Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kultus Book Week Day 3: Sasquatch and Us Interview with Kirk Sigurdson.

Screen shot from Christopher Munch's documentary Sasquatch and Us
"Chris Munch's film, Letters from the Big Man, is today the most philosophical story ever to grace the silver screen involving a sasquatch."

Kirk Sigurdson's novel, Kultus is now available on Amazon.com. This entire week we have been celebrating the launch of his book, here at the website and also on the Bigfoot Lunch Club Facebook Page.

While a few of you are just now becoming familiar with Kirk Sigurdson, many of you know he has been a major influence in the community for almost over a decade. In fact one of his greatest contributions hass been as a consultant to Christopher Munch's well-reviewed movie Letters from The Big Man

In his blog post, "Bonus Feature Interview in Letters From The Big Man" Kirk describes the opportunity:

Thom [Powell] and I helped to steer Chris towards a deep and meaningful direction. In his usual way, Thom was the enabler. He encouraged Chris to "go there." And since I had just returned from "there," I was more than happy to share my insights.

"There," in the context of our discussion, involved sasquatch as not merely a relict species of hominid, but also as a deeply complex being that quite possibly pushes the boundaries of that magical place between known and unknown technologies. Yes, that's right, we made it abundantly clear to Chris that the rumors about sasquatch and intra-dimensional goings-on were more than merely the wishful thinking of New Age tree-huggers and faerie dust.

As you may know, the rest is history: Chris Munch's film, Letters from the Big Man, is today the most philosophical story ever to grace the silver screen involving a sasquatch. I feel privileged to have been included in the "brain storming" stages of the project, prior to when Chris began conjuring his imaginary world into which his story line figured prominently.
After the film was completed, Christopher Munch wanted to add a bonus feature for the DVD release. The feature would include many of the people Christopher had come in contact with. Watch  a few excerpts featuring Kirk Sigurdson below.

Read a preview chapter 1 of Kultus http://goo.gl/zfXL1N
Buy Kirk's Book at Amazon.com http://goo.gl/SC6IBg
Check out the DVD http://www.LettersFromTheBigMan.com


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