Monday, January 20, 2014

USA Today Investigates Colorado Bigfoot Sighting

Measurements of the Bailey Colorado Sighting
On May 29th, 2012, around 7:30 at night, Kate Murphy and her friend Diane saw an extremely large figure running through the woods. this all happened after they had decided to take an impromptu hike in Bailey Colorado. During the Hike they heard the snap of a large tree branch. When they turned their heads towards the noise, they claim it was a huge creature with hairy long legs running with very long strides.

This encounter was investigated by the team at They have interviews with the Bailey Bigfoot witnesses and a follow up investigation to the Bailey Bigfoot encounters.

Watch the USA Today video below followed by the video of the investigation done by

And, as promised, The UFONUT investigation.

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  1. If I commit a crime and 2 people claim to have witnessed me do it, the police come and find footprints it will be enough to convict me in a court of law. Why then is it not acceptable evidence of Sasquatch or U.F.O.'s for that matter? We have thousands of credible witnesses, some who have passed polygraph tests. Witnesses from policemen to pilots. They are believable enough to sentence a man to death but not good enough to be believed when they witness something extraordinary, crazy world we live in, huh', it boggles the mind.


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