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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Who is Natalia Reagan from Spike TV's Bigfoot Bounty

Primatologist Natalia Reagan from 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bountyu
"It's fat bottom girls that make the world go round" --Natalia Reagan to Stephen Colbert (kind of).

The quote above can be seen in context if you watch the third video in this post. We opened with that particular quote, because we believe it encapsulates a side of Natalia Reagan we have yet to see on Bigfoot Bounty.

In case you don't follow this blog, Natalia Reagan is one of the three judges on Spike TV's 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. On Natalia Reagan's Spike TV bio page, she is billed as an anthropologist and a primate conversationalist. But we knew she was more, so much more, so we did some sleuthing, typed "". And found a whole other side to Natalia Reagan.
Natalia Reagan is an anthropologist, writer, actress, comedienne, and cartoonist. She has appeared on the “TODAY Show,” “Fox Edge News,” “Playboy Morning Radio,” and various other radio shows weighing in on different scientific subjects, from the evolution of boobs and butts to how pheromones play a role in human mating. Natalia also is the creator of “Science! It’s Your Friend” a tongue-in-cheek web series that seeks to answer fun science questions using comedy.
She is absolutely hilarious, witty and great at explaining things. This is the Natalia we want to see more of on the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. Check out the care-free chemistry between her and Dr. Todd Disotell in these videos she uploaded to her YouTube Channel 

And this extra video just released a few days ago.

And finally see the video that definitively answers, "Who is Natalia Reagan?"

You can Check out Natalia's Official Website:
Her documentary about breasts:
And her answer To Stephen Colbert's challenge:

Catch live tweeting from the cast of the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty on Friday nights 10/9 Central.

We (@BigfootLC) will be live-tweeting and cheering on our 5 favorites during Bigfoot Bounty. Who are our 5 favs? Glad you asked! Here are our five favorites (in alphabetical order) and their respective twitter handles. Click on any of the twitter handles to go to each persons twitter page.

Stacy Brown Jr. (@BigfootStacy)
Michael Merchant (@MerchantBigfoot )
Rictor Riolo (@Rictor_Riolo )
Dax Rushlow (@daxmaul )
Ro Sahebi (@rocknrolljihad )

And if you want to connect with the judges. Who also tweet during the show.
Dean Cain (@RealDeanCain) he also has a Twitter account for his FB fan page (@AllDeanCain)
Natalia Reagan (@natalia13reagan)
Dr. Todd Disotell (@ToddDisotell)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Viewership Increases

More people watched the 2nd episode of 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty 
Ratings are looking good for the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. Overall they increased it's viewership by 13% or 86,000 viewers (from 643k to 729k). They also jumped from 37th place in prime-time to 35th. Normally viewership drops off after the premiere episode. We wont know if this is a trend until we get a third data point (one more week of results), but an increase is an increase.

More importantly, as we have mentioned before, it is the 18-49 year old demographic that advertisers and networks care about. Which brings more good news for the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. In the 18-49 demographic they increased viewership by 5% or 15,000 viewers.

We arrived our numbers looking at last week's prime time ratings and the previous week's prime time ratings listed on

You'll notice the last time we talked about the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty ratings, we also used the numbers from the top 100 shows all day. This hasn't changed, Full House still beat them in the same time slot. Who the heck is watching Full House at 10pm?  The fact that 1.4 million Nielsen families are watching Full House says more about America than the quality of Bigfoot Bounty.

We will continue to live-tweet during the TV show and champion our 5 Favorites on Bigfoot Bounty. By the way, they tweet too! Here are our five favorites (in alphabetical order) and their respective twitter handles. Click on any of the twitter handles to go to each persons twitter page. 

