Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TV Critic Questions Joe Rogan for Questioning Bigfoot

Wednesday Night (07.24.2013) Joe Rogan Debuts "Joe Rogan Questions Everything" on the SyFy Network.

"...Joe Rogan, host of a new Syfy show, “Joe Rogan Questions Everything,” hasn’t changed my opinion one bit." --Linda Stasi, TV Critic for the New York Post

Tomorrow night  (07.24.2013) Joe Rogan will debut his new series on the SyFy channel. You can read our earlier post "Joe Rogan Investigates Bigfoot on new SyFy show" to read our previous coverage. Even though the show does not air until later tonight, the first review is in. The review seems look-warm based more on whether or not Linda Stasi, the TV critic, thinks Bigfoot is real.

Here is how she starts her column:
Let me be the first to confirm: There is no such thing as Sasquatch — aka, Big Foot. And Joe Rogan, host of a new Syfy show, “Joe Rogan Questions Everything,” hasn’t changed my opinion one bit. Not that he wanted to.

This despite the DNA-filled animal poop that curious Joe brings scientists to study on the first episode of this new series. What he wants to know is why there is no photographic evidence of the elusive missing link. So do I!

He’s right to ask, but the problem is that Rogan (a funny urban myth investigator) is asking the wrong question.

The real question should be how is it possible that there isn’t photographic evidence?

Fact is, a human man — whether he be whole or half- human — cannot live without public displays of nudity, no matter how risky the behavior.
Linda Stasi compares how pervasive photos of Anthony Weiner and Geraldo Rivera are. As if photos in the wilderness of Bigfoot are comparable to politicians and celebrities proactively tweeting pics of themselves. I think Bigfoot would have better things to do with a smart phone, like decapitate squirrels, or play Candy Crush.

Ms. Stasi finishes off with questioning if Bigfoot is the proper theme for a a premier episode:
Another question worth asking is why Rogan, who questions everything, didn’t question the wisdom of devoting his premiere episode to the search for Big Foot — when in fact, just last month, the dopey hillbillies on “Mountain Monsters” also went lucklessly a-searchin’ for Sasquatch.

We know from the promos that Rogan has much more interesting questions to solve, such as if there’s is life in the universe. If I’m going to take anyone’s word on these questions, it would definitely be Rogan who has a podcast and a gig hosting UFC.

Look — I like Rogan (please don’t send me a pen). He’s got a good way about him. He’s not a slick reality-show host nor a serious PBS egghead. But I’m not sure that I would watch more. He says he’s not here to convince us of anything, which is good, but that might mean that all episodes end up where they started. Is Big Foot ready for his closeup, Mr. DeMille?
Read the New York Post article 


  1. She writes like a teenage blogger.

    1. Probably still a teenager with no ability to think as an individual rather than follow the heard.

  2. Wow, how stubborn people can be, just want to point out that there is photographic evidence of sasquatch as well as video footage but people as usual are ignorant and usually dismiss images as hoaxes as it is easier for small closed minds to accept a hoax. Many different methods have been used to PROVE that the pat/gim footage is a real squatch and not a man in a suit but people still won't accept the truth. Same people probably follow religious belief's and yet have they ever had solid evidence god exists, a photo, video, footcasts or even an eye witness report. Of course not. There are 2 types of squatchy people out there, believers and knowers, knowers being the eye witnesses, to say they don't exist is simply disrespectful to those who have been fortunate enough to see one. It's like me reporting on a religious topic saying god, jesus etc don't exist, this would cause an outcry. Please show some respect when dealing with issues not considered the norm.

  3. Would also like to point out that we people don't live in dense forests, we live in towns and cities, do you expect a squatch to come knocking? And they probably don't expect us to be in their territories but on occasion we are and sometimes people see something they cant explain away as a bear or man in costume. There is more chance of finding a bigfoot than PROVING god exists, yet billions of people the world over devote there lives to religion without gaining any proof of any kind, the bible aint proof, if it is then any sasquatch book should also stand as proof of this elusive primate.

  4. If she is a seasoned reviewer, I find it funny that she wonders why he devotes "his premiere episode to the search for Big Foot — when in fact, just last month, the dopey hillbillies on “Mountain Monsters” also went lucklessly a-searchin’ for Sasquatch."

    TV Schedules are done quite far in advance, it's a cable show and the subject is still somewhat "hot."

    This "review" is at the teen blog level and her complete lack of insight makes this a nothing review.

  5. Bigfoot is a real living primate, jeez, in the early 1900's explorers were deemed crazy talking about gorillas until western civilisation discovered them, same with pandas and yet they are real too, just as sqautches are real..... Accept it.

  6. The easiest job n the world is being a critic. she must be pretty cuz she can't write.

  7. It is only a matter of time before your favorite TV series came to DVD. And once they did, you got to jump back into your past and enjoy series that have been off the air for years.


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