Thursday, January 15, 2015

WATCH! ABC News Affiliate: 2nd Bigfoot Reported in Tampa Bay, FL

Christie Post from Tampa Bay's WFTS News
The Tampa Bay Bigfoot taking a bath gets a follow up in today's news. Christie Post reports on another photo from the area. You may remember the previous photo:

The First tampa bay Bigfoot photo
Watch the news segment regarding the newest after the article highlights below.
TAMPA - Bigfoot is back on the radar at a Tampa Bay park.

If you recall over the Christmas holiday a fisherman sent us a picture of what he is calling a creature wading through a swamp near USF.

Now a second person sent us a different photo of a footprint.

The report continues to give more details on the footprint photo. 

Now more alleged Bigfoot evidence, this time a woman taking a picture of a large footprint. She says it was twice as big as her woman’s’ size 9.
Looking at the details behind that photo, it shows it was snapped with an iPhone6, doesn’t look altered.

Whatever you believe, Legan says, with how popular the park is and the fact a three story tower looks over it, she thinks it would be hard for bigfoot to hide.
“You can see down the river, and up the river,” Legan said.

An image expert took a look at the photographs. His conclusion is that the photos are not altered, rather staged.

Click the following link to read the full article titled, "Another alleged bigfoot sighting in a Tampa park"

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