Stacy Brown Jr. (@BigfootStacy)
Michael Merchant (@MerchantBigfoot )
Rictor Riolo (@Rictor_Riolo )
Dax Rushlow (@daxmaul )
Ro Sahebi (@rocknrolljihad )

And if you want to connect with the judges. Who also tweet during the show.
Dean Cain (@RealDeanCain) he also has a Twitter account for his FB fan page (@AllDeanCain)
Natalia Reagan (@natalia13reagan)
Dr. Todd Disotell (@ToddDisotell)

Of course you can catch Bigfoot Lunch Club's Twitter feed @BigfootLC . See you on Twitter this Friday while you're watching the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty 10/9pm central. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dean Cain: 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Changed My Views on Bigfoot

10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Host Dean Cain
"I wouldn't have done the show if I didn't think there was a possibility [of Bigfoot existing]...I started off as a major skeptic and I'm much less skeptical now than I was." --Dean Cain on his changed views about Bigfoot

We have not been impressed with Dean Cain as host of the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, but he gives an excellent interview with Steve Edwards and Araksya Karapetyan on Good Day L.A.

Moving forward we are going be watching Dean Cain as host in a different light. We still think the host of a gameshow should be tough but show some sympathy towards the contestants like Jeff Probst (Survivor), Phil Keoghan (Amazing Race), Tim Gunn (Project Runway) or Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef). The last example, Padma, did start off pretty cold, so Dean may change.

Read some highlights of the interview below followed by the 5 minute video clip. We think Dean Cain does an excellent job selling the show and giving proper respect to the Saquatch phenomena.

Dean Cain says he didn't believe in Bigfoot before he started filming the reality show "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty," but now his views have changed.

The series features nine teams of two people, all searching for the creature.

"Since I've already shot the show, I can't say definitively whether I believe there's a Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yetty out there," Cain told "Fox & Friends. "But I will say this: I started off as a major skeptic and I'm much less skeptical now than I was."

In order for a contestant to win the competition series, they must show proof that they've tracked down Bigfoot."We have field tests first, and then we have a hunt, and if they can find definitive DNA and visual proof...they win $10 million."

Dean Cain joins Steve Edwards and Araksya Karapetyan on Good Day L.A.
Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV


Do you think Dean Cain is the right host for the show? What do you think changed his views? Let us know in the comments below.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Tonight on Bigfoot Bounty Stacy Brown Shows How The Real Boys Do It

10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty contestant, Stacy Brown, trying to set up a shot
"This is the problem, why you can't hunt with dumb-asses in the woods. They talk too god-damned much." --Stacy Brown referring to his competitors Matt and Julie

Tonight's episode of 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty challenges the contestants to get Bigfoot footage. The teams to watch tonight will be The Sasquatch Hunters (Stacy and Dave) and Matt and Julie. Both teams should be positioned well due to their respective experience and talents. In fact, we will tell you why.

First The Sasquatch Hunters, Stacy and Dave, already have decent Bigfoot footage. Its aptly named the Brown Footage. In May of 2012 Stacy Brown Sr. and Jr. set up camp in the panhandle of Florida around the town of Quincy.

Still frame of Brown footage courtesy of
Above is a still frame from the thermal video of the Brown footage. Cliff Barackman of Finding Bigfoot investigated the video, site and witnesses and had this to say:
"While the results of my calculations are only approximations of the creature’s size, it is clear that the figure is very large.  It seems to stand somewhere around 8.5 feet tall, and have a shoulder width of about 4 feet.  The creature is simply too big to be a human, and the steps are ridiculously long."
So for the Sasquatch Hunters, Stacy and Dave, this is old hat. I wouldn't count out Matt and Julie. Filming big animals in the wild is Matt's day job. His resume is impressive if you read Matt and Julie's bio on Spike Tv's 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Website.
Matt Carman works as a cinematographer for a top hunting and safari show. Carman is a seasoned pro and has hunted just about everything, including: bears, elk, buffalo, hippos, zebras and rhinos. Carman also claims to have super vision and, with his naked eye, can see a deer move from two miles away. He knows what to look for in remote locations and has been upwards of 500 miles out in the woods.
Watch the clip below as the two teams that seem best positioned for this challenge cross paths.

