Friday, January 10, 2014

The 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Debuts: The 6 Guys to Watch

The cast of Spike TV's 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. (Back row left to right: Donnie Adair, Rictor Riolo, Dax Rushlow, Ro Sahebi, Justin Smeja,  Stacy Brown, David Lauer, Daniel Greene, David Greene, Kathleen McKechnie, Shaney Warehim. Front Row Left to Right: Donnell Adair, Julie White, Matt Carman, Natalia Reagan, Dean Cain, Dr. Todd Disotell, Travis Miller, January Miller, Michael Merchant, Kirsten Godfrey)

We have been covering the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. We had the media reaction to the Bigfoot Bounty press release. We explained how a tv show can afford a 10 Million Dollar Prize (spoliler alert: they can't). And we were even nice enough to let someone to a guest post to announce the "$10 Million Bigfoot Bounty" Set to Premiere in January.

At they have bios for all the cast members an the judges. Some of the members we actually know. Below are the five guys to watch out for. This may seem like a Valentine to these five guys (except for Smeja), but we like them!!

Rictor Riolo has billed himself as the first gay man on a Bigfoot TV show. Ranae Holland of Finding Bigfoot can claim to be the first gay woman (read her interview at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News). He is a Star Wars nerd and great friend, you can find him on Rictor's YouTube Channel. Listen to interview he did in home town of Las Vegas below.

Dax Rushlow is Rictor's partner on the show. He's no-nonsense researcher who had an encounter in 1987. We finally got to meet him in person last year and am looking forward to we meet again, hopefully doin' some filed research together. Check out Dax's YouTube Channel and watch the video below as he rants against a certain sect of bigfooters that some call habituators.

Ro Sahebi, this is the guy to watch out for! We "discovered" bacjk when he was doing mini documentaries and podcast titled Extinct? Since then he has hitched his wagon to an infamous character in bigfootdom and plans to ride the sensationalism until the wheels fall off. We have been covering Ro Sahebi since march of 2012. Click the following link to read all about Ro Sahebi. You can find him at

Justin Smeja was the most famous bigfoot killer until Rick Dyer claimed he killed bigfoot. Click to read full coverage of  Justin Smeja two killings, including Justin Smeja's polygraph lie detector test.

Michael Merchant, we are huge fans of this guy! Michael speaks his mind and wears his heart on his sleeve, his strong opinions may change the next day, but he will be clear on the new data that changed his mind, a testament to his open-mindedness. He also has one of the best You Tube channels. Check out his channel Snow Walker Prime on You Tube. Check him out in the video he just uploaded tonight.

The final favorite is Stacy Brown Jr. He is no stranger to the Bigfoot world. He is partnered up with Dave on the team Sasquatch Hunters. Stacy Brown Jr. already has decent Bigfoot footage. Its aptly named the Brown Footage. In May of 2012 Stacy Brown Sr. and Jr. set up camp in the panhandle of Florida around the town of Quincy and captured the thermal video below.

There are a lot more cast members in the show, but these are our favorites. Check out their respective media channels or continue to follow us on or twitter @BigfootLC.

Finally, check out novelist Kirk Sigurdson's take on whether a 10 Million Dollar prize to prove bigfoot is even ethical. 


  1. Thank you Guy. Michael Merchant

  2. these people suck. The show is so way a group of people are going to find Bigfoot in the woods with all that racket.

  3. The bounty is so high because they know no one will succeed. Just another "reality" show.

  4. Rictor Riolo the first gay man on a Bigfoot TV show? What about Cliff Barackman?

    1. What makes you think Cliff is gay? On the show he talks about being married before and his Bigfoot hunting ruined his marriage.

  5. Why is Dax selling TT? It lacks originality. Pitiful.

  6. This is all about looking important in the bigfoot community? How pathetic can you be to need that? The REAL RESEARCHERS aren't on shows and doing interviews for the cameras. THEY'RE the ones who're going to come up with the proof one day.

  7. Why on earth did I even consider watching this junk! How do these type of so called reality shows get passed as being fit for audience consumption? I am English and I enjoy a lot of American Tv shows at home here in England but these type of shows simply take the micky out of the Bigfoot phenomena and its audience, however no one else seems crazier than the hunters themselves and yes you've guessed it.... I'm referring to that loony tune Justin Smega ( who also popped up on the excellent three parter Tv show 'Finding Bigfoot')
    I'm just wondering what the Tv makers are planning next for our bigfooted friend?..... Bigfoot meets the Millers, Sasquatch-The CSI files, Hoarders -"I found a Bigfoot living amongst my filth" ? !! lol!


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