Monday, June 2, 2014

Bigfoot Reported to Malaysian Police

The photo and Police report from Malaysian Bigfoot encounter

“It’s something that is weird. In my 30 years of staying here I have never found such a thing.” --Maylaysian Bigfoot witness

Bigfoot in Malyasia is a hot topic today. We already had another Malaysian paper defend Bigfoot from being a myth. Another paper, the Rakyat Post, actually reports on an actuall encounter filed my the police. Read the article below.

A police report was lodged this morning upon the discovery of a 23-inch long footprint in Kampung Seri

It seems that residents at Kampung Seri Aman Dalam, Puchong, might be worried about a close encounter of the giant kind after a resident found four huge footprints that measured 23 inches long.

This is yet another incident that was brought to light after a police report made by the resident began circulating online.

The report, made by 68-year-old Kamaruddin Isamail, mentioned the discovery of the giant-sized footprints near a field at Lot 123, Lorong 4, Kampung Seri Aman Dalam in Puchong at 9.55am this morning.

He stated in his report that he saw three footprints in the shape of a human foot, which measured up to 23 inches long, that “seemed rather weird” to him.

When The Rakyat Post contacted Kamaruddin, he confirmed making the report and said there were actually four footprints, but only three of them were clearly seen.

“It’s something that is weird. In my 30 years of staying here I have never found such a thing.”

He said upon making the report, which he did because it was an unnatural occurrence, he was visited by a police sergeant after which he called officers from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan).

“Perhilitan came to see me. Even they said they had never seen such a thing and couldn’t determine what kind of print it was.

“It’s weird and it is something very worrying,” added Kamaruddin.

When asked what he thought it could be, he said he had heard of stories about giants and genies, but he did not know them to be true.

When contacted this evening on the issue, Serdang district police chief Assistant Commissioner Razimi Ahmad told The Rakyat Post that he wasn’t aware of the incident at the time.

However, a quick call to the Bukit Puchong police station where the report was made, confirmed that the report was genuine and was lodged by Kamaruddin this morning.

Meanwhile, Kamaruddin said he was to meet the village committee tonight on the incident to find out if such a footprint was real and perhaps shed light on what it could be.

SRC: Bigfoot in Puchong?


  1. Bigfoot is real! Puchong folk should take some shots of the critter!


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