The 10 Million Bigfoot Bounty features multiple teams competing to unearth real evidence of Bigfoot’s existence. You can catch it on Spike TV at 10/9 Central.

What did you think of the second episode? Was it better or worse than the premier? Let us know in the comments below. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Gold, Treehouses, Sci-Fi, Antiques and even the Olsen Twins Beat 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty

Reruns of Full House beats Bigfoot Bounty in Nielson's ratings
Here at Bigfoot Lunch Club we look forward to anything bigfoot-related, research, news, thermal underwear and even TV game shows. Spike TV's 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty is no exception. Let's check out how America reacted to it first.

The ratings are in for Friday Jan 10th. For some bigfooters it was the night the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty would debut, for most of America the 10pm slot was a time to tune into other offerings. The 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty did not even break the top 100 cable shows for the entire day of Friday the 10th. If you reduce the competition to only prime time shows Bigfoot Bounty ranked #37 at 633,000 total viewers and ranked #35 at 299,000 viewers in the coveted 18-49 yr old  market. SRC:

If you isolate the ratings to the 10/9 central timeslot here are the shows that beat it: Bering Sea Gold (DISC) Modern Family (USA), TreeHouse Masters (APL), Helix (SYFY) TBS Prime Movie (TBSC), American Dad (ADSM) American Pickers, After the first 48 hours (AEN), Diners, Drive Ins and Dives (FOOD) Full House (NAN), Dead Files (TRAV), Tosh.O (CMDY).

Why didn't Bigfoot Bounty fare better? Is it because it was a debut episode? No, Helix was a new series that debuted on SYFY and it broke the top 30 with a viewership of 1.8 million. Is it because there wasn't a good lead-in episode prior to Bigfoot Bounty? Again, no. Spike TV actually did really well during the hour and a half block prior to Bigfoot Bounty. COPS which is what Spike TV airs prior Bigfoot Bounty did make it to the top 100.

Obviously there is still time for the show to gain a following, and there may be some watercooler conversations that will spur some new views next week.

At the end of the day what did we think of the show? Firstly it's a reality game show with a familiar formula; contestants compete in a contrived challenge every episode trying to survive to the season finale, losing contestants are sent home determined by the show judges. There may be some twists thrown in, such as immunity for contestants or voting elimination by other contestants, but primarily we have seen similar formulas in Survivor, Amazing Race and Top Chef.

As a game show, Bigfoot Bounty stays true to the format, the interesting characters on the show could carry it, because Dean Cain won't. We do like the lab and appreciate that the three judges, especially Todd Disotell, seem to be true skeptics. In the end of the day we are looking forward to our 5 favorite contestants on Bigfoot Bounty.

After reading this post, a fan sent us this coincidental photo. Cool dude!

Did you watch the the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty? Let us know what you thought in the comments below. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

The 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Debuts: The 6 Guys to Watch

The cast of Spike TV's 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. (Back row left to right: Donnie Adair, Rictor Riolo, Dax Rushlow, Ro Sahebi, Justin Smeja,  Stacy Brown, David Lauer, Daniel Greene, David Greene, Kathleen McKechnie, Shaney Warehim. Front Row Left to Right: Donnell Adair, Julie White, Matt Carman, Natalia Reagan, Dean Cain, Dr. Todd Disotell, Travis Miller, January Miller, Michael Merchant, Kirsten Godfrey)

We have been covering the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. We had the media reaction to the Bigfoot Bounty press release. We explained how a tv show can afford a 10 Million Dollar Prize (spoliler alert: they can't). And we were even nice enough to let someone to a guest post to announce the "$10 Million Bigfoot Bounty" Set to Premiere in January.

At they have bios for all the cast members an the judges. Some of the members we actually know. Below are the five guys to watch out for. This may seem like a Valentine to these five guys (except for Smeja), but we like them!!

