at the edge of the forest, where Moneymaker gave further instructions. He encouraged the volunteers to look for signs of Bigfoot, such as footprints, hair samples, broken tree branches and stick structures.

James Ackerman, of the Badin area, discovered tracks by a shallow creek that looked almost human.

"I was just jumping over the creek, and as soon as I jumped, I saw a footprint, and I yelled, 'Footprint,'" Ackerman said.

Animal Planet researcher Cliff Barackman was called in to look at the footprint.

"A lot of people would see this as the front part and back part of the foot, but I think we're looking at a quadripedal animal here," Barackman said. "I think this is probably a deer."

When Moneymaker arrived on the scene, he disagreed and said that it was possible that the prints were made by something else.

A little further down the stream, a deer carcass was found. The researchers gathered around the carcass discovered gnaw marks on the bones.

According to Barackman and Moneymaker, deer is Bigfoot's main source of food.

"That's exactly what a deer kill looks like," Moneymaker said of the carcass.

"A Sasquatch [Bigfoot] will grab the front leg and break it. The break has a particular look to it, and that's exactly what I saw there."

In the end, Bigfoot didn't make an appearance, but the show goes on. In this case, the six-part Animal Planet series is planned to air in the fall.

Read more:

Sun News Original Article
Matt Moneymakers BFRO.NET
Cliff Barackman's North American Bigfoot

Montgomery Herald: Searching for Bigfoot
Massive NC Bigfoot Search Gains Momentum
Local Community Talks Bigfoot With 'Animal Planet'
Animal Planet is Filming in North Carolina

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Montgomery Herald: Searching for Bigfoot

A lot of rehash of what we have already read regarding the Animal Planet North Carolina Expedition.

There are a few choice quotes, the article introduces the four primary researchers of the TV show as actors.

At the Tuesday night meeting four actors were introduced. These guys are affiliated with the Bigfoot Field Research Organization. Matthew Moneymaker is the head of the group. Others included an educator, a logger and a scientist who was also the skeptic of the group and often asked specific questions related to the experience. After each story this group of four quizzed the individuals about their experience, drawing out more details.

Then finishes up with some, hopefully fruitful, evidence found.

The searchers, found a deer carcass, animal hair on a fence and a Bigfoot print in the ground.

The article is worth the read as it does give more depth to the whole event

Searching for Bigfoot
By Tammy Dunn
Montgomery County folks have been shaking their heads in disbelief the past week as believers and curiosity seekers have come together to hear about and hunt for Bigfoot. Television crews from Animal Planet were here to film a segment for the new series, “Looking for Bigfoot.” Previously the crews had been filming in Alaska and were headed to Georgia and Florida next for filming of the six part series.

About 200 people filled Troy Fire Department last Tuesday night as film crews came to tape individuals who had had a Bigfoot encounter. Approximately 6-7 people told their individual stories including Daniel Dunn. Dunn told of his winter morning encounter saying he had gone prospecting for gold off Tower Road and carried his gun in case he saw any deer. Dunn eventually shot a spike, but did not immediately go after the deer, since he still planned to look for gold. When he returned to where the deer was, it was gone. Dunn said he had watched the deer for an hour and it had not moved so he was sure it was dead. Dunn begin to search and found a trail where it was obvious something had been druagged. Following the trail Dunn soon saw something standing over the deer. Moving in for a better look, Dunn said he was shocked to see the creature hovering over the deer, stand up. Describing the creature as extremely tall, with huge footprints, Dunn said the creature appeared to be covering the deer with leaves before he dropped to all fours and ran off.

West Montgomery High School football coach John Pate, a Bigfoot Field Researcher, opened the meeting telling how hesitant he was to let people know what he did as a hobby for fear they would think he was crazy. Pate explained he had been doing this for many years and “the more I do it the more I love it.”

Mike Greene of Salisbury got the group going while waiting on the Animal Planet people, who were very late. Greene told of capturing his thermal imagery of Bigfoot in the Uwharries two years ago. Greene said he had left a Zagnut candy bar on a stump and during the night Bigfoot came and took the candy bar, allowing the camera to catch the image. A recreation of the image is posted on his Website Greene also shared some observations about Bigfoot including that they are usually sighted crossing the road and that the juveniles are more active, not as cautious as the adults. Greene also said the creatures were very smart and knew where to draw the line when interacting with people. Greene assured the people they would not be made fun of and their stories would be treated with respect.

