Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New-ish art from History Channel Bigfoot Documentary

Dhamindra Jeevan did the concept art for History Channel's Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide.
Above is a bust of Bigfoot.
Dhamindra Jeevan was introduced to us, although not overtly, at Bigfoot Lunch Club we had do do some sleuthing to find the concept artist and recognize the style. 

Mr. Jeevan illustrated several concepts of our favorite hirsute hominids not seen in the History Channels Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide, including the gigantopithecus and the Orang Pendek. 
We thought you would like to see his other illustrations. You can also view his online portfolio.


Gigantopiticus Full Body
Gigantopithecus Bust
Another Gigantopithecus Bust 

Sasquatch Bust
Orang Pendek Full Body

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  1. Nice how he maintains the "boogeyman" foundation for his representations. Since bigfoot is most likely an offshoot of the boogeyman mythology, he needs to have that monstrous, fang-baring, ravenous appearance. The vast majority of bigfoot lore leans heavily on this thing that goes bump in the night, in which case the bump has now become the three wood knocks, and so it is entirely proper for illustrations to have that scary look. Very little of bigfoot lore leans towards the placid, scientifically palatable vision of a long lost ape or real primate.


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