Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Military Hospitals Treat Victims of Sasquatch Infrasound

Squatcher Toby Johnson once recalled being "zapped" by Sasquatch
If you're looking for an in-depth investigation on these claims you wont find it. We are sharing an interesting claim from a witness who was comfortable sharing his name.

In the community it is called getting "zapped". In most descriptions it is a simultaneous feeling of  awe, fear and even paralysis. When looking for explanations some have concluded it is similar to the same effects caused by infrasound--an infrasound created by Sasquatch.

In 2003 MSNBC reprinted an Associated Press article that reported, "British scientists have shown in a controlled experiment that the extreme bass sound known as infrasound produces a range of bizarre effects in people including anxiety, extreme sorrow and chills — supporting popular suggestions of a link between infrasound and strange sensations."

In a new post at, Kirk Sigurdson takes the phenomena a step further and mentions a conversation with a man who was aware of infrasound victims being treated by the military. Read a bit below:

Here I am (below) with Kevin Jones "The Colonel." I met Kevin for the first time about ten minutes before this picture was taken at Sasquatch Revealed, which took place at the Discovery Center in The Dallas, Oregon.
Kevin Jones and Kirk Sigurdson at The Discovery Center

Kevin told me about some very interesting accounts of people suffering from infrasound exposure that had been inflicted by sasquatches.

A few of these victims have been successfully treated by military hospitals that specialize in treating such injuries because doctors there have experience with side-effects from military-based infrasound activities.

Totem poles could symbolically depict sasquatch defensive and offensive infrasound "blasting," which is interpreted by most anthropologists as mere whistling.

Based upon the descriptions Kevin offered of such injuries, I'm fairly sure that I have suffered from similar symptoms that were caused by bigfooting. 
Read the rest of Kirk's newest post, "Sasquatches & Their Tactical Use of Long Range Acoustics" to read his conclusions which include how infrasound ties into his new novel Kultus. 


  1. great post. very interesting.

  2. What if this is a supranatural hybrid creature and not of this world. There are records of them from thousands of years ago. Just over looked as myth or not credible.


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