At the Tuesday night meeting four actors were introduced. These guys are affiliated with the Bigfoot Field Research Organization. Matthew Moneymaker is the head of the group. Others included an educator, a logger and a scientist who was also the skeptic of the group and often asked specific questions related to the experience. After each story this group of four quizzed the individuals about their experience, drawing out more details.

A lady named Amanda shared her tale of four wheeling in the Uwharries one night with some other people when they stopped at the top on the mountain. Thinking they had jumped a deer, they sat and waited, listening to the noises. Amanda described seeing a creature that was furry and walking on all fours. Saying that it scared her she said she turned into her husband’s back and screamed for him to get out of there. Amanda said she looked back one more time as they were fleeing and saw the creature again. Amanda said it was not a bear and that she was terrified. The incident happened almost 12 years ago and there was a full moon that night. Amanda said they did make a report to the ranger, but all he did was ask them how much they had been drinking that night.

Others told of having rocks thrown at them while hiking and even at their campsites. A man from Gibsonville brought photos of paw prints he had photographed near his house. The investigators said it was probably Bigfoot judging by the size of the print and the spacing between prints meant he was probably running.

Others had tales of unexplained happenings. Cliff Atkins told of when he was a young boy living off Beaman Road, walking home one night around 11 p.m. Atkins said there were no other houses around then and he had walked that way many times before. That particular night though he heard something behind him, and when he stopped, whatever was behind him stopped. Atkins said this happened several times while he was on his way home and though he was not too scared (he was carrying a gun) he has carried that strange feeling with him all his life.

On Saturday approximately 200 people gathered at the Eldorado Outpost for a search in the Uwharrie National Forest. Walking through an open field a long line of searchers spread out as if they were doing a drive. A helicopter flew overhead, filming the scene. Camera crews on the ground filmed the searchers and whistles and bullhorns alerted the searchers when to stop. The searchers, found a deer carcass, animal hair on a fence and a Bigfoot print in the ground.

Back at the Outpost people gathered to laugh about the hoopla surrounding the Bigfoot and enterprising young entrepreneurs sold shirts and Girl Scout cookies, taking advantage of the large crowds.

Montgomery Herald Article

Massive NC Bigfoot Search Gains Momentum
Local Community Talks Bigfoot With 'Animal Planet'
Animal Planet is Filming in North Carolina
Animal Planet Conducts Bigfoot Town Hall Style Meeting in NC

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Leonard Braley gives Bigfoot Interview to Animal Planet

Leonard Braley The man who shared his footprint photos with us last week has given us some more exclusives regarding his interactions with animal planet. These updates come in the form of local news clips. One from and the other from News 14 Carolina.

Unfortunately we could not embedd the video, you can either click on the pictures below of wait until you get to the links at the bottom of the page.

TROY, N.C. – More than a hundred people and a national TV crew came together Tuesday night in the Montgomery County community of Troy to talk Bigfoot.

A team from the cable channel Animal Planet is shooting footage this week nearby in the Uwharrie National Forest. That's where Salisbury man Michael Greene shot footage in April 2009 which he believes is Bigfoot.

The footage caught the eye of Animal Planet, which is shooting an episode of new show about Bigfoot sightings. The show's crew will be in the woods in coming days to hopefully get another look.

"It's about time so many Bigfoot shows they all lead you that something's going to happen and then nothing does. Well in this one, something does happen," Greene said.

Those working with the show told News 14 Carolina they expect the episode shot in and around Montgomery County will air in the fall.

TROY, N.C. -- The quest to find the mythical Bigfoot continued in Montgomery County on Tuesday night.
Producers, actors and the crew from Animal Planet met with members of the community at the Troy Fire Department from 6 to 9 p.m. to share their Bigfoot encounters.
There have been several alleged sightings in the Uwharrie National Forest.
Michael Greene has been hunting Bigfoot for 20 years and helped organize a search party with film crews from the cable channel.
Greene said he has video of a mysterious apelike creature and said he even knows Bigfoot's favorite treat.
On Saturday, searchers will head into the forest to try to flush the big guy out.

EXTERNAL LINKS Community Talks Bigfoot With 'Animal Planet'
News 14: National TV crew visits Montgomery Co. in search of Bigfoot

Our entire NorthCarolina/Animal Planet Coverage on one page

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Massive NC Bigfoot Search Gains Momentum

Charlotte, NC Fox Affiliate has a video segment with Leonard Braley, showing the same photos we shared with you yesterday. Below is an article that accompanies the video as well as a plug to sale sasquatch gear on someones website.

