Monday, June 2, 2014

Malaysian Paper: Don't Dismiss Bigfoot as a Myth

Everybody knows Unicorns are myths. Bigfoots? That is another story altogether

"...there may be a species of Bigfoot in Johor that existed many years ago." --New Straits Times

The New Straits Times, a Malaysian paper,  makes several arguments of many ideas that were once thought as myths have turned out to be real. 

Read the excerpt below that jumps into the middle of ther article where the arguments begin:

For example, take the ancient city of Dwaraka in India. Although it was recorded in Hindu scriptures that Sri Krishna ruled over Dwaraka and it was later swallowed by the sea, it was dismissed as myth. Since the discovery of an ancient city under the sea by archaeologists at the place where the scriptures stated Dwaraka to be, it transformed myth into history.

Similarly, there may be a species of Bigfoot in Johor that existed many years ago. During the 1960s, I had the opportunity to discuss this subject with a Tibetan Buddhist monk.

According to him, Bigfoot or Yeti, did exist in the Himalayan area. Tibetans monks have frequently seen the Yeti. He had said the Yeti looked like an ape but their skulls appeared humans, and they walked like humans. They possessed large and strong teeth. Their feet and hands were large, while their arms were much longer than normal humans.

As Tibetan monks respected nature, the monk told me the Yeti had attempted to communicate with them by making noises that were similar to cats.

He also said the Yeti was not an animal. It seemed human and perhaps evolved separately from us.

However, a danger does exist if frequent footprints of the Bigfoot are found around human habitation.

It may either mean the Bigfoot is short of food or it is intending to mate. There have been reports of the Yeti abducting women in Tibet.

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