Rictor Riolo has billed himself as the first gay man on a Bigfoot TV show. Ranae Holland of Finding Bigfoot can claim to be the first gay woman (read her interview at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News). He is a Star Wars nerd and great friend, you can find him on Rictor's YouTube Channel. Listen to interview he did in home town of Las Vegas below.

Dax Rushlow is Rictor's partner on the show. He's no-nonsense researcher who had an encounter in 1987. We finally got to meet him in person last year and am looking forward to we meet again, hopefully doin' some filed research together. Check out Dax's YouTube Channel and watch the video below as he rants against a certain sect of bigfooters that some call habituators.

Ro Sahebi, this is the guy to watch out for! We "discovered" bacjk when he was doing mini documentaries and podcast titled Extinct? Since then he has hitched his wagon to an infamous character in bigfootdom and plans to ride the sensationalism until the wheels fall off. We have been covering Ro Sahebi since march of 2012. Click the following link to read all about Ro Sahebi. You can find him at

Justin Smeja was the most famous bigfoot killer until Rick Dyer claimed he killed bigfoot. Click to read full coverage of  Justin Smeja two killings, including Justin Smeja's polygraph lie detector test.

Michael Merchant, we are huge fans of this guy! Michael speaks his mind and wears his heart on his sleeve, his strong opinions may change the next day, but he will be clear on the new data that changed his mind, a testament to his open-mindedness. He also has one of the best You Tube channels. Check out his channel Snow Walker Prime on You Tube. Check him out in the video he just uploaded tonight.

The final favorite is Stacy Brown Jr. He is no stranger to the Bigfoot world. He is partnered up with Dave on the team Sasquatch Hunters. Stacy Brown Jr. already has decent Bigfoot footage. Its aptly named the Brown Footage. In May of 2012 Stacy Brown Sr. and Jr. set up camp in the panhandle of Florida around the town of Quincy and captured the thermal video below.

There are a lot more cast members in the show, but these are our favorites. Check out their respective media channels or continue to follow us on or twitter @BigfootLC.

Finally, check out novelist Kirk Sigurdson's take on whether a 10 Million Dollar prize to prove bigfoot is even ethical. 

Bigfoot Bounty's Todd Disotell is No Stranger to TV

Dr. Todd Disotell is media's go-to scientist for Bigfoot TV
Sure many people are seeing the scientist with a mohawk for the first time, but he may be familiar to you if you have watched other Bigfoot show. The man has his own IMDB page!

Joe Rogan Questions Everything (TV Series documentary)
Bigfoot DNA? (2013) ... Himself
 2013America's Book of Secrets (TV Series)
The Ancient Astronaut Cover-Up (2013) ... Himself
 2009The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (TV Series)
Paul Giamatti (2009) ... Himself
 2009Ancient Aliens (TV Series documentary)
Chariots, Gods and Beyond (2009) ... Himself (as Todd Distotell PhD)
 2007-2008Monsterquest (TV Series documentary)
Himself - Professor of Anthropology, New York University
Chupacabra (2008) ... Himself - Professor of Anthropology, New York University
Lions in the Backyard (2007) ... Himself - Professor of Anthropology, New York University
Mutant Canines (2007) ... Himself - Professor of Anthropology, New York University
Sasquatch Attack (2007) ... Himself - Professor of Anthropology, New York University
 2006Is It Real? (TV Series documentary)
Himself - Biological Anthrolopologist / Himself - Biological Anthropologist, New York University
Russian Bigfoot (2006) ... Himself - Biological Anthrolopologist (as Dr. Todd Disotell)
Ape-man (2006) ... Himself - Biological Anthropologist, New York University (as Dr. Todd Disotell)

SRC: Dr. Todd Disotell's IMDB Page

He's been testing bigfoot evidence since 2006. The token TV skeptic that's willing to take the time to investigate bigfoot evidence. Watch some of his "greatest hits" below.

