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Today in Bigfoot History | Dec 12, 2012 | Bigfoot Spotted near Cultus (Kultus?) Lake

This little feller look like Chaka from The Land of the Lost series
My name is Sanel Hodzic and today December 12, 2012 at approximately 3 pm I was hiking with my dog up Teapot Hill Hiking Trail near Cultus Lake Provincial Park in the Fraser Valley nearest would be toward Chilliwack., British Columbia, Canada. 

On my way down the trail I was changing my music on my iPhone not really paying attention to my surroundings when I noticed that my dog, Lila was barking like crazy. She was about 5 feet ahead of me and staring off into the distance. So I stopped and looked ahead when I noticed something in the bushes about 50 feet ahead of me. I was so scared that I froze and just kept staring at it. After about a 10 second stare down I switched my camera on and quickly took a picture. Meanwhile my dog is still barking like crazy. I then picked up a rock and threw it in the direction of the thing and then I quickly turned around and ran back up the hill. I waited about until I saw someone else coming down the hill and followed him closely behind all the down. I do believe I saw the Sasquatch/Bigfoot that day. 

If I could describe it I would say he was about 8-9 feet tall, very hairy and big. His skin colour was brownish. His face was something like a monkey/ape. I took with a full zoom with my iPhone 4. He was about 50 yards away from me. He’s in the middle right-ish of the picture. Only thing I noticed really was how he was standing, looking at me. It had a long face, but bigger forehead with long hair starting from about the top of its head.

Sanel Hodzic, Chilliwack, BC 

Where the sighting took place
Interesting that this sighting took place near Cultus lake while we are celebrating Kultus week. This of course is a homophone; a word that sounds the same but is spelled differently.

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  2. This is a hoax. Someone is pulling your leg Guy. Look at that face. It looks like a dwarf from Lord of the Rings not a sasquatch. I am part of the Sasquatch BC group and we do not believe for one second that anything has been adduced evidentiarily to show this is anything but a scam. No way is that thing 8-9 feet tall.


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