TROY,NC- About an hour east of Charlotte, Troy, NC has a population of just over 3000, residents say everyone knows their neighbor. That was until super bowl Sunday when someone spotted a hairy beast.

"Sasquatch, Bigfoot, in Florida they call it the skunk ape, in the Appalachians and in parts of Tennessee and Kentucky it's known as the Wollybooger," says John Pate.

Whatever you call it, residents say they have proof it exists with pictures of 17 inch footprints.

"When I came out the stretch between the prints is 10 to 12 feet, you know that's a pretty big stretch," said Leonard Braley. Strides that are too big to be a human says the B.F.R.O. or the Bigfoot Field Research Organization.

"Every state, except Hawaii, has had some type of Sasquatch/ Bigfoot sighting," said John Pate who is an investigator with the B.F.R.O. and is certain between 3 and 6 thousand big foot creatures exist in North America. "They are very very intelligent they have great eyesight they have great hearing and they know how to survive," said Pate. He says they often communicate by knocking on wood.

Bigfoot also reportedly eats plants and meat and throws rocks at campers.
One hundred fifty people showed up at a planning meeting Tuesday night where Pate and others organized a grid search. That search will happen on Saturday.
If you are interested in purchasing bigfoot search gear such as shirts, hoodies and hats send a message to Chad Thompson.

Fox Charlotte Segment

Local Community Talks Bigfoot With 'Animal Planet'
Animal Planet is Filming in North Carolina
Animal Planet Conducts Bigfoot Town Hall Style Meeting in NC

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Local Community Talks Bigfoot With 'Animal Planet'

WXII-TV has released a short article covering the town hall meeting held at the Troy fire station as a preparation for this Saturdays expedition.

The article is so short, its hardly worth reprinting. Besides, with a byline like, "Mythical Creature Allegedly Sighted In Uwharrie National Forest," you can guarantee there would not be enough journalistic knowledge or interest at WXII-TV to do any reporting of substance.

They even use the word mythical twice. Unproven? Yes. Mythical? Only partially true. There is a "mythical" Bigfoot in oral traditions and legends. The reason the local community and John Greene are gathered together is to discuss an undiscovered cryptid that, in their mind, is far from mythical. Most have had first-hand encounters with something mysterious but not mythical.

We wanted to share some photos from a fan that participated at the Town Hall.

Local Community Talks Bigfoot With 'Animal Planet'
Is Bigfoot A Tar Heel? NC Man Sets Out To Find Out

Animal Planet is Filming in North Carolina
Animal Planet Conducts Bigfoot Town Hall Style Meeting in N.C.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Animal Planet is Filming in North Carolina

Steve Lyttle of the Charlotte Observer reports on one of the six episode series Animal Planet is working on. Currently, they are in North Carolina, but plan on visiting other Bigfoot hot spots like Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Oregon and Washington.

From what we have gathered, a town hall-style meeting will be one of the consistent staples of the show. This will allow the producers of the show to gain local knowledge before the expedition takes place.

Bigfoot Search Begins Nearby
Animal Planet follows Salisbury man tracking creature in area forest.
Charlotte, NC ( — A national cable television channel is sending a film crew to a national forest 75 miles from Charlotte to join a Salisbury man in his search for Bigfoot.

The Animal Planet plans to document Michael Greene's search for the creature, which Greene says he captured on videotape nearly two years ago.

And Greene plans to lead an expedition of volunteers into the forest Saturday in hopes of finding Bigfoot.

Tahli Kouperstein, director of communications for the Animal Planet, said the crew will join Greene at the Uwharrie National Forest in Montgomery County as part of the network's six-episode series on Bigfoot sightings around the United States.

"They are using modern technology to finally find the legendary and elusive creature," Kouperstein said.

She said crews are visiting "areas of the country where videos or photos have shown convincing evidence of Bigfoot sightings."

Greene, who moved to Salisbury from New Jersey last year, says he has been chasing Bigfoot for several years, trying to find the legendary creature - generally described as half-ape, half-human - in forests from Canada to the southern United States. He said he had a breakthrough about 11:30 p.m. April 28, 2009, somewhere in the Uwharrie National Forest.

Greene says he took three minutes of video, using thermal-imaging equipment, showing a large creature walking through the forest. He says he baited the creature, using a Zagnut candy bar.

Greene has a website that displays several videos, but it is unclear if any are the footage that he claims shows Bigfoot.

