Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ivan T. Sanderson, Father of Cryptozoology and Spy

Ivan T. Sanderson was in charge of  counter-espionage for British Naval Intelligence
"If you ever doubted my contention that some bigfooters are tied to the status quo power structure, now is your chance to eat crow." --Kirk Sigurdson

In case you are unfamiliar, Ivan T. Sanderson is often credited as, The Father of Cryptozoology. He wrote a book that is essential in any bigfooters collection, Abominable Snowmen: Legend Comes to Life. He predates the four pillars of sasquatchery; Grover Krantz the anthropologist, John Green the journalist , Rene Dahinden the hominologist, and Peter Byrne the big-game hunter. 

His bonafides include a B.A. in Biology, and M.A.'s in  botany and ethnology. He has published several scientific journals with the British Museum, the Chicago Museum of Natural History and other institutions. Three of his nature books are considered classics; Animal Treasure (1937), Caribbean Treasure (1939), and Living Treasure (1941). Finally, he was introduced into the living rooms of america in 1948 speaking on American radio and television as a naturalist and displaying animals.

And yes he was a spy...

Novelist Kirk Sigurdson, author of the hit bigfoot book Kultus, will always take us down the rabbit hole exposing the topsy-turvy world we live in. Read an excerpt of Kirk's exposé below.
Notorious bigfoot investigator, Ivan T. Sanderson was most likely the first paid agent provocateur in the field of bigfoot hoaxing, or at the very least, a covert operative. He was well-connected to the Scientific Dictatorship at a young age, having graduated from Eton College in England, as well as Cambridge.

Sanderson worked as counter intelligence for the British Navy during WWII, and then proceeded to work as an agent in British Security Coordination (BSC), which was a branch of MI6 based in New York City. According to Wikipedia, the BSC was heavily involved in influencing "news coverage in the Herald Tribune, the New York Post, The Baltimore Sun, and Radio New York Worldwide.[1] The fictional stories disseminated from Rockefeller Center would then be legitimately picked up by other radio stations and newspapers, before being relayed to the American public." These stories were then placed in major American media outlets to influence public opinion. 
Kirk continues to suggest that Ivan T. Sanderson was a the first among other agents that are currently  peppered in the bigfoot research community. Click the following link to read his full post:  Ivan T. Sanderson was most likely the first paid agent provocateur in bigfoot hoaxing. 

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