Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Best Suggestions for Having a Bigfoot Encounter--If That's What You Really Want.

Ron Morehead is best known for his Bigfoot Recordings 
Ron Morehead has had great success with encountering Sasquatches. His Bigfoot recordings a/k/a Sierra Sounds have been independently scrutinized by several professionals from varying disciplines.

Dr R. Lynn Kirlin, a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Wyoming presented that the formant frequencies found were clearly lower than for human data, and their distribution does not indicate that they were a product of human vocalizations and/or tape speed alteration.

Nancy Logan  is a human sound expert in the State of California. In her opinion the vocalizations have a pitch range that is considerably more flexible than that of humans. They go much lower and much higher.

And more recently Scott Nelson, a Crypto-Linguist, with over 30 years’ experience concludes: “We have verified that these creatures use language, by the human definition of it.

Ron Morehead has recently posted a YouTube video (Watch Below) on his recommendations for a Sasquatch campsite based on his experience. We are pretty confident that Ron was doing something right in the Sierra's

Also Ron will be guest speaker at the 2014 Sasquatch Summit. Click the following link for the 2014 Sasquatch Summit location, dates and details.

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