He said he was attracted to the area after spotting a Bigfoot in the forest in 2008, but he said he didn't get video of the creature.

Greene - who has a varied background including a master's degree in psychology, a private pilot's license and a former career as an EMT - said he realizes there are many Bigfoot skeptics.

"Until I saw it myself, I did not believe it," he said. "It was like a fairy tale."

Greene says others in the area near the forest, which at 78.7 square miles is the smallest of the four national forests in North Carolina, have seen Bigfoot. At 3 p.m. Saturday, he said a group of those interested in the case - possibly accompanied by the Animal Planet film crew - will head into the woods.

"That should be pretty interesting," Greene said.

Chris Cagle, of the Eldorado Outpost, where Saturday's expedition will gather, told the Montgomery Herald he is skeptical about the creature's existence.

"If there was a Bigfoot in the forest, he would already be mounted on some guy's wall," he told the newspaper.

Kouperstein said an airing date for the show has not been set. Crews also are planning visits to Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Oregon and Washington.


Charlotte Observer: Bigfoot search begins nearby
Charlotte Observer: How to Join The Search
Mike Greene's

Animal Planet Conducts Bigfoot Town Hall Style Meeting in N.C.
N.C. Man (Mike Greene) Lures Bigfoot with Candy
Mike Greene Gets Press in NC

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Animal Planet Conducts Bigfoot Town Hall Style Meeting in N.C.

In an article at The Montgomery Herald, Tammy Dunn announces Animal Planet's and Mike Greene's pursuit of Bigfoot in North Carolina.

Searching for ‘Bigfoot’
By Tammy Dunn

Producers, actors and a crew from Animal Planet, yes you read right, Animal Planet, are coming to Montgomery County. Why you ask….they are coming in hopes of catching a glimpse of “Bigfoot” in the Uwharrie National Forest. Yes, you also read that right, “Bigfoot” in the Uwharrie National Forest.

It appears that the Uwharrie National Forest has become the hot spot for “Bigfoot” sightings, especially if you leave a Zagnut candy bar around. Michael Greene of Salisbury says he captured a thermal image of “Bigfoot” in the forest, using a Zagnut candy bar.

Greene says on his Web site, that, he has “Been on the trail of Bigfoot for some 20 years. He has traveled from Bella Coola, BC to the Teslin River, Yukon Territory, to Bluff Creek, CA, to the Olympic Peninsula, WA, to the Adirondack Mountains of NY State, Florida’s Everglades and to the forests of North Carolina, where he now makes his home. Greene has an MS in Behavioral Psychology, is a court-qualified Questioned Documents Expert and for 20 years was Chief Investigator for a State Fraud Bureau. He is a pilot and a former EMT and member of the National Ski Patrol.” Greene also describes his encounter on the Web site detailing the filming and the use of the candy bar.

Greene says he first encountered “Bigfoot” two years ago and that just like any other species there are multiple creatures. “They multiply and there has to be thousands of them,” said Greene. But Greene realizes there are skeptics and says, “Until I saw it myself, I did not believe it. It was like a fairy tale.”

Greene is not alone in his search. West Montgomery football coach John Pate also is an avid believer and field researcher. Pate and Greene are both members of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, which will be a part of the search.

Pate is organizing a meeting at the Troy Fire Department for anyone interested in talking to the film crew about their own personal experiences with “Bigfoot” encounters. The meeting is set for Feb. 8 from 6-9 p.m.. Pate has been an investigator for the organization for four years, but says he has been looking for “Bigfoot” as a hobby for 15 years. “Some people hit golf balls, I go to the woods. It is my sanity.” Pate says he has not been so lucky as to see “Bigfoot” but he has heard him. Pate says he has talked to people that have seen “Bigfoot” in this county though and he hopes they will come out and share their story. “The one dominant thing about “Bigfoot” is his eyes. They are orange and have a dominant shine to them,” said Pate.

Pate says the field researchers are as diverse a group as you will ever meet. Doctors, businessmen and others are all gathering material for the organization. A drive in the forest to try and flush out “Bigfoot” will be held Saturday, Feb. 12.

Chris Cagle of the Eldorado Outpost has been working with the scouting crews from Animal Planet since they first came to the area. Cagle summed it up best when he told the producers, “If there was a Bigfoot in the forest, he would already be mounted on some guys wall.”

Montgomery Herald
Michael Green's Budhloper

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N.C. Man (Mike Greene) Lures Bigfoot with Candy
Mike Greene Gets Press in NC
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