Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Russian Yeti Video from the Snowy Woods of the Adygeya Republic

Frame from Russian (Adygeya Republic) Snowy Woods Yeti Video

"The creature was big, looking like a bear, but not a bear." --Eyewitness Ludmila Hristoforova speaking to a TV station

There are several news sources reporting the Russian yeti in the Snowy Woods video. In a nutshell, it all began when the local rescue service received several calls regarding Yeti sightings in the Adygeya Republic, prompting a TV news report and finally an investigative team of friends capturing the bigfoot-like creature on film.

We captured the best snippets from around the web and from around the world. The DailyMail had this nice bullet list:
  • The footage shows a figure covered in hair emerging from an area of trees
  • 'Bear-like' creature was on camera for just seconds before disappearing
  • Creature was spotted in the Adygeya Republic in south-western Russia
  • The Russian team believe they have captured footage of the elusive Yeti 
  • Others question its authenticity and say it was a stunt to bring in tourism
Another frame of the Adygeya republic yeti video 

Read the whole Daily Mail article titled "According to some Russians this dark figure stumbling through the snowy woods is a Yeti"

The Express has a nice set of quotes from the witnesses who saw the dark figure walking through the snow.
Ludmila Hristoforova, who claims to have seen a yeti figure, said: "The creature was big, looking like a bear, but not a bear. From the door we've seen something big and shaggy."

Local homeowner Andrei Kazarian added: "I heard footsteps and we were pretty sure there was no one else around because we knew for sure everyone else was inside the house.

"Although we didn't see anyone we saw its huge footprints. They were 5 to 6 centimetres deep and couldn't come from a human foot.

"We took a plaster cast of them and we estimate that it probably would have taken about 200 kilos to press the snow down that much."

Read the whole Express article titled, "Shocking new footage claims to prove the existence of the YETI"
Map of the Adygeya Republic where the yeti was filmed

The Mirror has a nice narrative from the investigators point of view as well as some reporting on the evidence.
The local team then set off to investigate, and as they headed off into the forest said they were stunned when they heard the crunching of snow, and managed to grab footage of a hairy creature as it emerged from the trees.

After taking a plaster cast of the alleged footprint, the group have now handed their findings to local scientists for analysis.
The entire Mirror article titled, "Is this proof of bigfoot? New 'yeti' video shows giant hairy beast walking through forest"


  1. The obvious questions...
    How do they come to the conclusion it is "covered in hair"?
    What do they mean by "Big"? It's size does not look outside of human range.
    How can they claim it is "bear-like" when it is clearly "human-like"?

    There are some really interesting BF videos out there that are worthy of analysis and discussion. This clearly ain't one of them.

  2. Umm, do bigfoots need back packs with bed rolls? Try again.


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