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Today in Bigfoot History | JUL 09, 2000 | Married Couple Chased by Bigfoot

Bigfoot chasing a couple
"My wife and I were chased out of the woods by what I am sure was a Bigfoot in the Lake George/Buck Mountain region of the Adirondacks, New York in Warren County."
 Source: Bobbie Short,
A couple were chased away from their resting place by what seemed to be a Bigfoot.

Warren County, New York State
Lake George - Buck Mountain region Adirondacks

Around July 9th, 2000 — My wife and I were chased out of the woods by what I am sure was a Bigfoot in the Lake George/Buck Mountain region of the Adirondacks, New York in Warren County. The creature observed us from about 100 feet away and broke large branches and made a large roaring/screaming like sound at least 7 times, maybe more that could only come from a very large mammal. I have been in the woods with very large bears and have even taken away food bags from bears, but this was no bear or Coy-dog, it was much larger.

We never did see it, but we could hear it following us out through the trail in the woods and I have NEVER been so scared in all my life. It kept coming closer — would stop and "roar", then approach us closer. We were nearly frozen in fear, but managed to collect our things from where we had been resting and nearly ran out of the woods. My wife is a very big skeptic of Bigfoot... until this point. The whole time we walked out of the woods, she kept on commenting that it was following us. We could feel it watching us and could hear it through the woods, a few times I saw something moving through the woods parallel with us but tried not to look as we both picked up large sticks in case in attacked us. There was no one parked at the trail head when we came out and I suspect it had followed out 2 other hikers that had hiked in earlier ahead of us and just happened to come across us.

The sounds we heard that day have really bothered me since then. I am literally scared to death of going into the woods alone now, even though I have been hiking for over 20 years. I can't explain the terror I felt from hearing this thing. I feel like I have to go back to the area and check it out, but my wife will never go back into the woods after this incident, that's how frightening these sounds were.

I was wondering if you know of anyone in the Upstate NY area that researches Bigfoot that would go up into the trail with me to just look around and see if we can maybe find tracks of some sort or look for signs of the creature. Thanks JW, witness identity withheld by request.


  1. This sounds scary enough, but I remember reading a better BF chase story. I read it in the Seattle Times (1983/84) and it was about a couple who was camping just north of Enumclaw. The were awakened by a huge, hairy creature and they ran for their lives, while the BF chased them, pushing down trees the circumference of beer cans. The strangest part was that they reported the creature speaking to them in a high pitched, squeaky voice. The Bigfoot admonished them for camping there, saying, 'Get out of this!' Something to that effect. I neglected to save that article and I've tried to find the story online with no luck. It would take an inspection of the Seattle Times archives/microfiche probably. No, it was not April 1st!

  2. Can you take a listen to this and see what you make of it? No one I've shown it to recognizes the animal making this noise. I recorded it myself.

    Andrew Martin

    Watch "Bigfoot Yell July 5, 2014 Washington state" on YouTube
    Bigfoot Yell July 5, 2014 Washington state:


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