Before the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty he was on Joe Rogan's show. See the full episode below. If you don't have time for a full episode, go past this video to see Todd Disotell from his Monster Quest days circa 2007

As promised Dr. Todd Disotell from the MonsterQuest days of 2007

Monday, December 9, 2013

"$10 Million Bigfoot Bounty" Set to Premiere in January

Spike TV is offering largest cash prize in TV history for the proof of Bigfoot

This is a guest post by Tony Green
Tony works for a pop culture magazine where he writes gossip about celebrities... shamelessly.

It's been on the radar of Bigfoot enthusiasts since last October and now it's set to become "reality"...literally.
Spike TV announced "10 Million Bigfoot Bounty" will premiere on January 10, at 10 p.m. Eastern time. The show will be hosted by former Superman Dean Cain, who the network calls an "avid outdoorsman and hunter." The $10 million reward will go to anyone who can offer irrefutable proof of Sasquatch's existence.

What To Expect

The show will follow nine teams of Bigfoot hunters into the wilderness of the Northwest, the area where most Sasquatch sightings are reported. Patrick Kevin Day of the L.A. Times put it a bit more bluntly, describing the teams as "angry sexist rednecks" who are the worst group possible to try and hunt a camera-shy creature. He stopped short of saying the teams will ride their Harleys while sporting their motorcycle helmets in the woods, but conceded the show will at least be "watchable."
The teams will feature some familiar names as they pertain to Bigfoot culture. Justin Smedja, who claims to have shot two Bigfoots near Gold Lake, Calif., in October 2010. Michael Merchant, of Snow Walker Prime fame, is also featured in the show. There is little hope the $10 million prize will be claimed, but the show has guaranteed a $100,000 research grant to the team who presents the most compelling evidence.

The Challenges

Each episode will present the teams two challenges: a field test and a hunt for the actual creature in Bigfoot "hot zones." Dr. Todd Disotell of New York University will be on the scene with state-of-the-art mobile technology to analyze and test all DNA evidence presented by the teams. Natalia Reagan, an anthropologist who specializes in primate studies, will also be on hand to judge the findings. The show, however, is almost guaranteed to center more around the personalities and adventures surrounding the teams than the actual evidence they gather.

International Audience

Bigfoot enthusiasts in Europe and elsewhere around the world will not be deprived of the potential breaking news regarding Sasquatch's existence. Endemol, a Netherland-based media distribution company, has been granted the rights to air all eight episodes on its networks in 23 countries. The company is no stranger to reality television, being the creator of both "Big Brother" and "Deal Or No Deal." It also doesn't hurt that "10 Million Bigfoot Bounty" is produced by Charlie Corwin's Original Media, which is owned by Endemol.
Spike TV encourages fans of the show to follow them on Twitter (@SPIKETV) for all the latest updates and to use the hashtag #BigfootBounty to join the conversation.
The general consensus in the blogosphere is that Bigfoot will not be found at the conclusion of the series. But you can definitely expect an up close and personal look into the minds and lives of those who want nothing more than to prove to everyone that they're not crazy.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two Days of 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Media Frenzy

Spike TV is offering largest cash prize in TV history for the proof of Bigfoot

Want a quick tour of what everybody else is saying about Spike TV's announcement of it's new show, 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty?

"Meanwhile, Lloyd's Of London has put up what's being called the largest cash prize in reality TV history, which should compensate for these people immediately flushing away all the profits their industry generates by Bigfoot remaining a mystery. That is, of course, until we launch our own equally scientifically sound reality series, offering $20 million to anyone who offers irrefutable proof that Bigfoot makes amazing frittatas."
--Sean O'Neal; A.V. CLUB

"If there really is a bigfoot out there he better find a damn good hiding spot. SPIKE TV has just ordered 10 hour long episodes of $10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty...This should be an interesting reality show. Hopefully Matt Moneymaker and Bobo will show and tell everyone exactly what bigfoot do."

