Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cliff Barackman Gets Nailed

Headline and pic of Cliff  Barackman NAILED article

"Cliff is pointedly generous with his expertise, and believes with fervent and infectious certainty that “Bigfoots” are roaming the backwoods of the U.S. while remaining cleverly–and even playfully–out of sight." --Nailed Magazine

Nailed Magazine is self-described as "arts and culture magazine that features candid writing, essays, art, poetry, fiction, comics, interviews, letters, photography, and more. NAILED was founded on five defining adjectives that we constantly strive to reflect in the content that we publish: artful, passionate, raw/honest, challenging, and intelligent."

A quick browse through a sample of articles confirms they uphold the five defining adjectives in all that they do. The article on Cliff Barackman from Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot is no exception.

The article begins as it should, introducing the readers to Cliff Barackman and then there is a point where Cliff introduces the author to the best physical evidence we have. Bigfoot prints in the form of cast. A light bulb moment happens and the author writes about the revelation.
"Before we left for a drive, Cliff showed me casts from between the late 1960s and early 1980s, collected from separate locations, that appear to be of the same feet, including identifying scars and toe-spacing. My belief is that these were either the result of the most elaborate, long-running hoax in history, which would likely require a silicon-type replica complete with working robotic toes and massive weight behind it for the deep impressions, or else they were authentic. As curious as I am in the possibility of the existence of Sasquatch, I have always tried to approach the unknown with skepticism; however, I personally couldn’t conceive of any other explanation than that somehow, something akin to Bigfoot does indeed exist. I decided in those moments to view the casts not as anecdotal conversation pieces, but as evidence."
Cliff shares more than footprints, but also handprints. and the Author becomes even more intrigued,

 "I examined a knuckle imprint cast taken on June 1982 near Walla Walla, Washington, which includes a clear thumbnail impression. On his North American Bigfoot blog, Cliff explains, “The positioning of this thumbnail gives some insight into the thumb of a Sasquatch. It seems that the thumb is rotated outwards towards the other fingers. This makes the thumb close inwards towards the palm, like the other digits. This has been noted in eyewitness accounts. The thumbs are described as curling around objects in the same direction as the other fingers.” Generally speaking, on certain levels this comports biologically with the anatomy of some apes, yet remains uniquely Sasquatchian. I found myself in genuine awe of the evidence gathered before me, and how consistent and insightful a picture they painted of a mystery unraveling."

Joseph Blair writes with an open mind with  healthy skepticism.You will definitely want to read the rest of the article as they go out to the woods together. Read the whole adventure between Cliff Barackman and Joseph Blair in the Nailed Magazine article titled, "CASTING TRACKS: CLIFF BARACKMAN AND SASQUATCH CULTURE"


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