Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bigfoot World Map Updated: Comecogollos The Puerto Rican Bigfoot

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If you have not spent a day checking out the interactive AKA Bigfoot World Map you have been missing out. I created it and I still get lost in it. You can explore, click and drag the map above or go to the full screen version at AKA Bigfoot World Map.

Today we add the Comecogollos, the Puerto Rican Bigfoot. Nick Redfern offers the most on this cryptid. In an article aptly named Profiling Puerto Rico’s Bigfoot, Mr. Redfern writes, "That I was on Puerto Rico looking for the infamous Goat-Sucker, but ended up on the receiving end of a varied body of Bigfoot-themed material was a welcome and refreshing diversion."

Nick Redfern continues, "Regardless of what the Puerto Rican Bigfoot is (or is not!), when there is even a small body of material the onus is still on us, the researchers and the investigators, to study the mystery carefully and as thoroughly as possible. I cannot say for sure that Bigfoot (or something like it) really does lurk in the denser and wilder parts of Puerto Rico, but I can say – having sat and chatted with Peter for the best part of a day - that the witnesses most certainly believe that to be the case."

In a reaction to Mr. Redfern's article, Cullan Hudson on his self-named blog posted an alleged photo of the Comecogollos.

Is The Puerto Rican Bigfoot as Big as a 60 foot Tower
Mr. Hudson uses another photo to debunk the alleged Comecogollos photo:

One investigator presented the image above as photographic evidence of this strange beast. I have juxtaposed it against another image that will better elucidate my concerns over the authenticity of this Comecogollos photo.

The image above of the "creature" standing higher than the surrounding vegetation in the El Yunque National Rainforest is at odds with the dimensions described by witnesses. For this image to be true, this creature would have to stand between 40 and 60 feet tall, as can be seen when we use the tower image [left inset above] for scale reference. This tower stands approximately 60 feet high. So, it gives us a good scale for the average height of the surrounding (and quite ubiquitous) vegetation. The same trees you see by the tower, are the same you'll see on the mountain in the Comecogollos image. In fact, I dare say the Comecogollos image was probably shot from the vantage point of this tower since landmarks visible from it are clearly in frame here as well.

Although the Comecogollos is one of the lesser-known bi-pedal cryptids it has gained notoriety in travel section of the New York Times and now is archived forever on Bigfoot Lunch Club's a/k/a Bigfoot World Map 

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