Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Derek Randles Gets Press for Olympic Project and Reveals Sasquatch Insights

Derek Randles (center) at the March 2013 Olympic Project Expedition

“The patterns start to paint a picture of what that animal is doing" -- Derek Randles, founder of the Olympic Project

The Peninsula Daily News picked up on the Bigfoot research and documentation happening in the Olympic Peninsula by Derek Randles and his Olympic Project Team. Among the highlights of the article are some of the insights and suggestions of bigfoot behavior based on the data gathered so far. In the following excerpt read what Derek Randles has to say about Bigfoot behavior.
“We are sticklers for documentation,” Randles says.

“What we are trying to do is learn everything we can so when/if [scientifically-accepted] species verification happens, we have a large volume of study to hand over.”

For the Olympic Project team, Bigfoot is a somewhat predictable creature.
“The patterns start to paint a picture of what that animal is doing,” Randles says.

For instance, he explains, Bigfoot tracks in the Olympics show that they hang around elk calving areas during the calving season.

Randles says the mystery creatures also study them.

“We are some of Sasquatch’s best entertainment,” he says..

“Some of the best sightings are when we catch them watching us.”

But sometimes, Randles adds, Sasquatches don’t like humans in their space.
“It is very intimidating how much noise they can make without exposing themselves,” he says.

He says they use a variety of vocalizations, pounding sounds and other noises.
Click to read the full article titled, "Olympic Project — West End is a hub of Bigfoot research"

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