Friday, March 7, 2014

Paul Graves Presents at Western Bigfoot Society This Saturday

Flyer for Paul Graves Presentation at the Gorge
Earlier this month Paul Graves presented to a sold-out crowd at Columbia Gorge Discovery Center. Many of the attendees reported to Bigfoot Lunch Club that the presentation was one of the most informative and unique Sasquatch presentation. Unfortunately we were not able to attend but the good news is Paul Graves will presenting again patties Home Plate Cafe this Saturday on March 8th at the Western Bigfoot Societies monthly meeting.

     The keynote guest speaker will be Bigfoot researcher Paul Graves.  Paul will be speaking on the enigmatic stick structures the Bigfeet make, illustrating with numerous slides.  There will be examples of weaving, loops, bows, mini-teepees, and more.

   Paul Graves is a long time sasquatch researcher from Wenatchee, WA who investigates the subject throughout Washington and the Pacific Northwest. He is a lifelong, avid outdoorsman who grew up at  the base of the  eastern Washington  Cascade Mountains. He has been researching sasquatch sightings and searching for evidence since 1988.

   Paul has been fortunate to have grown up in a geographically rich area with a history of sightings among the local residents and also local Native Americans whose experiences go back 300 years. “Choanito “ is the Wenatchee Indian name for the sasquatch that means “Night People”. He has collected a large amount of evidence that supports the existence of the sasquatch. This includes hundreds of eyewitness accounts, track casts & photographs, audio recordings and other possible relative evidence. He has also had two brief sightings. Paul knows and has worked with scientists, wildlife biologists, and other sasquatch  researchers while investigating this phenomenon.  He also does a lot of his field research by himself.

   Paul has shared his knowledge in appearances on a number of TV and a radio shows including, Seattle’s KOMO TV  Northwest Afternoon. He has also assisted with or appeared in three History Channel episodes of Monster Quest and shows on A&E, Animal Planet and National Geographic.

   Meeting place will be at the Home Plate Cafe, 8501 North Lombard, Oregon, 97203.  503-285-5507, cell 503-757-3132, owner and host Patty Deitz.  Lombard is off I-5 almost before reaching Vancouver, WA, from Portland, then 4 miles west.  Meeting time is 6 pm for socializing (and Patty appreciates it if you order something to eat).  The speaker will start at 7 and close at 9.  No admission or other charge.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!!

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