Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bobcat Goldthwait Gets Bigfoot Tattoo Based on His Movie Poster

Bobcat's tattoo inspiration: Willow Creek poster; illustration by Alex Pardee
In a recent interview by OC Weekly. Bobcat talks about directing the critically acclaimed and bigfoot community approved Willow Creek. 

Fans, you know we have been hinting at Bobcat's Bigfoot movie for years. In our post "Bobcat Goldthwait Spends 3 Days Looking for Bigfoot" we combined snippet of interviews dating back to 2009 for clues. Then we posted, "Bobcat Goldthwait Completes His Faith, Religion, Bigfoot Movie" to alert you when it was complete.

In this new interview he talks about screening his Bigfoot comedy/suspense movie at different film festival, his belief in Bigfoot and the inspiration for his new tattoo. Below is the interview with just the Bigfoot parts:

So last time I saw you in Brea you were showing me a trailer for your new movie "Willow Creek" and it's out now right?

Yeah! I've been all around the world at all of those genre film festivals with it. Now it'll come out in the U.S. sometime in the spring.

I've been reading good things about it, how do you think it's doing?

It's been really fun. When I go to the more prestigious film festivals, I'm the dirt bag that got into Sundance. But when I go to other festivals, I'm prestigious. So I've been really living it up! [Laughs.]

OK so I know the movie is about Bigfoot but can you break it down a little?

It's a horror and suspense movie but there are laughs in the first half of it also. I follow this couple around who is making a real cheap kind of documentary on the town of Willow Creek, which is the town that had footage shot in back in 1967. A lot of the actual people from the town are in the movie too. The couple in the movie is Alexie Gilmore and Bryce Johnson. They've been in some of my other movies and they're really good actors. I think a lot of people think that they're a couple in real life and I think that'll separate it too. Often in a lot of "found footage" films, the actors aren't very good or you don't relate to them as people. I think in a horror movie, since it's a lot scarier, you actually care about the people more when terrible things are happening to them. [Laughs.] Usually in horror films they have people who are disgusting so that when they die, you don't feel too bad. I did it the other way around in hopes that people will care.

I saw on Instagram that you got a Bigfoot tattoo. I assume you are a believer?

Oh yeah, that's the poster for the movie done by Alex Pardee that I got. And I say I'm a believer, and then people have a problem with it because I'm an Atheist. But I always answer that with, I know people that have seen Bigfoot and that's a lot different than God! [Laughs.]

SRC: OC Weekly
These are the photos of the tattooing event. The clown in picture 2 seems to be a friend named Puddles, known as the sad clown with a golden voice.

Rule #1 Tattoo artist must have more tattoos than you (photo:

Rule #2 You must have a serious clown wearing a crown supervising the event (photo:

Rule #3 You must post the finished product on Instagram (photo:

By the way if your in the Los Angeles area the next few nights you can catch Bobcat (we are on a first name basis) performing at the Brea Improv January 3rd and 4th, 120 South Brea Blvd. 92821, (714) 482-0700. For tickets go to You can also follow Bobcat on Instagram @BobcatGoldthwait.

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