Sunday, July 28, 2013

Results are in! Joe Rogan Questions Everything is an Initial Success

One segment of SyFy's Joe Rogan Questions Everything featured Thom Powell 

First, from a strictly ratings point of view the show was definitely a success. Here are the results from Ratings Watch:

Syfy's new unscripted series Joe Rogan Questions Everything became the channel's most watched reality premiere in more than five months, averaging 1.3 million total viewers, 720K Adults 25-54 and 693K Adults 18-49 during its debut on Wednesday, July 24 from 10-11PM (ET/PT).

The new series also delivered the best Wednesday unscripted series premiere in more than 15 months in Adults 18-49, Adults 25-54 and total viewers.

Powered by Joe Rogan and Paranormal Witness at 9PM, Syfy posted its highest-rated Wednesday prime time period (8-11PM) among Adults 18-34, Adults 18-49 and total viewers since October 2012.

In prime time, Syfy ranked #6 among Adults 25-54 and #8 among Adults 18-49.

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Huffington Post was intrigued by the DNA segment with Dr. David Swensen

He came up with some pretty compelling evidence along the way. Our knowledge of DNA has advanced tremendously in recent decades, and putting that knowledge toward the myth of Bigfoot provided some interesting results. Dr. David Swenson, a biochemist, examined DNA that was allegedly from a Bigfoot.

“There is an unknown animal that appears to be some kind of a hybrid between a human and something else," Dr. Swenson said.

“You read this DNA sequencing and you’re like, this could be a real animal?” Rogan asked him. Swenson was fairly certain that DNA that complete and complex could not be faked. Read More... 
Poptimal says this about the show:

Rogan’s Bigfoot episode hopefully gave us a great slice of how the series will continue to flow, since it had equal measures of science and levity. Not only did we see a PhD-level scientist dissect what was purported to be Sasquatch dung, we also got to learn new terminology that we may never have encountered on the course of normal conversation. For example, we now can win a Jeopardy question about what a “blobsquatch” is (it’s a blurry image of Sasquatch) and know the intricacies of “wood knocking,” which means you hit a tree using a specific pattern that equates to Morse code for Bigfoots.

What was refreshing about the show was that when Rogan went out Sasquatch hunting for the evening with two Bigfoot experts, he was listening to them as if they were telling him where to find a restaurant and he was a starving man. It was clear that he truly wanted to learn what they had to offer, rather than some previous Bigfoot search shows where the cameraman is so obviously rolling his eyes and chuckling while chasing the Sasquatch hunters through the woods.

Exploring Onward and Upward

The series will include six episodes, with Bigfoot being the first, followed by next week’s show, which  delves into the question of whether humans can use technology to manipulate the weather. Rogan plans to continue exploring to pique his knowledge and that of the viewing audience. Read more...

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  1. We are getting more scientists and science minded viewers coming on board to investigate a real life creature that has been reported hundreds of times throughout North America with varieties of the same creature reported in Australia, Asia, and a few other places. Many have reported this creature to be bipedal but can get down on all fours and run either way at a tremendous speed. This creature is known to build stick, log, and stone structures. It vocalises with varied sounds and has been reported to communicate with it's own kind as we do. It is omnivorous but hunts animals like deer with precision. It avoids humans most of the time like the plague. Hence it got the reputation for being the most elusive primate species ever known. Wood knocks and rock clacking is another way this creature sends messages. Some say it is ape but others say it is almost human yet it for sure is a primate yet to be recognised and documented in the science journals and nature books of the world. Where it is placed in the primate order and how it gets classified yet remains to be seen.


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