Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Former NC Lawmen to Investigate Bigfoot and Strange Lights

Jefferey Porter Sr. founded his own research group
"...we’re actually having something follow us in the woods and do tree knocks and throw rocks over our heads.” --Jeffrey Porter Sr. retelling reports he had heard from the locals

The News Harold reports on a a local North Carolina team determined to find the truth regarding the reporting of strange lights and Bigfoot. Porter and his group hope to determine if they are related or independent phenomena. Read the excerpt below with a brief profile of the groups intentions.

The group is made up of ex-law enforcement, a private investigator and sales managers.

“We go in, when we hear of an unexplained event or something someone’s blaming on … paranormal or some other activity,” Porter Sr. said. “We work off that principal and we try to answer those (questions). Obviously, if we’re able to answer them, then we’re able to identify what it is. If we’re not able to answer those, then we deem it unexplained and we let the people decide.”

Porter Sr. said his group uses video surveillance, take environmental notes and collect evidence samples. The group then turns interprets the video footage and sends the samples to experts in their respective fields for processing.

Porter Sr. said his group always comes back with evidence.

When his group ventured recently to an area off Old N.C. 105, a group member called Porter Sr. and said they had gotten a report of a Sasquatch in the area.

“I went up into the area for something totally different, and while we were in the area, one of my groups contacted me and advised that … they had had reports of a Sasquatch in the area, (when ) talking with some local residents,” Porter Sr. said. “They said, what we find odd about that is we’re actually having something follow us in the woods and do tree knocks and throw rocks over our heads.”
Full article can be read at Group of former lawmen to investigate...Bigfoot


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