Saturday, October 25, 2014

Watch Bigfoot Hunter "Granpa" Larry Davis Talk About His 5 Encounters

He goes by Granpa Larry Davis and has seen Bigfoot five times
"Now I've taken 3 reports already this year of bigfoot activity. Around Here? Twelve reports in Wythe County. I'm getting 'em out of Smith County." --Granpa Larry Davis.

Local Virginia news station WDBJ7 catchhes up with "Granpa" Larry Davis a self-described bigfoot hunter and has been researching bigfooot reports for years watch the video below as he describes hi techniques, Below the video is the full transcript provided by the newsattion followed by a link to the original story,

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New River Valley reporter Orlando Salinas drove to Wythe County and met up with this real Bigfoot hunter. (grandpa larry davis, bigfoot hunter) ''You're always looking for a bigfoot story? I'm always looking for a bigfoot story!" He goes by "Grandpa'' Larry Davis and to hear him tell it, there are Bigfoot creatures all around Southwest Virginia. (grandpa larry davis, bigfoot hunter)

"Now I've taken 3 reports already this year of bigfoot activity. Around where? Twelve reports in Wythe County. I'm getting 'em out of Smith County."

People call him crazy, but "Grandpa' says lots of regular folks do believe, but are afraid. (grandpa larry davis again) "Ah, they're scared o being ridiculed and called liars." It was this iconic video shot in 1967, that hooked Davis on Bigfoot and he never let go.

Through a public address speaker mounted on his Bigfoot Hunter van, Larry mimics what he calls a bigfoot scream "You might hear call back!" That didn't happen, but a few fans did pull up. (larry stiltner, wythe county) "My wife and I pulled up here, that's the first thing she said "that's the Bigfoot hunter, then we saw the van."

Davis says he had artifacts and evidence of Bigfoot encounters. "And I actually brought 'em with me in case you'd like to look at 'em. You know I want to look at 'em. Haha. I haven't released them to the press." "You're lucky, I'll show 'em to you!'

For nearly 4 decades, Davis has been hunting Bigfoot and says he's seen the mighty Sasquatch five times. He's put the good stuff on a poster board. "And this fingerprint you can see the heal comes down here like this."

People may ridicule Davis, but it's refreshing to hear someone who truly believes in something and It's not politics, it's not religion. It's Bigfoot with big questions. (amy wickham, big walker lookout) "There are those tha do and those that don't. Of course there are some like me, like i told you earlier, I'm kind of in the middle. i haven't been convinced one way or the other."



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