Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sasquatch Revealed with Dr. Jeff Meldrum

After Dr. Jeff Meldrum's preesentation he and Cliff Barackman discuss tracks (photo: Craig Flipy)
On Dec 28th in the Dalles, Oregon Dr. Jeff Meldrum gave a presentation to kick off the "Sasquatch Revealed" exhibit at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center. The exhibit was curated by published author Chris Murphy.

Susan Buce, marketing director of the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, deserves a lot of credit for a successful evening; which included a generous last-minute additional presentation by Dr. Jeff Meldrum for those who were not able to buy dinner tickets. The event was completely sold out and very successful.

Among the two speakers that were publicized, Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Thomas Steenburg, a surprise guest was Bigfoot legend Bob Gimlin, who recalled the moment he and Roger Patterson filmed Patty. (watch a video of Bob Gimlin describing that day while watching a 3d recreation).

Left to Right: Tom Yamarone, Cliff Barackman, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Guy Edwards, Bob Gimlin, Paul Graves, Tom Steenburg, Chris Murphy (photo: Craig Flipy)

After listening to Tom Steenburg I was impressed with his no-nonsense approach to research. He definitely declared the typical caveats, addressing that portions of his research were anecdotal, but he mentioned it at the top of his presentation and didn't belabor the point. In my opinion many bigfooters, myself included, can spend too much time prefacing and defending. Mr. Steenburg does not suffer from this and gets right to the point. 

I immediately purchased two books authored by Tom Steenburg after the event; In Search of Giants: Meet the Sasquatch and Bigfoot Sasquatch Encounters. I recommend them in that order. These are great books that cover the Canadian side of the Sasquatch Phenomena.

Speaking of books, novelist Kirk Sigurdson attended the event with me and we were able to spend some more time afterwords with Cliff Barackman, Bob Gimlin, Dr. Meldrum, Chris Murphy, and Tom Steenburg. Cliff had some casts from his Orang Pendek Project and shared them with Meldrum.

Kirk has some excellent follow ups from the event with greater detail at his Kultusbook.com website. There are two links below. 


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