Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Killing Bigfoot" Cast Members Shouted at During Honobia Bigfoot Conference

"Killing Bigfoot" Cast Members got verbal tomatoes thrown at them 
“I know a lot of people hear ‘Killing Bigfoot,’ it’s bad, and everybody hates us and we get a lot of hate mail.” --Barry Schockemoehl; Killing Bigfoot cast member

The Effington Daily News (EDN) is reporting on some hostility towards the cast members of Killing Bigfoot. The TV show airs on the Destination America network with the tagline, "The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization is determined to hunt and kill a Bigfoot to prove to Science and the world- that the creatures are real." 

To kill or not to kill is an ongoing debate that, we feel, is putting the cart before the horse. Don't we need to find bigfoot first? Although some would argue that bigfoot gets shot or killed about every 4 years. The biggest argument against trying to kill one to prevent mis-identification. In other words you better be sure it is not an upright walking human when you pull the trigger. Even the Chewbacca actor needed protection from hunters.

EDN reports on the hostility between the Killing Bigfoot cast and the Honobia Bigfoot Conference attendees:

Michael Humphreys, a "Killing Bigfoot" cast member from rural Talihina, Oklahoma, said, “These things can get extremely aggressive. I don’t like them scaring the kids.” He said his daughter, his niece and nephews were terrorized.

Producers from “Killing Bigfoot” videotaped while the cast took questions.

Some audience members agreed Lancaster could defend against an aggressive Bigfoot. Others peppered him with questions about why killing is necessary with a rare, elusive species, and why they hunt with bullets instead of cameras, or tranquilizer darts. Some asked questions about illegal animal abuse and killing a part-human.

“Who made you God, to kill an animal like that?” shouted one man in the audience. “You’re not God.”

When asked how close he’d come to killing a Bigfoot, Lancaster replied, “Close.”

“Just fear based on nothing is not a reason to kill,” one audience member called. “You have to have a basis.”
Some verbal fireworks may have been for the television cameras, but the hostility level became intense as audience questions continued
Click the following link to read the article titled "Killing Bigfoot' discussion gets hairy at annual festival".


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