Sunday, January 11, 2015

Musician Forum Posts Bigfoot Pictures from Lagrange Ohio

"You can see snow stuck to the hair on its leg a buttocks. [My cousin's] really freaked-out about it, as are her husband and children. " --Gurtz; user is an online forum for musicians who like to talk about, well, gear, as in musical gear. On Sunday January 11th of 2015  a user with the moniker Gurtz posted a picture of a possible sasquatch. The silhouette matches Patty, the bigfoot from the Patterson/Gimlin film, almost too perfectly. Read Gurtz's own account of the story behind the photograph and decide for yourself.
My cousin took a photo at 2:00pm today (Lagrange Ohio) of what she says could have only been a Sasquatch. I'm absolutely blown away by it! There are several items included that give the creature scale. The fence posts are 4' tall, and the creature is clearly twice the height of the posts. There is also a picnic table in the photo for additional scale. You can see snow stuck to the hair on its leg a buttocks. She's really freaked-out about it, as are her husband and children. This is the first photo I've seen that gives the viewer a sense of actual size. I'm trying to get her brother to go to the area to collect prints and photos, but of-coarse no one wants to go back
A closer look at the Gurtz Ohio photograph
Along with a closer look at the photograph Gurtz offers why they believe it be a convincing photo, "Here is the picture. You can see the picnic table to the left, a broken cable spool, and the fence lines. My cousin said that even from a distance, they couldn't believe the size of it. I would have chased after it - risk be damned! I'm trying to get her brother to go out there before it snows, and get some pictures of the prints."

You can see if Gurtz has any updates at the The Gear Page's Bigfoot Encounter Thread.

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  1. ah a member of the plywood clan of squatches

    1. I got a feeling you're so right! I wish those people that have to do that carp would grow up and get a life.

  2. Looks suspiciously like Pattie.

  3. It's wearing gloves. Strange Bigfoot to have dropped in to their local REI and picked up a set of snow gloves.

  4. My grandma, what short arms you have!

  5. Poor Photoshop job... The body is too black to be part of the picture, its sharpness is different from that of other objects (trees, fence). Forget it.

  6. AS BROGS stated, it "looks suspiciously like Patty". In fact it looks EXACTLY like the most famous frame of Patty, just a very obvious cut-out either physically placed there or CGI'ed in.

  7. Way too easy. Must be an amateur hoaxer. Maybe check into Bigfoot Ontario or something.

  8. hem line of a coat or dress just above the knee and a boot on the right foot.

  9. I wish I could say what I seen in Washington State, was a photo shop, but when your 15, and out with friends doing a run practice for a cross county meet, and round a corner, and to a hill to see something standing about 12 feet off the path your own, yea I know what I seen we all ran back to my house in record time, I never ran Hobbs hill ever again, it changes you, you don't have to think it is real, that is ok I know it is real, me and 4 other friends know it real, we talk about it to this day,


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