"Forget Donald Trump's $5 million offer for President Obama's college and passport records -- Spike TV has a much more lucrative offer. And it might even be more humorous than Trump's guffaw-inducing "October surprise...It would be the largest cash prize in history, in the unlikely event that one of the teams actually comes up with evidence. Ah, Spike TV. You really can't buy publicity like that. And in this case, you probably won't have to pay a dime."
--Tim Kenneally; Reuters reprinted in  The Wrap and Chicago Tribune

"Poor Simon Cowell. Not only has his singing competition, “The X Factor,” been eclipsed in the ratings this fall by the NBC singing competition “The Voice.” Now he also can no longer claim that his show’s $5 million prize is the biggest in TV show history. It has been eclipsed by Bigfoot."
-- Lisa De Moraes; The Washington Post

"SpikeTV is offering up $10 million to anyone who can prove that the legendary Sasquatch Bigfoot exists. The network's latest reality show — 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty — will feature teams on a quest to find Bigfoot, and the winner *might* walk away with 10 million dollars... if Bigfoot doesn't kill them first! Just kidding, no one is going to win that money. But a group of scientists, zoologists, seasoned trackers, and “actual Bigfoot hunters” will try their best. Your move, TLC."
--Shaunna Murphy;

"Spike TV is offering $10 million for proof that Bigfoot exists. The order comes a few months after Bigfoot hunters from Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot series (spoiler alert: the show has not found Bigfoot) got into a rather entertaining argument with TV critics over the legitimacy of their work."
--James Hibberd;

"Bigfoot’s days are numbered. That’s because Spike TV is upping the ante on all the Bigfoot shows that routinely fail to prove Sasquatch’s existence with a new show that adds a monstrous monetary incentive to anyone out there that can offer definitive proof that the big hairy one is real.
If this show proves to be a hit, I’d like to ahead and preemptively pitch Spike TV or any other interested network my idea for the series 'Ghost Hunting for Dollars'."

-- Foywonder; Dread Central

How Can Spike TV Afford a 10 $Million Cash Prize? They Can't.

Spike TV is offering largest cash prize in TV History
 for the proof of Bigfoot, but can they afford it?

As you may have heard, Spike TV plans is offering $10 million to pre-selected contestants if they can prove Bigfoot exists on their new reality show, 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. This is the largest cash prize in TV History. The last cash prize milestone was the singing competition show, X-Factor.

$10 Million is a lot of money, even for 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty's successful Emmy® Award-winning producer Jon Kroll ("The Amazing Race," "Big Brother"). So who ponies up the cash? If not Spike TV or the producers, than who? You may guess, Lloyd's of London, the prize insurer, but not exactly. When a prize is insured it is called indemnity insurance.

This is how indemnity insurance works, it is also called "hole-in-one" insurance. Say you want to give $10 million dollars for someone who get's a hole-in-one at a tournament your hosting.  The odds of an amateur golfer hitting a hole in one are about 1 in 12,500. These are low odds, acceptable odds, to an insurance company. So, instead of paying for the prize yourself, you get insurance for the $10 million dollar prize, paying only a small affordable fraction called a premium. 

True, if the golfer does indeed get the hole-in-one the insurance company pays the prize. The thing to remember though, insurance is a numbers game, where the odds favor the house. In theory an insurance company can charge as low as $800 dollars for a $10 million dollar hole-in-one prize to break even. 

Probably not, because the insurance company does not want to break even, they want a profit. Although it would be safe to say Spike TV probably paid a smaller premium than usual for a $10 million dollar indemnity insurance. Why? Remember the 1 in 12,500 odds of getting a hole-in-one? We would bet the odds of proving Bigfoot are even smaller. 1 in a million? 1 in 10 million? The lower the odds of  winning the prize, the lower the premium for the indemnity insurance.

So overall, the $10 million dollars is not really there, if an insurance company can afford to insure a $10 million dollar hole-in-one prize for only $800, we are sure they can find an acceptable number that would be affordable to a TV network asking contestants to do something that has never been done.  

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